Single and Album Listing

[Disclaimer: Info supplied by The Gold Collection, Saint Seiya Discography, 1986-1997
                     Translated and Labelled by Aries Mu(Philip Ho) ]


     [Gold]          - Also in Gold Collection
     [MB]           - Also in Memorial CD Box
     [Gold, MB] - Also in Gold Collection AND Memorial CD Box


                                                    "Memorial CD Box"

                        Vol. 1 BGM Best-Selection 1
                        1.Pegasus Shooting Star Punch
                        2.Cygnus ~ Warrior of Ice[Gold]
                        3.Galayian Wars[Gold]
                        4.Reverge Demon Phoenix[Gold]
                        5.Phoenix Wing Glide - Immortal Bird's Flap
                        6.Sad Brothers
                        7.Far Reaching Five Old Peaks[Gold]
                        8.To Direction of Heated Fights
                        9.Pope Ares
                        10.Impatience~Shadow Draws Near
                        11.Magnificent Gold Saints[Gold]
                        12.Illsions of 12 Temples
                        13.Clash! Sanctuary
                        14.Glide! Pegasus[Gold]
                        15.Athena's Love

                        Vol. 2 BGM Best-Selection 2
                        1.Toward Valhalla Temple[Gold]
                        2.Cursed Goddess
                        3.Soldier Dream(Instrumental)[Gold]
                        4.Seek Balmung Sword    [Gold]
                        5.Gods' Dusk - Ragnarok[Gold]
                        6.Seven Big Generals
                        7.Dead End Symphony
                        8.Under Sea Temple[Gold]
                        9.Evil God Eris[Gold]
                        10.Andromeda Shun, That Fight
                        11.Epilogue: Under the Wood of the World Tree[Gold]
                        12.Abel's Theme[Gold]
                        13.Child of Dawn, Lucifer(Satan)[Gold]
                        14.Epilogue: Hymn of LightGold]

                        Vol 3. Vocal Collection
                        1.Pegasus Fantasy
                        2.Can't Say GoodBye[Gold]
                        3.Beautiful Child[Gold]
                        4.Blue Forever
                        5.Dragon Blood[Gold]
                        7.We're Fearless Warriors[Gold]
                        8.Soldier Dream[Gold]
                        9.We are Saint[Gold]
                        10.Boys Be[Gold]
                        11.Blue Dream[Gold]
                        12.You Are My Reason to Be(Movie Version)

                        Vol. 4 Drama Tracks
                        1.Prologue - New Hero Legend
                        2.Galayian Wars [Seiya vs Shiryu]
                        3.Phoenix! Warrior Who Seen Hell [Ikki vs Seiya]
                        4.Fight! Gold Saint [Seiya vs Aiolia]
                        5.Sanctuary Chapter 1: Aries Temple ~ Taurus Temple
                        6.Sanctuary Chapter 2: Cancer Temple [Shiryu vs Cancer Death Mask]
                        7.Sanctuary Chapter 3: Virgo Temple [Ikki vs Virgo Shaka]
                        8.Sanctuary Chapter 4: Scorpio Temple [Hyoga vs Scorpion Milo]
                        9.Sanctuary Chapter 5: Capricorn Temple [Shiryu vs Capricorn Shura]
                        10.Sanctuary Chapter 6: Aquarius Temple [Hyoga vs Aquarius Camus]
                        11.Sanctuary Chapter 7: Pisces Temple [Shun vs Pisces Aphrodite]
                        12.Sanctuary Chapter 8: Pope's Place 1 [Seiya vs Gemini Saga]
                        13.Sanctuary Chapter 9: Pope's Place 2 [Sanctuary Chapter Epilogue]

                        Vol. 5 Drama & Special Version
                        1.Golden Ring Chapter 1: [Seiya vs. Siegfred]
                        2.Golden Ring Chapter 2: Odin Robe [Seiya vs. Hilda]
                        3.Poseidon Chapter 1: [Bronze Saint vs King of Sea Poseidon]
                        4.Poseidon Chapter 2: Epilogue ~ Forever Legend of Youth
                        5.Pegasus Fantasy(Sung by the Voice of Seiya)
                        6.Un-Recorded BGM, Bridge Collection

                        [Referencing Recording List]

