[The following is a translation of p. 76-77 of the Saint Seiya Encyclopedia. Only words inside the brackets are my comments.]

The Death of Saints, the Death of Cloths

Even for Saints who are beyond many things compared to common individuals, there is still one problem they can't avoid, and that is death. And that, too, is inevitable for the miraculous protection that the Saints wear, the Cloths.

    Even if their physical ability are far beyond common people, as long as Saints are flesh and blood, death will eventually visit upon them.
    But for the Cloth, even if its owner has past away, they may not necessarily die. For the Cloths who has lost its owner, they are kept in the Pandora Box[Cloth Box] and sealed until the next owner appears.
    At this time, little damages can be healed by itself over the ages. And, the healing process can push the Cloth to evolve by itself. There are times when the physical form of the Cloth can change as a result. In other words, the Cloth will grow depending on how many times it rests after repeating battles. But this, to the core, is dependent on the Saint's life span. There are cases where the Saint retired from active duty.
    When death is visited upon Saints, many of them died inevitably at the end of an intense battle. That Cloth can't really come out of the battle unharmed if the damage recieved leads to the death of a Saint.
    In those cases, where fatal damages are received and overtakes the Cloth's own healing ability, the Cloth loses its life force and before long, death is visited upon it.

The Place where many Cloths Sleep

    In Jamir's Cloth Cemetery, it has an extraordinary number of damaged Cloths which went there to be restored, thereupon, can we reason then that Jamir could have been the battleground for the previous Holy War?
    With the tower of the Specters watched by Dohko seeming to be near there around Asia, it could be further evidence of that supposition.
    To prepare for the coming Holy Wars, restoring the owner-less Cloths that were left in the battleground of the previous Holy War, is that the order Aries Gold Saint received from his Master, the Pope Sion?

Possible Images of Past Lost Cloths

As we can see in the inner regions of Jamir, "Cloth Cemetery", and in Sanctuary's Cemetery, many Cloths were lost in the past Holy Wars, again and again. The Graude Foundation has worked night and day investigating those lost Cloths and has a hand in trying to restore them.

    In the investigation of past years, it is known that there are people among Saints who exist to support the battle of the Saints. For example, this Sculptor's Tool Bronze Cloth[Scalptorium, Caelum] and the Sculptor's Studio Cloth[L'atelier du Sculptuer, Sculptor] are conjectured to be used  for restoration of Cloths.

[This Cloth has not been mentioned or featured yet in any works but Mu or Sion or other Mu descendents could have been using this secretly.]

    Based on the few left over legends, this Cup Silver Cloth[Crater, Crateris] is said to have the power to heal wounded Saints.

[Cup Cloth was featured in Hades Mythology Next Dimension. The Master of Tenma, Suikyou owns this Cloth. The physical form of Suikyou's Cloth is different than this drawing.]

    The Altar Silver Cloth[Ara] has accompanied the Pope in secret. This Cloth is thought of being for the Pope's Double, or decoy.[Kyoukou no Kage Musha] Here after, to fully understand this Cloth, it is left up to further investigation.

[Altar Cloth was first featured in the Gigantomachia Novels. Nicole owns this Cloth. In Hades Mythology Lost Canvas, Hakrei and Sage share this Cloth.]

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