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Sion Q&A Cygnus Issue

Fan Question) How do you do? I am a woman of 22 years of age who loves Mu. Anyway, why are Mu sama's eyesbrows shaped like a 'circle'? Sion sama and Kki too has these Heian brows[Heian here refers to the Age of Heian in Japanese History.], is it because Aries Saints have to have these features? Or is it because those eyebrows have a special purpose? Please tell me, Sion sama!!

Sion's Answer) Out of the gate and such a sharp question! If you think these beautiful brows are the proof of the Aries Saint, you are very wrong! These brows are the proof of the Clan of few survivors who have inherted the skills of restoring Cloths. So, Kiki will soon recieve those skills probably passed on by Mu. But will he become a Saint? That's not for certain.

Q) Death Mask and Aphrodite who came with you to invade into Sanctuary, did they really act like Saga pretending to be deflect to Hades? It doesn't seem so...

A) Those two hava a pride that's double than normal people. They were Gold Saints who lost to Bronze Saints so they are frustrated beyond measure. And also, they probably got really into their performance. For me who's endowed with Benevolence, Wisdom and Courage, I see them as just too easygoing and like to play. Even after death, they are Athena's Saints, not one Saint deflected to Hades.

Q) When Saga killed Sion sama in his Pope form, he never once showed his face, what kind of face did you have then?

A) I don't want to admit it but even for Saints, they can't fight the advance of old age. Even I who prides myself as a Pretty Boy[Bishounen], my age is stamped on my face. Well, compare Dohko when he was young and what he looked like 243 years later, I think you can imagine. Nonetheless, personally, I wound up looking like a nice guy I think.

Q) The Gold Saints got their qualifcations around age 7, 8, when did they start their training? Is it because they are geniuses, they don't really have to train...?

A) Well, how long a Saints trains depends on all kinds of factors like the trainee's given potiential, the teaching methods of the Master, and etc. They've mastered the Cosmo at a young age and can be called geniuses but it's more to do with that while they were still young, they were not trapped by preconceived ideas of the mundane world and understand the secrets of the Cosmo. The Cosmo is a power any human can awaken but sadly, as they grow up and they get trapped by the knowledge of the mundane world, thereby, awakening the Cosmo becomes diffcult. Those who have been bathed by the knowledge of the world, even the idea of launching punches at sound speed are hampered by that mundane knowledge and they can't even master that simple skill. But those who have not been polluted by that, one's who have an immaculate heart, honestly believing that they can do it and putting miraclous moves into practice, before long, they are able to master the Cosmo. It is not they don't train. It is that their training time is extremely short.

Q) Seiya and Hyoga used their Saint Card, does other Saints have Cards too?

A) Originally, Saint Cards were used to be left in the battlefield to inform other companions that they were alright. But that was a long time ago, only a few has put that into practice now. So the question is maybe those Cards given to the Saints who participated in the Galaxian Wars by Graude Foundation, a sort of Character Goods. So it is not really recoignzed by Sanctuary offically. Maybe only those 10 Saints have those Cards. Even I don't have one, I quite want one myself.

Q) Does Sanctuary's Call to Duty come in the mail?

A) The order of Sancutary are not really delivered by normal mail. The largest number of Saints are 88 but under them are many pawns stationed all around the world. Using this pawns network, written orders are swiftly, secretly delivered.  But Gold Saints are the exception. Because they move at Light Speed, they can instantly teleport, or they can used telepathy to converse, so they don't really need to use the usual methods.

Q) When Unicorn Jabu appeared again, incidentally it seems his Cloth was changed. Was that because of Mu's repair, too?

A) Cloths has a self restoration ability, little damages can repaired by itself by placing them in their Cloth Box. When that happens, the wounded portions will be strengthened, thereby, making the shape change a little.

Q) Saints have to train like hell but does the Marinas and Specters trained too? I don't think Frog Zelos did any training...

A) Marinas and Specters have complete different processes than our Saints to getting their qualifications. First, Marinas, those who become Marinas are born first with a potiential and power that are suitable to be chosen by the Scales. In other words, the Scales have a role where they are to find Marinas. Consequently, choosing Canon and Isac who already have the qualification as a Saint is quite natural.[Isac, yes, but Canon maybe not.] For Cloths, Scales, those who qualify for them are really dependent on their own potiential but for the Surplices, conversely, the person's structure are changed to suit the Surplice. In the now selling, 'Saint Seiya Encyclopedia'[Seitoushi Seiya Taizen] it has detailed discussions about these topics. Those who are interested should read it.[You can read the translations of all that in other articles at Info Corner. :)]

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