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Eternal Edition

                                                "Enternal Edition  File 09"

                                         Movie Version 'Saint Seiya Warriors of the Last Holy War'
                                         Original Soundtrack Chapter

                                                1.Prologue: Dawn
                                                2.Soldier Dream(TV Size S. E. Mix Ver. I)[New]
                                                3.Child of Dawn, Lucifer
                                                4.Demon Abode Temple
                                                5.Sacred Sacrifice
                                                6.Fallen Angels vs. Saints
                                                7.Bell of Angelus Prayer
                                                8.Golden Mantis
                                                9.Last Holy War
                                                10.Sun Arrow
                                                11.Epilogue: Hymn of Light

                                                Bonus Tracks

                                          From Gods' Heated Battle
                                                12.Prologue: Norse Mythology (Without Chorus) [New]
                                                13.Save Goddess(Athena)! (Without Chorus) [New]
                                                14.Dolbar vs Seiya (Without Chorus) [New]
                                                15.Epilogue: Under the Wood of the World Tree (Without Chorus)[New]

                                          From Legend of Crimson Youth
                                                16.Abel's Theme(Alternate Version) [New]

                                          From Warriors of the Last Holy War
                                                17.Bell of Angelus Prayer/Last Holy War(Short Version) [New]

                                                18.Soldier Dream (Off Vocal Version) [New]
                                                19.We are Saint (Off Vocal Version) [New]
                                                20.Round and Round (Off Vocal Version) [New]
                                                21.Time (Off Vocal Version) [New]
                                                22.Best Friend (Off Vocal Version) [New]

                                                "Enternal Edition  File 10"

                                         Image, Soundtrack Chapter ~Underworld King Hades Chapter~

                                                   2.108 Evil Stars
                                                   3.Interlude I (Drama Track 1)
                                                   4.Dead or Dead ~ Even Love is Thrown Away (Off Vocal Version) [New]
                                                   5.Twin Salas
                                                   6.Interlude II (Drama Track 2)
                                                   7.Young Saints!
                                                   8.Interlude III (Drama Track 3)
                                                   9.Pandora's Box
                                                  10.Interlude IV (Drama Track 4)
                                                  12.Interlude V (Drama Track 5)
                                                  13.Greatest Eclipse
                                                  14.Shine On ~ Eternal Dream (Off Vocal Version) [New]

                                                  Bonus Tracks

                                                  15.Lonely My Way (Off Vocal Version) [New]
                                                  16.Wake You Alone (Off Vocal Version) [New]
                                                  17.Stay, Away (Off Vocal Version) [New]
                                                  18.Boys Be (Off Vocal Version) [New]
                                                  19.Blue Dream (Off Vocal Version) [New]

                              "Saint Seiya Heaven Chapter Introduction ~ Overture ~ Original Sound Track"

                                                1.Prelude to "Heaven Chapter Introduction"
                                                2.Artemis Appears
                                                3.Athena's Love
                                                4.Seiya and Marin
                                                5.Sanctuary's Hard Fight
                                                6.Seiya, Again
                                                7.Shun vs Thesus
                                                8.Ikki Enters
                                                9.Athena's Saints
                                                10.Painful Fight
                                                11.Seiya, Hyoga, Shiryu vs Odysseus
                                                12.Ikaros's Feelings
                                                13.Seiya vs. Ikaros
                                                14.Tender Moment
                                                15.Come Alive Destiny
                                                16."Forgive me..."
                                                17.Athena's Determination
                                                18.Touma and Marin
                                                20.Ultimate Cosmo
                                                21.Sometime, Somewhere...
                                                22.Never ~ Saint Seiya's Theme ~
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                                  "Saint Seiya The Hades ~Underworld King Hades Chapter Special Album~

                                                1.Warrior of the Goddess ~ Pegasus Forever ~
                                                3.The Same Blue Sky with You
                                                4.Acheron River
                                                5.Sorrowful Orphee
                                                6.Wailing Wall
                                                7.Greatest Eclipse
                                                8.8 Senses
                                                9.To Entrusted One ~My Dear ~
                                                10.Gods' Garden ~ Del Regno ~
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