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Sion Q&A Andromeda Issue

Fan Question) I have two questions... First, Seiya, Shiryu, Ikki, Shun and Hyoga who is half Japanese... And Sion sama and the other Gold Saints, which countries are they from?
    And, Sion sama! When and how did you train Mu!? ...Do you teach him when you were in your Pope form!?
...Which ever one you answer, even if you only answer one question, it would be great. Other than that, I have lots more questions.

Sion's Answer) First, the country of origin for me and the other Gold Saints are written in the now selling 'Saint Seiya Encyclopedia'[Seitoushi Seiya Taizen](A little commerical),  And, about Mu's training, you may have forgotten that Gold Saints can travel at the Speed of Light. If you're unsure about that, Speed of Light means 300,000km/sec, in one second, you can travel around the Earth 7 and half times. Going from Greece to Jamir to train Mu and returning back to Sanctuary is no trouble at all for a Gold Saint. Though, for me who was over 200 years old, training Mu got quite tiring. In what form did I train him? I leave it to your imagination.

Q) Does Sion sama know, I am uneasy about this but is it true that the rumor of Gold Saint Aiolia and Silver Saint Marin are intimate with each other? Regardless of truthfulness of that, can you please tell me if Saints recognize the love or marriage with each other?

A) Oh? I have never heard of that rumor. It's true that those two get along well, but it is just friendship like male bonding. Aiolia had to live under the disgrace of being a little brother of a traitor, there are inconsiderate people out there who wants to spread rumors about him. I wouldn't pay too much mind to them. And, the sole reason Saints exsit are to protect the peace of this world, as long as they have that reason, Saints must devote their mind and body to Athena which is the symbol of peace. Therefore, Sanctuary does not recoginze the love or marriage of a Saint but there are times when the life of one person to a Saint is more important than protecting the lives of the rest of the world. I have heard, in our long history, there are those who have decided to give up their rank as a Saint to protect that one person.

Q) Canon went to the Undersea Temple for 13 years, what has he been doing? Would he come back to the land? I think he would be traveling around the world or go to Solo's family.

A) It's true that Canon went to Undersea Temple for 13 years and what happend during that is unclear. At that time, I was already dead, so I don't really know for certain. Maybe, he went scouting for Marinas other than those Generals.[In Taizen, the Pawns are said to be as powerful as Bronze Saints.]

Q) In Galaxian War, there were 5 Black Phoenixes that intruded into it. Seiya and the others defeat 4 of them. The last one went to report to Ikki. What happened to him after that?

A) Black Immortal Bird exists as the shadow of the Immortal Bird Constellation. He is probaly still waiting for Ikki's orders in Death Queens Island right now. Though, Ikki's Cloth has been renewed, it would be nice if he renewed his Cloth too...

Q) Why would Sion sama talk like an old man here in this corner?

A) Over 200 years of age, I still have the beauty of a fresh 18 year old but to talk like a young person I would lose all authority. If you have a graceful heart, allow me to talk like this.

Q) Death Mask sama was from Italy and trained in Sicily but his skill is "Sekishiki Meikai Ha"[Pile-up Corpse Underworld Wave] and he says words like "Shoushi!"[Absurd!] and four character expressions, does he like Kanjis?[Chinese characters] Please tell me.

A) There are many Saints who speak words other than their own languages. Especially those who have to train in foreign countries, they have to learn that country's language. And because Saints are sent on missions by Sanctuary all around the world, naturally, their languages skills are better than most people. Especially Death Mask because Mu and the others were too young, I have sent him on missions myself, he probably learned eastern words that way. The Kanji [expressions] are a form of hieroglyph, it is easier to converse with such expressions using telepathy.

Q) Sion sama, happy new year! Well, I have a question. The Saints other than Seiya and co.(Escpecially Gold), how did they become Saints? They can't be all orphans? As long as they don't know the existence of Sanctuary, even if they have outstanding talent, I don't think they would by chance suddenly have the dream or hope of "I will! Become a Saint!!"... Sion sama please! I got to know this, even if I die, I won't rest in peace until I know! Please!! Tell me!!  Ah! Sion sama, that Santa Clause outfit in the previous issue really fits you.[In Cygnus Issue, that's a pic with Sion as Santa Clause. :)]

A) About this, I can't say because it is up to the Destiny of the Stars. Each Saint had their own process of becoming a Saint. Well, some time in the future, a day will come where there will be explainations of how they became Saints.

Q) Hades borrowed Shun's body on the land(in Underworld), but his real body is in Elysion. Poseidon borrowed the body of Julian, but doesn't he have a real body?

A) About the Sea King even I don't know the details but, by the fact that he borrows a body from the Solo family in every generation, it maybe that his real body was already destroyed in a past war. When did the Solo family and Poseidon have this strong relationship is definitely a topic to be researched.

Q) I have a question. How many issues will this Saint Seiya Digest go on? It would be best if the Gold Saints like Seiya and the others get their digest.(Though, how many issues should their be, I don't know...) Anyway, there are many people out there who want this corner to continue on. Well, I guess this is not really a question for Sion sama to answer... I apologize but, I do wonder.

A) For the time being, the next issue has been planed to be the last issue. Because of that, if you want me to read your entries, write it! And sent it to me quick!![As of this time, Saint Seiya Digest has only five issues for main Bronze.]

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