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    What is Saint Seiya?
    - General Info for this anime and manga, Translation of the Ancient Greek Lore of the Saints Click Here

    Who is Mu?
    - The Data, Character of Mu in Manga, Anime and Other Media with Mu Sama Picture Gallery!! Click Here

  Seiyapedia Entries
    - Frustrated by the bad info on the web, Seiya fans of Seiya Fan Forum created their own Seiya Wiki. I have written
      many articles with lots of info. It's updated when new info is sourced and factual.

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    Saint Seiya History
    - The insipirations, origins, development of Saint Seiya. What really happened when Seiya ended? And what led to the
       ultimate resurrection of Saint Seiya? What was cut in Tenkai Overture Movie? What were the problems that lead the
       change of original cast of Voice actors? With tons of pics and info, find out all about it!! Click Here

    The Great Holy War History(Hypermyth)
    - the translation with pictures or the original Japanese text with pictures can be found in my Zeus Chapter Pages.

        English    : Click Here
        Japanese :  Click Here

    Anime Characters Relationship Chart
    - general info on all the anime characters relations with scan Click Here

    LC Characters Ages
    - Shiori gives ages to the LC characters with scan Click Here

    Seiya in Limbo
    - Translation of article talking about what happened when the original manga ended Click Here  7-15-2013!!



   Saint Seiya Encyclopedia Translations
     - English Translation of the original Japanese Articles

       1. Explanation of Saints(Bronze), Black Saints, Blue Grad Click Here
       2. Explanation of Silver Saints Click Here
       3. Explanation of the Death of Saints and Cloths with pictures of object form: Sculptor Tools, Cup and Altar
           Cloths Click Here
       4. Explanation of Gold Saints Click Here
       5. Explanation of Marinas Click Here
       6. Explanation of Specters with extra Specter pics and Stars info Click Here
       7. Explanation of Kamui with Zeus Kamui image Click Here
       8. Fighting Ability Click Here

   Sion Q&A Translations
     -In the Pegasus issue of Tokumori Magazine, Sion! Yes! Pope Sion! himself invited fans to mail in questions.
       In the following 4 issues, he chose some of them to answer:

        1. Dragon Issue Click Here
        2. Cygnus Issue Click Here
        3. Andromeda Issue Click Here
        4. Phoenix Issue with Fan Cloth Design Click Here



    Single and Albums Listings
     - Listings of the Music Singles and Albums with pictures of Covers and Japanese Listings

       1. Singles: 1st OP/ED, 2nd OP/ED, Movie 3, Mitsuko Horei, Talking Live, H: Sanctuary, Inferno   Click Here
       2. Hits I - III; CDV; Dream BattleClick Here
       3. Sound Track 1 - 4 Click Here
       4. Sound Track 5 - 8  Click Here
       5. Memorial Box  Click Here
       6. Piano Fantasia; Hades-Image; 1996; 1997 Click Here
       7. The Gold Collection  Click Here
       8. Complete Song Collection Click Here
       9. Enternal Edition File01-04 Click Here
       10. Enternal Edition File05-08 Click Here
       11. Enternal Edition File09-10, Heaven Overture, Hades Special Album Click Here
       12. Enternal CD Box  Click Here
       13. LC Music+Songs Click Here

    The Recording List
        - When the Music for Saint Seiya was recorded, they were each given a music number.
           You can reference the Sound Tracks CDs with this Music List by those numbers.

        1. TV Series, 1st Movie, Gold Chapter, 2 Movie Click Here
        2. Asgard Chapter, 3rd Movie, Poseidon Chapter, 4th Movie Click Here

    Special Premium Talking Live Saint Seiya Postcript ~ New Myth ~
      - Links to uploaded videos of the whole Gold Single with translations.

        1. Premium Talking Live
        2-7. Original Character Voice Messages
       Click Here

    Songs Lyrics and Translation
    - You can sing along with the songs or understand the great meanings of the songs

     New Songs

           Lost Canvas  Click Here
                -Flower Chain

           Hades Sanctuary  Click Here
                -The Same Blue Sky with You
            Heaven Chapter
                - Never
            Hades Inferno, Elysion
                -Pegasus Forever
                -My Dear
                -Del regno
            Hades Chapter Special Album
                -Acheron River
                -Sorrowful Orphe
                -Wailing Wall
                -Greatest Eclipse
                -8 Senses

     Old Songs

           Hits I  Click Here
                -Pegasus Fantasy
                -Can't Say GoodBye
                -Friends in the Sky
                -Love Fighter
                -Final Soldier
                -I am Fight
                -Beautiful Child
                -Stardust Way
                -Blue Forever

            Hits II  Click Here
                -Diamond Dust
                -Golden Heart
                -Stop the Fate
                -Nebula Chain
                -You're Phoenix
                -Dragon Blood
                -We're Fearless Warriors

            Hits III  Click Here
                -Soldier Dream
                -We are Saint
                -Round and Round
                -Best Friend
                -Lonely My Way
                -Wake You Alone
                -Stay, Away
                -Boys Be
                -Blue Dream

            Hades Concept-Soundtrack  Click Here
                -Dead or Dead
                -Shine On
            CD 1997 Boys' Tale
                -Burning Blood
                -Born to be a Soldier
                -I Leave My Heart
                -Shining Star(Lullaby English Version)
                -Soldier Dream(Saint Myth English version)


        1. An article about Manga and Anime Drama Tracks with Video files at youtube. Click Here
        2. The Lost Canvas Special CD Drama, The Red Bond Translation  Click Here
        3. Tooru Furuya at HK C3 2011 Audios files and English Tranlations Click Here3-18-2011!!

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