[The following is a translation of the Sion Q&A corner of Dragon Issue Tokumori Magazine. Only the words inside the brackets are my comments.

SPECIAL THANKS to Igor Marinho for scanning the original images and willing to share them and
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Sion Q&A Dragon Issue

Fan Question) How are the Cloth made? If there are drawings or construction methods I would be interested to see them. And if possible, I want to see the God Cloths again, Dragon!!

Sion's Answer) Hoho... Wanting to create a Cloth is definitely something to see. Unfortunately, the creation methods of creating Cloths have been buried in time, even I don't really know the details. However, in our long history, there seems to have new Cloths been born. It is not impossible to create new Cloths.

Q) I am asking this because Sion sama who knows all about Sanctuary should be able to answer this question. I heard that there are 88 Saints in total(Gold 12 Saints, Silver 24 Saints, Bronze 48 Saints), but there are missing 4 Saints? What are those other 4 Cloths made of and what constellations are those 4 Saints? Please Answer.

A) A very sharp question! Because those 4 Saints are considered the secret amongst secrets of Sanctuary, their existence has yet to be revealed. When the coming war against the Gods of the Sky starts, their secrets maybe revealed then.

Q) The deceased Mitsumasa Kido sent 100 children to all over the world. The number of Cloth is 88, the numbers don't really match?

A) As many already know, to become Saints, a hard training is required. All those children been sent around the world won't become Saints with out incident. Also, it is not like the Saints have appeared formally in history[Human History]. Because of that, it may be that you can't even find the training area. Even if you do find it, it doesn't nesscessary mean you will arrive there without incident. The fact that 10 from the 100 children became Saints is actually a high probability that is almost miraculous. If I was Mitsumasa, I would have sent 500 children!

Q) I understand by Misopetha-Menos, Dohko was able to live 261 years long, but why the Previous Pope Aries Sion was about to live until 248 years with no methods? Saints are able to live that long?

A) This question was asked by many other people. For humans to live close to 100 years is already rare, so for me a Saint to live over 200 years is a wonder. For me, I intended to live with the perspective as my teen years. Besides, if your perspective is young, your physical strength won't decrease...  If I was a little younger, I would have never lost to Saga.

Q) Sion sama please tell me. When Seiya's and Shiryu's Cloths were restored why did their shape change? I don't think the shape(weight) would have increased the protection like that. How did Mu heal them? Did he just use Telekinesis?

A) The Cloths are like a kind of life. When you have broken bones, after they are healed they become stronger and bigger. The Cloths are the same. When they are restored, they evolve. That's why their protection area, weight can greatly change. Also, it is an important point to have enough Orichalcum on hand. Also when restoring, by the use of Telekinesis, the structure of molecules can be exchanged. The concentration required to do this is quite beyond the imagination.

Q) In Hades Chapter, the 12 Gold Saints gathered together to destroy the Wailing Wall. When did Death Mask and Aphrodite reform, I wonder?

A) Oh... Even though those two were bad, but to the core they were good guys. Oh... They just played too much mischief mostly. Maybe, at Cocytos, Dohko preached to them. I was ashes by then so I don't really know.

Q) When Gemini Saga fought Seiya, he wore his Cloth while been naked. What you think about this?

A) There are many Saints who wear their Cloths with underwear underneath but there are Saints who don't wear anything. For Saints, to draw out the power of the Cloth, by using their own Cosmo, it is important to be one with the Cloth. Though it is just a shade of a difference, for Saints, a battle can be won by that slight shade of difference. That's why, Saga chose to be in touch with the Cloth by his skin. And, it is a good sensation to feel the chilly touch of the Cloth.

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