[The following is a translation of the Sion Q&A corner of Phoenix Issue Tokumori Magazine. Only the words inside the brackets are my comments. I actually own this issue so the pic is scanned by me. :)]

Sion Q&A Phoenix Issue

Fan Question) Can Cloth change its form to adapt to the physique of the Saint? For example, if Seiya's Pegasus Cloth were gotten by Casios, he's so big, I don't think he can wear it.

Sion's Answer) Conclusively, Cloths can change to adapt to the physique of the Saint, that's why if Casios did get the Cloth, it will change to the size that will fit Casios. Because the reason of that is a little diffcult to explain, so I'll omit that part but, because the Cloths themselves know in advance who's going to wear them, it will accomplish its change of quality in the Cloth Box until that day of wearing. Even when the wearer grows, to meet their growth, the Cloths themselves will accomplish its growth, too.

Q) When did Jabu and the others restore their Cloths? Even though it was said that they went to retrain themselves, I don't think the Cloth can be healed to that beauty again. When exactly did they heal? On the back of Lionet Ban, the circle part of his Cloth, when did that change its form? I think it is unreasonable that the Cloth can change so fast.

A) When Jabu and the others was retraining, their Cloths were kept in the Cloth Box. At that time, because they restored themselves, the fact that they would change their form in that process is common sense in Sanctuary and not surprising at all! But, you have been pretty observant of Cloths, I'm impressed! But, even though this corner is for simple questions, you shouldn't be thinking it as,"Unreasonable!" but it is better if you think of it this way,"Why, did it become like that?"

Q) When Old Master(Dohko) was young, did he launch Rozan Rising Dragon Supreme like Shiryu where he took off his Cloth?

A) About Dohko's past history, I know all kinds of things about him but, because I have the character that can lead me to be Pope, I can't tell you. Anyway, it's a secret.[Maybe in ND, he would reveal the secrets... :)]

Q) Graude Foundation seemed to gather Seiya and the other orphans from orphanges here and there, but how were they able to find them?

A) Probably, because the aged Mitsumasa Kido was going to choose a successor from the 100 orphans, he always used the Graude Foundation's intelligence net to watch them, secretly. If he didn't meet Aiolos, many of the orphans would have lived out their lives without knowing the secret of their births. [In Gigantomachia Novels, it is revealed that successor was Mei Kido.]

Q) Seiya and the other's Cloths were able to evolve to God Cloths because of Athena's blood, did the Silver or Gold Cloths evolve into God Cloths in the past? And, can the Scale and Surplice evolve in the same way by Poseidon's or Hades' blood?

A) Just in theory, it would not be a surprise for the Silver or Gold Cloths who recieved Athena's blood,  to evolve into God Cloths but, no matter how many times Cloths evolve, if the Saint who handles it does not raise their Cosmo with it, the Cloth's real power can't be used fully. The fact that Seiya and the others can use the God Cloths, we can't forget that they raise their Cosmo into a dimension beyond the Arayashiki! And also, it is the same for the Scale and Surplice. [Beyond the Eighth Sense? The Ninth????]

Q) When Andromeda Shun fought with Thanatos, he wore the Virgo Gold Cloth, would he then be able to use Ten Ma Koouku, Ten Bu Hoo Rin, or Six Worlds Reincarnation? Just having Nebula Storm doesn't seem enough to be the successor of Virgo Saint?

A) Just wearing the Cloth doesn't mean that the wearer will inherit its ability.  Each Skill is mastered after hard training, even if Shun wears the Virgo Gold Cloth on his body, he can't use Shaka's skills. And, the fact that the Bronze Saints can wear the Gold Cloths is not because their constellations has changed but, just that the Gold Cloths were loaned for the time being.

Q) When the Pope is eatinging in his Palace, is it lonely?

A) Because living in Pope's Palace, I have pawns are all around helping me, it is not lonely at all! When I eat, there are days when I, sometimes, call the Gold Saints before me, individually, and have a pleasant chat with them. The days there are very enjoyable! And well, I would quietly leave Sanctuary and go to Five Old Peaks, China, to drink Sake, but that is a secret only Dohko and I share.

Fan Cloth Design: Top Coma(Hair), Left: Deer! :), Right: Auriga(Chariotter)

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