[The following is a translation of p. 108-109 of the Saint Seiya Encyclopedia. Only words inside the brackets are my comments.]

Poseidon[Sea King] and Marina[Sea Fighter]

Around Poseidon, the King of the Sea who desires the hegemony of the land, they are the people that can rival Athena's Saints.

    The King of the Sea, Poseidon once fought with Athena over the land of Attica again and again, finally in the Holy War a few thousand years ago, he was sealed.
    On the tip of Cape Sounion, because of the above ground temple was weathered with time, only remnants are left. As the prison built under that precipice is used to shut up captives, before long, the existence of the Sea King was forgotten by the memories of peoples and buried in legend...
    But, this situation was changed suddenly when Canon, Gemini Saga's little brother who was confined there, discovered a passage way from the Cape Sounion Prison toward the deep Under Sea Temple. It is there that the jar which seals Poseidon's spirit and the Scales[Scale Cloth] for the 7 Generals[Sea General] are kept.
    The Scales are protection worn on the bodies of the Marina which protect Poseidon, and the Scales of the 7 Generals are said to be equal to the Athena's Gold Cloths. In fact, Siren Solent's Scale stopped perfectly Taurus Aldebaran's Finish Blow, Great Horn.
    Athena's Cloth in the first place was actually created to oppose the Scale wearing Marina. On land, there was no weaponry to penetrate the Marina's Scale which are made by the mysterious metal Orichalcum, and there was no defensive gear to defend against the harden punches of the Marina. And so, with the Cloth being created to defend against the Scale, it pushed the development of those who would wear the Cloths, the Saint.
[I think the writer here meant the Saints' Cloth not Athena's Cloth itself. As revealed recently, Athena's Cloth might really be a Kamui so it would have been created before the Holy Wars but the Cloth itself could have appeared in the First Holy War, first.]
    The qualifications of the Marinas are not like the Saints where the qualifications are granted to the chosen Saint Candidates who received hard training, but it is said that those who already has the potential to become Marinas are chosen for the Scale and then they become Marinas.
    The profiles of those chosen to be Marinas includes all kinds of people from music students to Saint Candidates. From all around the world, those who feel the signs of the resurrection of the King of the Sea will gather toward the temple and receive Scales.
    If their potential as Marinas are great, they will all have one thing in common, a deep feeling of the Sea King's committed purpose,'To Cleanse the Land World.' They will have a heart of complete loyalty to the Sea King and that will be the source of their power.
    In Greek Myths, Poseidon is one of the 12 Olympus Gods, a powerful god who is the big brother to Zeus, and is known to have created all kinds of monsters.
    Because all those creatures were used as symbols for the Scales, there are rumors whispered that say those Scales Forms were pass down as creatures appearing in mythology.
    Because the King of the Sea and the Marina were resurrected over 200 years too early, they weren't able to fully use their real power, so right now, they ended up sealed.
    Though, it is said that when the Sea King awakens again, it will bring forth a new situation in myth...

Important War Potential who Support the King of the Sea

    For the Marina, even pawns get to receive the fish like Scales, it is said that these pawns can match equally with the Bronze Saints.

The Mysterious General, Where is Sea Dragon?

    Because Canon got the permission from Poseidon to use the Sea Dragon Scale, it is assumed that someone other than Canon was going to use this Scale as one of the 7 Generals.
    Somewhere on this planet, there should be someone who exists who was originally chosen for the Sea Dragon Scale. If that is the case, that someone is...?

What's Left of the Under Sea Temples

    By the lost of Main Breadwinner, what's left of Poseidon's Under Sea Temple are seaweeds, but it is said that in the vast oceans, there exists a second or third Under Sea Temple.

    In this battle, just the Under Sea Temple of the Mediterranean Sea was destroyed.

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