                        NM-2 Seiya's Theme, Powerful Determination 1'30
                        M-79 Joy of Reunion 0'10
                        M-65 Appearance Chord A (Good Form) 0'06.5
                        M-77 Explosion of Cosmo 0'09"
                        M-81 Anger 0'07
                        M-82B Tension, Uneasiness (Tempo Up) 0'06
                        M-76 Chinese Style Bridge 0'08.5
                        M-78 Tenderness, Beauty 0'11.5
                        M-3 Death Battle 1'46
                        M-7A  Preview Use A Type 0'28.5
                        NM-36 Eerie Scene Change B 0'06
                        MIM-9 Eris Strong Threatening 0'08
                        MIM-15 (Terror of Sagitta)  More Powerful Ghost 5 0'18
                        MIM-16 Powerful!! Ghost 5+Eris 0'13
                        MIM-3 Good 0'07
                        MIM-4 Hyoga and Ellie, Hyoga's Tenderness 0'37
                        MIM-14 (Sagitta's Power) Ghost 5 Theme 0'31
                        MIM-18 Eris's Plot 0'25
                        MIM-25 Stringer Requiem (Most Intense) 0'23
                        MIM-32 Surpise Ghost 5 0'06
                        MIM-6 Eris's Theme 020.5
                        MIM-20 Bri. Rozan Rising Dragon Surpreme~!! 0'09
                        MIM-26B Stringer Requiem (Sound Effect Style) 0'18.5
                        MIM-31 Ikki Angry 0'21
                        MIM-40 C Harp Single Note 0'02
                        NM-33 Shocking, Beaten A 0'17
                        NM-34 Shocking, Beaten B 0'16
                        NM-36 Eerie Scene Change B 0'16
                        NM-37 Good Appearance A 0'07
                        NM-39 Good Appearance a 0'17
                        NM-40 Good Appearance b 0'17
                        NM-31 Little Uneasiness a 0'16
                        NM-32  Little Uneasiness b 0'16
                        M-18A Bridge Music 0'15
                        M-18B Bridge Music 0'15
                        M-18C Bridge Music 0'24
                        M-18D Bridge Music 0'12
                        M-206 Saint Legend Arrange Preview Use 0'29
                        M-210A Subtitle 0'07
                        M-210B Subtitle 0'07
                        M-210C Subtitle 0'07
                        M-211B Eye Catch B Part 0'04
                        M-236A Shock 0'12
                        M-236B Shock 0'10
                        M-237B Scene Change 0'10
                        M-237C Scene Change 0'13
                        M-306 Abel's Theme 1'43
                        M-402A Subtitle 0'09
                        M-402B Subtitle 0'09
                        M-402C Subtitle 0'09
                        M-420A Bridge 0'12
                        M-420B Bridge 0'17
                        M-420C Bridge 0'14
                        M-424B Shock Chord 0'8
                        M-424C Shock Chord 0'7
                        M-425A Shock Bridge 0'19
                        M-421A Enermy Comes Out Touch 0'09
                        M-421B Enermy Comes Out Touch 0'12
                        M-421C Enermy Comes Out Touch 0'12
                        M-423A In Crisis End 0'15
                        M-423B In Crisis End 0'13
                        M-423C In Crisis End 0'16
                        M-426B Eye Catch B Part 0'06
                        M-203 Saint Legend Arrange 2'09

                        7.Sound Effect Collection

                        [From the MB booklet]

                             Bronze Saint
                                 Burn Cosmo 0'53"
                                 Pegasus Ryuu Sei Ken 0'12 (Pegasus Shooting Stars Punch)
                                 Pegasus Sui Sei Ken 0'08" (Pegasus Comet Punch)
                                 Pegasus Rolling Crush 0'08
                                 Rozan Shou Ryuu Ha 0'08" (Rozan Rising Dragon Supreme)
                                 Rozan Ryuu Hi Shou 0'05" (Rozan Dragon Glide)
                                 Rozan Kou Ryuu Ha 0'12" (Rozan Extreme Dragon Supreme)
                                 Diamond Dust 0'09"
                                 Aurora Thunder Attack 0'08"
                                 Nebula Storm 0'13"
                                 Nebula Chain 0'04"
                                 Circle Defense 0'17"
                                 Hou Yoku Ten Shou 0'26" (Phoenix Wing Glide)
                                 Hou Oh(Pheonix) Gen Ma Ken 0'07" (Pheonix Illusion Punch)

                             Gold Saint
                                 Great Horn(Aldebaran) 0'13"
                                 Galaxian Explosion(Saga) 0'06"
                                 Lighting Bolt(Aiolia) 0'10"
                                 Lighting Plasma(Aiolia) 0'07"
                                 Scarlet Needle(Milo) 0'07"
                                 Aurora Execution(Camus) 0'13"

                                 God Breath(Baiane) 0'14"
                                 Aurora Borealis(Issac) 0'07"

                             Silver Saint
                                 Thunder Claw(Shaina) 0'07"
                                 Marvro Trypa (Misty) 0'16"
                                 Kaitos(Whale) Spouting Bomber(Moses) 0'14"
                                 Fotia Roufihtra(Greek: Swirl of Flame)(Babel) 0'07"

                             God Warrior
                                 Titanic Hercule(Thor) 0'09"
                                 Viking Tiger Claw(Syd) 0'10"
                                 Dragon Bravest Blizzard(Siegfried) 0'08"
                                 Great Ardent Pressure(Hagen) 0'10"

                        8.Pegasus Fantasy(Karaoke)
                        9.Blue Forever(Karaoke)
                        10.Soldier Dream(Karaoke)
                        11.Blue Dream(Karaoke)
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