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     [ST]          - Sound Track
     [MB]        - Memorial CD Box
     [New]      - There are tracks that have never before released music, sometimes it has old music with the new.]


Eternal Edition

                                                "Enternal Edition  File 05"

     Movie Version Saint Seiya 'The Gods' Heated War'&'Legend of Crimson Youth' Original Soundtrack Chapter

                                                Movie Version 'Saint Seiya The Gods' Heated War'

                                                1.Prologue: Norse Mythology
                                                2.Pegasus Fantasy(TV Size S. E. Mix)[New]
                                                3.Asgard's Older Brother and Younger Sister
                                                4.Odin, Evil Divine Being
                                                5.Disconnected Friendship
                                                6.Mjolnir's Hammer
                                                7.Save Goddess(Athena)!
                                                8.God Warriors vs. Saints
                                                9.Gold Cloth, Descend!
                                                10.Frey ~ Hero of Love and Justice
                                                11.Gods' Dusk - Ragnarok
                                                12.Epilogue: Under the Wood of the World Tree

                                                Movie 'Saint Seiya Legend of Crimson Youth'

                                                14.Abel[Have Music from ST5, Track 2; MB Disk 5, Track 6, New]
                                                15.Saori's Determination
                                                16.Goddess(Athena)'s Death
                                                17.Challenge Gods
                                                18.Scorching Saints
                                                20.Phoenix Illusion Punch
                                                21.Gemini's Betrayal
                                                22.Indomitable Fighting Spirit
                                                23.Deucalion's Big Flood
                                                24.Abel's Theme(Harp Solo)~Decision of Destiny[Have ST8, Track 13, New]
                                                26.Athena Reincarnate
                                                27.Sun Temple's Destruction
                                                28.You Are My Reason to Be(Movie Version)

                                              "Enternal Edition  File 06"

                                          TV Series Soundtrack Chapter #04 ~Golden Ring Chapter~

                                                1.Soldier Dream(TV Size)[New]
                                                2.Polaris Hilda
                                                3.Nibelung Ring
                                                4.Soldier Dream~Dream Traveler(Instrumental Arrange)[Have  Music from ST8,
                                                                                                                                              Track 14; MB Disk 5 Track
                                                                                                                                              6, Last Music used in CD
                                                                                                                                              97 Drama]
                                                5.New War Threats
                                                6.Fantasy Maze
                                                7.Legendary God Warriors
                                                8.Tears of Sad Heros
                                                9.Soldier Dream(Instrumental)[Have Music from MB Disk 5, Track 6, New]
                                                10.Bridge Collection[Have Music from MB Disk 5, Track 6, New]
                                                11.Hilda's Theme[New]
                                                12.Love Fighter(Instrumental Arrange)[New]
                                                13.Toward Valhalla Temple
                                                14.Cursed Goddess
                                                15.For the Beloved Earth
                                                16.Warriors of Constellation
                                                17.Soldier Dream
                                                18.I AM Fight(Instrumental Arrange)[New]
                                                19.Seek Balmung Sword
                                                20.Dream Traveler
                                                21.Blue Dream(Instrumental)

                                                "Enternal Edition  File 03"

                                          TV Series Soundtrack Chapter #05 ~Poseidon Chapter~

                                                1.Soldier Dream(TV Size S. E. Mix Ver. II)[New]
                                                2.Undersea Temple
                                                3.Mermaid's Calling
                                                4.Holy War, Again...
                                                5.Shining! Bronze Cloth
                                                6.Stardust Way(Instrumental Version)[New]
                                                7.Siren Sorrent
                                                8.Bridge Collection 1[Have Music from MB, Disk 5, Track 6, New]
                                                9.Tethys's Song[New]
                                                10.Bridge Collection 2[Have Music from MB, Disk 5, Track 6, New]
                                                11.Sea King Advent
                                                12.Dead End Symphony
                                                13.Seven Big Generals
                                                14.Soldier Dream(Instrumental  Version)[New]
                                                15.Time of Destruction
                                                16.Poseidon Legend
                                                17.Athena Reincarnate
                                                18.Blue Dream(Instrumental  Version)[New]

                                                Bonus Tracks
                                                20.Diamond Dust (Off Vocal Version)[New]
                                                21.Golden Heart (Off Vocal Version)[New]
                                                22.Lullaby (Off Vocal Version)[New]

                                                "Enternal Edition  File 08"

                                          Saint Seiya Piano Fantasia

                                                1.Promise in Protection Star
                                                3.Nebula Chain
                                                4.Pegasus Fantasy
                                                5.dessin I "Polaris Hilda"
                                                6.Blue Forever
                                                7.dessin II "Polaris Hilda"
                                                 8.Undersea Temple
                                                 9.Blue Dream
                                                10.dessin III "Save Goddess!"
                                                11.Soldier Dream
                                                12.Athena's Theme

                                                Bonus Tracks
                                                13.Stop the Fate (Off Vocal Version)[New]
                                                14.Nebula Chain (Off Vocal Version)[New]
                                                15.You're Pheonix (Off Vocal Version)[New]
                                                16.Dragon Blood (Off Vocal Version)[New]
                                                17.We're Fearless Warriors (Off Vocal Version)[New]

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