Single and Album Listing

[Disclaimer: Info supplied by The Gold Collection, Saint Seiya Discography, 1986-1997
                     Translated and Labelled by Aries Mu(Philip Ho) ]


     [Gold]          - Also in Gold Collection
     [MB]           - Also in Memorial CD Box
     [Gold, MB] - Also in Gold Collection AND Memorial CD Box

                                                                "Piano Fantasia"
                                                    1.Promise in Protection Star
                                                    3.Nebula Chain
                                                    4.Pegasus Fantasy[Gold]
                                                    5.dessin I "Polaris Hilda"
                                                    6.Blue Forever
                                                    7.dessin II "Polaris Hilda"
                                                    8.Undersea Temple
                                                    9.Blue Dream
                                                    10.dessin III "Save Goddess!"
                                                    11.Soldier Dream[Gold]
                                                    12.Athena's Theme[Gold]


                              "King of the Underworld, Hades Chapter Image Album"
                              2.108 Evil Stars[Gold]
                              3.Interlude I (Drama Track 1)[Gold]
                              4.Dead or Dead ~ Even Love is Thrown Away
                              5.Twin Salas
                              6.Interlude II (Drama Track 2)[Gold]
                              7.Young Saints!
                              8.Interlude III (Drama Track 3)[Gold]
                              9.Pandora's Box[Gold]
                              10.Interlude IV (Drama Track 4)[Gold]
                              12.Interlude V (Drama Track 5)[Gold]
                              13.Greatest Eclipse[Gold]
                              14.Shine On ~ Eternal Dream[Gold]
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                                                        "1996 Song Collection"
                                                  1.Only For Love
                                                  2.Where Do We Go?
                                                  3.Love is Forever
                                                  4.Sayonara Warriors[Gold]
                                                  5.Try Again[Gold]
                                                  7.Never Give Up Boys
                                                  8.You Need Love
                                                  9.Pegasus Fantasy[Gold]
                                                  10.Blue Forever[Gold]


                                                          "1997 Boy's Tale"
                                   1.Boy's Tale I - Burning Blood[Gold]
                                   2.Drama [Do Cvidanija - Time of Promise][Gold]
                                   3.Born To be a Soldier
                                   4.Boy's Tale II - I Leave My Heart[Gold]
                                   5.Shining Star(Goddess' Lullaby(Lullaby English Version)[Gold]
                                   6.Soldier Dream(Saint Legend(Soldier Dream English Version)[Gold]
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