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[Disclaimer: Info supplied by The Gold Collection, Saint Seiya Discography, 1986-1997
                     Translated and Labelled by Aries Mu(Philip Ho) ]


     [Gold]          - Also in Gold Collection
     [MB]           - Also in Memorial CD Box
     [Gold, MB] - Also in Gold Collection AND Memorial CD Box


                                                    "The Gold Collection"

                Best Songs & Symphonic Suites

                Disc 1 Best Songs-1

                1. Pegasus Fantasy (1996 version)
                2. Can't Say Good Bye[MB]
                3. Friends in the Sky
                4. Love Fighter
                5. Beautiful Child[MB]
                6. Stardust way
                7. Overture
                8. Lullaby[MB]
                9. Stop the fate
                10. Dragon Blood[MB]
                11. We're Fearless Warriors
                12. Termination
                13. Solider Dream[MB]
                14. We are Saint[MB]

                Disc 2 Best songs-2
                1. Time
                2. Best Friend
                3. Stay, Away
                4. Boys Be[MB]
                5. Blue Dream[MB]
                6. Shine on
                7. Good Bye Warriors
                8. Try Again
                9. Blue Forever(1996 version)
                10. You Are My Reason to be (Single version)
                11. Tale of Youth I ~Burning Blood~
                12. Tale of Youth II ~I Leave My Heart~
                13. Shining Star (Lullaby English Verison)
                14. Soldier Dream (Solder Dream English Verison)

                Disc 3 Symphonic Suites-1

                1. Pegasus Fantasy (TV Size)

                2. Suite 1: The Awakening of Cloth [from Soundtrack I]

                -Pegasus Shootint Star Punch
                -Galayian Wars[MB]
                -Burn Cosmo
                -Reverge Demon Phoenix[MB]

                3. Suite 2: Evil God Eris [from Soundtrack II]

                -Evil God Eris[MB]
                -Gather! Under Athena
                -Gilde! Pegasus[MB]
                -Three Arias
                -Athena's Theme
                -Magnificent Gold Saints[MB]
                -Seven Senses
                -New War Threats

                4. Suite 3: Sanctuary' Mark(Sign) [from Soundtrack III]

                -Cygnus ~ Warrior of Ice[MB]
                -Far reaching Five Old Peaks[MB]
                -Remeber ~ Sadness
                -Launch Shooting Stars Punch

                5. Suite 4: Wars of Ice [from Soundtrack IV movie 2]

                -Asgard's Older Brother and Younger Sister
                -Mjolnir's Hammer
                -Save Goddess(Athena)!
                -God Warriors vs. Saints
                -Frey ~ Hero of Love and Justice
                -Gods' Dusk - Ragnarok[MB]
                -Epilogue: Under the Wood of the World Tree[MB]
                -And the Era of Holy Wars.....

                Disc 4 Symphonic Suites-2

                1. Suite 5: Legend of Crimson Youth [from Soundtrack V movie 3]

                -Abel's Theme[MB]
                -Goddess(Athena)'s Death
                -Challenge Gods
                -Athena Reincarnate
                -Sun Temple's Destruction

                2. Suite 6: Northern God Warrior [from Soundtrack VI Golden Ring
                                                                         Chapter(Asgard Anime)]

                -Polaris Hilda
                -Toward Valhalla Temple[MB]
                -For the Beloved Earth
                -Soldier Dream(Instrumental)[MB]
               -Seek Balmung Sword[MB]
                -Dream Traveler(Blue Dream)

                3. Suite 7: Sea King's Halberd [from Soundtrack VII King of the Sea,
                                                                    Poseidon Chapter(Poseidon Anime)]

                -Undersea Temple[MB]
                -Mermaid's Calling
                -Shining! Bronze Cloth
                -Athena Reincarnate

                4. Suite 8: Hymn of Light [from Soundtrack VIII movie 4]

                -Child of Dawn, Lucifer[MB]
                -Sacred Sacrifice
                -Bell of Angelus Prayer
                -Golden Mantis
                -Final Holy War
                -Sun Arrow
                -Epilogue: Hymn of Light[MB]
                -Decision of Destiny
                -Saints of Hope, Forever(Saint Legend Instrumental)

                5. Blue Forever(TV Size)

                Disk 5 Images & Stories

                From [Piano Fantasia]

                1. Pegasus Fantasy
                2. Time
                3. Athena's Theme
                4. Soldier Dream

                Underworld King, Hades Chapter [Image Album]

                5. - 9. are all the Drama Tracks(Interlude) in Hades CD
                [Go  here for more info on Drama Tracks]

                10. Suite 9: Underworld King, Hades' Coffin

                -108 Evil Stars
                -Pandora's Box
                -Greatest Eclipse

                11. Drama [Do Cvidanija - Time of Promise]
                      A Drama Track with Voices: Seiya, Shun, Ikki, Shiryu, Hyoga, Saori,
                      Miho, Shunrei, Orphan kids.
                [Go  here for more info on Drama Tracks]

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