Single and Album Listing

[Disclaimer: Info supplied by The Gold Collection, Saint Seiya Discography, 1986-1997
                     Translated and Labelled by Aries Mu(Philip Ho) ]


     [Gold]          - Also in Gold Collection
     [MB]           - Also in Memorial CD Box
     [Gold, MB] - Also in Gold Collection AND Memorial CD Box


                            "Original Sound Track V ~ Legend of Crimson Youth"
                            2.Abel's Theme[Gold,MB]
                            3.Saori's Determination
                            4.Goddess(Athena)'s Death[Gold]
                            5.Challenge Gods[Gold]
                            6.Scorching Saints
                            8.Phoenix Illusion Punch
                            9.Gemini's Betrayal
                            10.Indomitable Fighting Spirit
                            11.Deucalion's Big Flood
                            13.Athena Reincarnate[Gold]
                            14.Sun Temple's Destruction[Gold]
                            15.You Are My Reason to Be(Movie Version)[MB]

                                    "Original Sound Track VI ~ Golden Ring Chapter"
                                    1.Polaris Hilda[Gold]
                                    2.Nibelung Ring
                                    3.New War Threats
                                    4.Legendary God Warriors
                                    5.Tears of Sad Heros
                                    6.Toward Valhalla Temple[Gold,MB]
                                    7.Cursed Goddess[MB]
                                    8.For the Beloved Earth[Gold]
                                    9.Soldier Dream(Instrumental)[Gold,MB]
                                    10.Seek Balmung Sword[Gold,MB]
                                    11.Dream Traveler(Blue Dream Instrumental)[Gold]

                                    "Original Sound Track VII ~ Poseidon Chapter"
                                    1.Undersea Temple[Gold]
                                    2.Mermaid's Calling[Gold]
                                    3.Holy War, Again...
                                    4.Shining! Bronze Cloth[Gold]
                                    5.Siren Sorrento
                                    6.Sea King Advent
                                    7.Dead End Symphony[MB]
                                    8.Seven Big Generals[MB]
                                    9.Time of Destruction
                                    10.Poseidon Legend
                                    11.Athena Reincarnate[Gold]

                    "Original Sound Track VIII ~ Warriors of the Last Holy War"
                    1.Prologue: Dawn
                    2.Child of Dawn, Lucifier[Gold,MB]
                    3.Demon Abode Temple
                    4.Sacred Sacrifice[Gold]
                    5.Fallen Angels vs. Saints
                    6.Bell of Angelus Prayer[Gold]
                    7.Golden Mantis[Gold]
                    8.Last Holy War[Gold]
                    9.Sun Arrow[Gold]
                    10.Epilogue: Hymn of Light[Gold,MB]
                    11.Un-recorded - Fantasy Maze
                    12.Warriors of Constellation
                    13.Decision of Destiny[Gold]
                    14.Saints of Hope, Forever(Soldier Dream ~ Blue Dream Instrumental)[Gold]

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