Saint Seiya Recording List

The Fourth Recording ('88 Mar. 31st)

TV Series "Golden Ring Chapter"

Music Label is denoted by [M- ]

201 Saint Legend Arrange
202 Saint Legend Arrange
202 B Type Saint Legend Arrange
203 Saint Legend Arrange
204 Saint Legend Arrange
205 Prologue
206 Saint Legend Arrange Preview Use
207 Dream Traveler Arrange
208 Dream Traveler Arrange
209 Dream Traveler Arrange
210A Subtitle
210B Subtitle
210C Subtitle
211A Eye Catch Not Used
211B Eye Catch B Part
211C Eye Catch A Part
211 Acco Only Eye Catch A Part Use, Accordian Part Only
212 Hilda's Theme
213 Evil Hilda 1
214 Evil Hilda 2
214 B Type Evil Hilda 2 Take Out Electric Piano Version
215 Hilda's Fight
216 Nibelung Ring
217 Seven God Warriors
218 Suspense
218 B Type Suspense Take Out Piccoro Version
219 God Warrior's Loyality
220 God Warrior's Attack 1
221 God Warrior's Attack 2
222 God Warrior vs Saint 1
223 God Warrior vs Saint 2
224 God Warrior's Memory
225 God Warriors' Death
226 Fleur's Theme
227 Sorrow
228 Victory
229 Cosmo Exchange
230 Eerie Silence
231 Fierce Battle
232 Agony
233 Fear
234 Tension
235 Sorrow
236A Shock
236A Type Shock
236B Shock
236C Shock
237A Scene Change
237B Scene Change
237C Scene Change

The Fifth Recording ('88 July 1st)

Theater Movie "Legend of Crimson Youth"

Music Label is denoted by [M- ]

301 Opening
302 Gold Saints' Appearance
303 Abel's Theme Record Use
304 Seiya Confused
305 Main Theme Seiya's Sorrow
306 Abel's Theme
307 Abel's Theme~Saori's Crisis
308 Goddess's Death
309 Main Theme Determined to Battle
310 Seiya vs Atlas
311 Yomotsu Hirasaka
312  Ikki Appears!
313 Phoenix Illusion Punch
314 Main Theme Seiya and Saga *Tape Lost
315 Seiya and Saga~Hyoga and Abel
316 Hyoga's Sorrow
317 Saints' Defeat
318 Main Theme Wear Gold Cloth
319 Seiya vs Abel
320 Main Theme Athena Reincarnate
321 Abel's End
322 Destruction of Sun Temple
323 Harp Broken Effect Use T2
326 Uneasiness TV Use Music
328A Abel's Theme Harp Solo Not Used
328B Abel's Theme Harp Solo

The Sixth Recording ('88 Oct. 13th)

TV Series "Poseidon Chapter"

Music Label is denoted by [M- ]

401 Prologue BGM
402A Subtitle
402B Subtitle
402C Subtitle
403 Undersea Temple
404 Poseidon's Dignity
405 Poseidon's Impatience
406 Poseidon's Anger
407 Time of Destruction
408 Solent's Evil Natured Flute
409 Dead End Symphony
410 Dead End Climax
411 Tethys's Singing
411A Tethys's Singing Acapella
411B Tethys's Singing Acapella With Echo
411C Tethys's Singing Acapella With Echo, Thick
412 Tethy's Dead Trip Coral
413 Sea General Attack, Sharp Fierce Attack
414 Sea General Attack, Deep, Eerie
415 Sea General Attack, Brutal
416 Seiya Cornered
417 Bronze Cloth Invoke
418 Saori Inside Main Breadwinner
419 Coronation Ceremony
420A Bridge
420B Bridge
420C Bridge
421A Enermy Comes Out Touch
421B Enermy Comes Out Touch
421C Enermy Comes Out Touch
422A Scene Change
422B Scene Change
422C Scene Change
423A In Crisis End
423B In Crisis End
423C In Crisis End
424A Shock Chord
424B Shock Chord
424B B Type Shock Chord
424C Shock Chord
425A Shock Bridge
425B Shock Bridge
425C Shock Bridge
426A Eye Catch Not Used
426B Eye Catch B Part
426C Eye Catch Not Used
427 Athena Reincarnate

The Seventh Recording ('89 Feb. 20th)

Movie "Warriors of the Last Holy War"

Music Label is denoted by [M- ]

501 Prologue
502 Fallen Angel, Lucifer's Resurrection
503 Lucifer's Theme
504 Main Title~Cataclysm
505 Lucifer's Desire
506 Impatience
507 Saints' Defeat
508 From I.C.U. Bridge
509 Saori Heads Toward to Devil Abode Temple
510 Fallen Angels vs. Saints
511 Moa's Appearance
512 Shiryu's Fight
513 Moa's Illusion Attack
513B Moa's Illusion Attack, Long Version
514A Hyoga's Fight
514B Hyoga's Fight, Long Version
515 Shun's Crisis
516 Ikki Appears
517 Ikki's Fight
518A Last Holy War
518B Last Holy War, Long Version
519 Triumphant Lucifer
520 Saori's Determination
521 Seven Senses
522 Sun Arrow
523 Lucifier's Death
524 Devil Abode Temple
525 Ending

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