Drama Tracks

What are Drama Tracks? A drama track is like when you listen to a radio drama. There are only voices and sound effects. Here's what I know of Saint Seiya Drama Tracks...

[Note* all Saint Seiya Drama Tracks use TV anime voices.]

Manga Drama Tracks

"Gold 12 Temple <Front Chapter>" Audio Tape produced by Shueisha

-The front chapter deals with 1st to 6th Temple.

"Gold 12 Temple <Back Chapter>" Audio Tape produced by Shueisha

-The back chapter deals with the rest of 12 Temples and the Saga fight.

Good-- you hear the manga moves shout out loud and compare how it is with the TV moves, "Kolodyni Smerch!" by Hyoga, "Ho Oo Gen Ma Ken!" by Ikki "Galayian Explosion!" by Saga. Also, you get to hear stuff that didn't convert to the TV series, like Camus's speech and Shun's memory at the end after defeating Aphrodite. The ending is the manga ending, much more exciting!!

Bad-- Only the Bronze Saints and Gold Saints voices are featured, all the other minor characters are not there. So when minor characters are supposed to talk, it is just spoken by someone else or a commentary is inserted.

Listen to Libra Palace Batte of Hyoga vs. Camus Click Here

Listen to Scorpio Palace Batte of Hyoga vs. Milo  Click Here

Listen to Complete Ending of Pisces Palace Battle of Shun vs. Aphrodite 
Click Here

Listen to the Saga Fight Part 1 Click Here 

Listen to the Saga Fight Part 2 Click Here

Listen to the Saga Fight Part 3 Click Here

Listen to the Saga Fight Part 4 Click Here 

"Under Any Kind of Star" Audio Tape produced by Shueisha

-I don't own this tape myself but someone was kind of enough to upload the whole thing to youtube!! Anyway, the drama is mainly about Black Chapter, the Ikki fight and the Misty fight. There are elements of the drama stays quite true to the manga.

Listen to Part 1  Click Here
Listen to Part 2  Click Here
Listen to Part 3  Click Here
Listen to Part 4  Click Here
Listen to Part 5  Click Here
Listen to Part 6  Click Here
Listen to Part 7  Click Here
Listen to Part 8  Click Here

Anime Drama Tracks

I. "Galaxian Battle-Dream Battle Chapter" produced by Colombia

    1. TV Opening of Pegasus Fantasy

    2. *Galayian Battle-Dream Battle*
        Part I Pegasus Seiya vs. Andromeda Shun [Hear it! ]

    3. Part II Dragon Shiryu vs. Cygnus Hyoga [ Hear it! ]

~This is like an alternate time line or just two battles bewteen these four bronze saints.

 Good - hear how Seiya vs Shun battle would be like, Shiryu vs. Hyoga battle very heated, different than movie II.

 Bad - we don't know who wins, both fights finish when it is very heated.

    4.*Rival of Destiny-Casios*
        Part I Aiolia- Horriable Lighting Plasma

    5. Part II Casios, Dying for Love

    6.TV Ending of Blue Forever

~This side deals with Episodes 51-53, Pegasus Seiya vs Leo Aiolia.

Good - Excellent drama.

VERY good - sound effects. You can FEEL the pain of Seiya when Aiolia breaks his leg. And when Aiolia lunches his stuff, very good sound effects.

II. Drama Tracks in Memorial CD Box produced by Colombia, Disk 4 & 5

~Famous Scenes of The TV Anime. Go here  for track translation

My favs are the Seiya wearing Sagttarius Cloth and Aiolia sees the ghost of Aiolos and tells him Saori is really Athena. The first track I really love too,"Seiya, your consetallation is Peagsus! Make Punch into Shooting Stars!!!!"

I wish there was more from Asgard and Poseidon. If they had tracks like when the Bronze cloth turn to Gold, that would be nice.

Also if you own the Memorial Box, they have a collection of Sound Effects[Disk 5, Track 7], VERY COOL.

III. Drama Tracks(Interlude) in Hades Image Album produced by Colombia.

- The Hades CD was an Image-Album not a soundtrack but after the music was used in the Hades OVA, it became an Image-Soundtrack Album.
    Some of the dialogs are the same as in the manga but, for example, the first Drama track does not exist in the manga. These drama tracks are really talking, and no action. Kind of gives you the feeling of hard battle in Hades Chapter. My fav drama track is the Ikki hitting Shun. Saga is in one of the tracks.

IV. Saint Seiya 1997 CD Boy's Tale produced by Colombia

"Do Cvidanija ~ Time of Promise"
-This is an Image-Album, not a soundtrack. In the second track of the CD, there is a half hour of Drama. The event happens after Hades is defeated and Seiya is alive. The track really deals with memories about the Bronze Saints and what they have been through and it ends with a war is about to come....

This track is nice because it has the most characters talking: Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun, Ikki, Saori, Shunrei, Miho, Orphan Kids....

V. Drama Tracks in The Gold Collection produced by Colombia

In Disk 5, there are those same Hades CD drama tracks in there. And one more track same in CD 97