[The following is a translation of p. 144-145 of the Saint Seiya Encyclopedia. Only words inside the brackets are my comments.]

The Miraculous Cloth[Kiseki no Koromo] Worn by the Gods, Kamui[Gods' Cloth:Shin I] is?

It is said that in the time of the myths, the 12 Olympus Gods worn Clothes that had a noble splendor on their  bodies. The Clothes that only the gods can wear... They are called, Kamui.

    Usually in Greek Myths, the 12 Olympus Gods are headed by the Almighty God, Zeus, and then Hera, Apollon, Artemis, Poseidon, Athena, Demeter, Aphrodite, Hephaistos, Hermes, Hestia, and Hades.
    These 12 Gods all wore the armor called Kamui which is said to emit a divine brightness and has an ability that the Cloth, Scale or Surplice can't compare to.
    In the far era of the myths, because the Gods disappeared to the sky with Zeus, except for Athena and Poseidon, the form of the Kamui was only handed down in fragments of oral tradition.
[Hades of course went to his Underworld rather than Heaven. On page 140, it also says that,"The defensive ability of Hades' Surplice is said to be like an absolute barrier. Other than the Surplice, it is thought of that he has the defensive gear that only the Gods have, Kamui."]

    The Cloths[Sacred Cloth:Sei I] rejuvenated by Athena's blood is said to become God Cloths[God Sacred Cloth:Shin Sei I] which is close to the Kamui, so today, we can only imagine the form of the Kamui based on those God Cloths.
    According to Poseidon's words, soon the Olympus Gods will give a great punishment to the humans and descend to the land again. Will the appearance of the Kamui wearing 12 Olympus Gods trigger a new Holy War for the Saints...?

Because the appearance of the Gods wearing the Kamui is still unclear, it can only be pictured in the imagination...
[In the May/Ikki issue of Extra-Large Magazine it is said that the above picture is envisaged by the Graude Foundation.]

The Goddess' and the Sea King's Kamui are?

    Athena and Poseidon each possess the Cloth and Scale, but they are considered part of the 12 Olympus Gods, so it wouldn't be surprising if they originally had the Kamui. But why then, did they take off the Kamui and wore the Cloth and Scale? If these two gods do have the Kamui, will a day come where they will wear them again...?
    When Poseidon awakens again from his sealed Athena's Jar, will it be related to the descent of the 12 Olympus Gods...?

Important Events from the Era of the Gods

    From oral tradition of the gods, called, the Hypermyth[Super Myth:Chou Shinwa], after the birth of the universe by the Big Bang, the Gods' Will[Kamigami no Ishii] traveled around the universe and concentrated a lot on Earth. Life was born and said to have evolved to the images of gods,"humans"[Ningen].
    Before long, among humans, there appear ones who have the souls of the gods inside them, and as each spread their influence, it seemed, Zeus ruled the sky and land, Poseidon ruled the oceans, and Hades ruled the Underworld.
    Among these, Zeus who is said to be an Almighty God, the existence of his power which was awesome seemed to have an ability of opposing and restrainting effect on the world, effectively balancing, the Sky World[Heaven:Tenkai], the Land World[Chijyou Kai], the Sea World[Kaikai] and the Underworld[Meikai].
    But, as Zeus entrusted the land to Athena and the news of him and the other gods got cut off, it lead to disputes of the gods breaking out everywhere.
    The gods wanted most of all, was the Land World ruled by Athena. Especially Poseidon who was deeply obsessed with the land. He lead the Scale wearing Marina, and said to have fought with Athena repeatedly.
    In that Poseidon war, Saints were born and after going through many wars, a system of tactics were set and with the establishment of Sanctuary[Seiiki], the other gods seemed to shudder at the existence of the Saints who protect Athena.
    It has been few thousand years since the last of the Poseidon wars, but in that time, all kinds of wars had broke out over the hegemony of the Land World, again and again, but with the actions of Athena's Saints, the peace of the land has been kept continuously.

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