[The following is a translation of contents from p. 121-124 of the Saint Seiya Encyclopedia. Only words inside the brackets are my comments.]

Hades[Under King] and Specter[Under Fighter]

In the previous Holy War, the black fighters who troubled Athena's Saints, they are Specter!

    At the end of the previous Holy War 243 years ago, the King of the Underworld, Hades and his army was sealed, but because the battle between the Specters and the Saints was so severe, many Saints lost their lives in that war and it was said that, only 2 Gold Saints survived...
    We already covered the topic that even if it is Saints, their lives are not forever, but in regard to the army of Hades, we can't use that kind of thinking, and that is because Hades, who rules the Underworld, the country of the dead, can grant bodies to the inhabitants who live there.  His army doesn't really have the concept of death, there are many who would not refrain from taking their lives with the enemy, because of this, his army has reached a strength unseen by other kinds of armies.
    The Hades controlled Underworld is a world that the power of Athena and other gods does not extend to, and only allows one god, Hades, to exist there, that means, only Specters have permission to be active there.
 Because of that, other forces aren't able to attack into it, and from the time of the myths, it takes pride in having an impregnable defense in preventing invasions from other armies.
    Even with the repeating wars with Athena, she has been unable to uproot the war potential of the Underworld. (But, in this Holy War, Gold Saint Virgo Shaka discovered the Arayashiki and found a method to trespass into the Underworld.)
    In the previous Holy War, Athena's Saints used all their power to seal the army of Hades. But, this seal was not perfect, and it was evident that in due time, the seal will lose its power.
    Because of that, one of the surviving 2 Gold Saints, Libra Dohko receive the Secret Method of the Gods from the previous Athena, the Syncope Method and stayed and watched the Sealed Tower in Five Old Peaks.
[Misopetha-menos:the Fake Death Method of the Gods:Kamigami no Kashi no Hou]
    Gemini Saga's disorder, Poseidon's awakening, all these disturbances are all signs of Athena's Seals weakening, finally the day where the seal is lost comes.
    And so, the 108 Evil Stars that was sealed in the Tower scattered all around the world to awaken the souls of those who has been chosen to be Specters.
    Those who recovers back the souls of the Specters are given the protection called, Surplice. As the name implies, it is the defensive gear for the Specters, with the characteristic of glittering with black light.  By wearing these Surplices, the Specters can come and go between the Underworld and the Land World without awakening a high Cosmo.
[Under Cloth:Mei I, Meii in chinese actually means clothes of the dead]
    Also, because the Specters are chosen by the Evil Stars, the Surplices doesn't need the excellent training of the Saint or the natural potential of the Marina, that is because, the Surplice has a characteristic of working directly into the wearer and changing the constitution so it can be suited to wear the Surplice.
    To put it in another way, the Specters can wear the Surplice because the Surplice has a function of being a catalyst. This characteristic of changing the physical body of the wearer, some times is like Papillon Myu where the wearer can be changed into a nonhuman creature.
    The King of the Underworld's terrible tricks didn't just end with creating 108 soldiers that are equal to the Gold Saints instantly but also, creating a Binding Field[Kekkai] around Hades Castle to limit the powers of the Saints, laying out a battle array for certain victory.
    Inside that Binding Field, even the Gold Saints are no match for the Specters. The fact that the 3 Gold Saints got send to hell alive, without so much as a retort at Rhadmanthus was quite a reasonable result.
    Hypnos and Thanatos, the two gods who are higher in rank than the Specters, looks down at the Specters as just disposable chess pieces because they know the origin of the Specters are created by the Surplices.
    Therefore, to them, even if all the Specters are annihilated, their war potential can be infinitely supplemented again, just by giving Surplices to people chosen by the Evil Stars.
    Furthermore, they are a little biased into thinking that way, because they have an absolute confidence that when it comes to the worst, they can still take care of things by engaging into battle themselves.

The Two Gods who Serve Hades

    The army of the Underworld is actually formed by just 3 people, Hades and the twin gods. The war potential of these 3 are equal to that of a whole army.

The Specters who invaded into Sanctuary

By the order of Rhadmanthys, many Specters invaded into Sanctuary fighting the Saints. The right Specter is Chi Raku Sei Land Happy Star, the left Specter is Chi Katu Sei, Land Wide Star.

Chi Soku Sei Land Speedy Star head-gear has the characteristic of a grasshopper.

With horns on his head and the shoulder portions with the characterist of whips, the Chi Kei Sei Land Penalty Star.

(Right) The neck and head connected Chi Zou Sei Land Store Star. The one with the horns like a Viking, Chi Kyou Sei Land Crazed Star (Left) along with the other 4 Specters attacked Shaka and was defeated by his Ten Ma Koufuku.

With the back holding a spider Chi Yatu Sei Land Slave Star didn't get to use his full power and was defeated instantly. With the others, upon arriving in Virgo Temple, the 11 Specters were all defeated.


    Specters are warriors who reborn since the time of myths, fighting to protect Hades. They are not the dead who live in the Underworld. They live on land, resurrecting their Specters' souls that asleep in their bodies along with the revival of the Evil Stars, wearing armor called, Surplice that correspond with their own destined star.

The Specters who guards Cocytos, Chi Mei Sei Land Bright Star, Chi Shin Sei Land Advance Star, Chi Tai Sei Land Retreat Star, Chi Sui Sei Land Expel Star.

At Wailing Wall attacking Ikki, Chi Aku Sei Land Evil Star, Chi Suu Sei Land Count star, Chi Hei Sei Land Level(Ground Level) Star, Chi Kuu Sei Land Empty Star, Chi Ri Sei Land Understand Star(Geography) Star.

At Black Valley 6 Specters, Chi I Sei Land Dignity Star, Chi Mou Sei Land Fierce Star, Chi Rei Sei Land Spirit Star along with other Specters.

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