Special Premium Talking Live Saint Seiya Postcript ~ New Myth ~

    This is the NOT FOR SALE Gold CD Single that was released in 1992. The last product of Saint Seiya back then was the 4 Movies LDs set along with this Gold CD and drawsing from Masami Kurumada. I bought this Gold Single only. I didn't really care for the other stuff.
    In this Gold CD it has the original Voice Actors of Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun, Ikki, and Athena. They talk about Saint Seiya. Very funny stuff!! It also has the recorded Answering Phone Messages of the 6 Characters.

Special Preium Talking Live:

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Part I:

    Athena: It has been 3 years since the last recording for Saint Seiya. Today are gathered the Saints and everyone. We'll talk
                 noisily and about the past memories. Seiya How is it? It has been 3 years but you can't forget it, you can't forget it,
    Everyone: LOL
    Seiya: Yes!
    Athena: Just yes? Seiya says something!
    Seiya: Looking at the 4 Movies LD, Movie 3, Legend of Crimson Youth, in the apartment.
    Ikki: Hmm hmm.
    Seiya: Everyone was abandoned by Saori san. Seiya crying there.
    Ikki: Hmm Hmm.
    Seiya: I really can't forget the scene, that time.
    Ikki: You didn't have a life.
    Everyone: LOL
    Ikki: It wasn't cool.
    Seiya: Hmm
    Ikki: Really.
    Seiya: The Saints' mission are to protect Saori. Suddenly her Big Brother God, Abel shows up and she says, "Don't need
    Saori: I didn't say it.
    Hyoga: Haha
    Ikki: I saw it and Hyoga, Shun and Seiya were angry but Shiryu was sitting cool.
    Saori: He was silent.
    Seiya: The guy is cold!
    Shiryu: I was in meditation!
    Everyone: LOL!!
    Ikki: Thinking about Roshi?
    Athena: Hey, doesn't Shiryu have a lover?
    Shiryu: Shunrei.
    Athena: Ah! Very cute, isn't she. Where's Shunrei?
    Shiryu: In 5 Old Peaks.
    Athena: You think.
    Shiryu: Always there.
    Athena: really...
    Seiya: She doesn't fight but you live together?
    Shiryu: What the hell?!
    Everyone: LOL!!
    Shiryu: It's not like that.
    Everyone: LOL!!
    Seiya: Aren't you married?
    Shiryu: Didn't marry!!
    Seiya: Stay like that?
    Shiryu: I've never touched her!
    Seiya: Poor girl.
    Shiryu: We're platonic!
    Athena: Platonic?
    Seiya: I will marry Miho later!
    Shiryu: Bad boy!
    Athena: Haha
    Shun: You can have kids.
    Shiryu: Bad boy!
    Ikki: You guys have it great, my girl is dead!
    Everyone: Esmerada!
    Ikki: When Ikki is dead, will see her.
    Athena, Hyoga: Haha
    Ikki: She is the most beautiful and she will live in my heart!
    Everyone: LOL!!
    Hyoga: No one ask you to say that!!
    Ikki: Sorry!
    Seiya: Your brother is shameful, Shun!
    Shun: He always does that!
    Seiya: Really?
    Athena: He always save you.
    Shun: If that doesn't happen, Brother Ikki won't appear!
    Everyone: LOL!!
    Athena: To let bro come out, you purposely weaken yourself.
    Shun: Yes, make myself weak and he comes faster! So...
    Everyone: Hmm
    Seiya: Shun is always in a pinch and he can deal with it but, beacause there's Big Bro Ikki to back up.
    Shun: Yes Yes.
    Ikki: Well, that is why people watch Ikki.
    Hyoga, Shun: Haha
    Shun: Not really!
    Seiya: In those times I actually saw it in a Mystery Theater.
    Everyone: ...
    Seiya: Anyway, it's a fighting movie! When everyone is watching and they see Pegasus Shooting Stars Punch is launched
              they'll be surprised!
    Shun: When you do it, it's a surplise!
    Seiya: When Ikki shows up, people do applaud.
    Ikki: Yer, the way Ikki shows up, it's all dominating, but a little shameful.
    Seiya: Ikki have lot of fans in that generation, right?
    Ikki: Well, only for [older] generation shows.
    Everyone: Haha
    Hyoga: Momo Darou Team!!
    Ikki: ...For Taimon san, haha, no... No one knows this stuff!
    Hyoga: Haha
    Seiya: In the movie, Ikki says roses don't go with him.
    Athena: What is that?
    Ikki: For Seiya, it's Sakura-Storm. Sakura-Storm is cooler. Ikki appearing admist a Sakura-Storm silently is very cool,
    Seiya: Then time we make a movie for that!
   Athena: Next time!

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Part II:

    Athena: But, why does the movies always open with Hyoga?
    Shun: All with Hyoga?
    The others: Only Movie 1, and 2.
    Athena: When I go look at the toys, I always never see Hyoga. No Hyoga toys found.
    Hyoga: He can sell! It's because of the blonde hair!
    Athena: Only Hyoga has blonde hair?
    Ikki: No, green, blue...
    Shun: Shiryu sells the best, Shun can't sell...
    Seiya: Really, isn't it Seiya?
    Shun: Seiya might be recalled!
    Seiya: Oh no!! LOL!!
    Ikki: Saori, Seiya and Shun always gives trouble, even the dolls give trouble!!
    Everyone: LOL!!
    Athena: Yer it's always like this. Thanks for always saving me!
    Seiya: Saori is always like that. She gets taken fast and we fight our hardest to get her back!
    Athena: Not just Athena, me too.(refering to herself as the voice actor)
    Ikki: Isn't it only the 1st Movie, she gives us trouble?
    Athena: I'm sorry.
    Seiya: Ah Ah ah...
    Ikki: She was transfered somewhere and we have to fight in the 2nd movie.
    Athena: It'll make everyone fight harder.
    Ikki: The 2nd one started the taken away story...
    Seiya: No, the 1st one was taken by Eris.
    The others: Yes!
    Shiryu: If she doesn't get taken, nothing happens.
    Everyone: Hahaha
    Seiya: The world would have peace.
    Shun: Story starts only if Saori gets taken.
    Hyoga: Saori has to be like that for the story.
    Athena: Yes, thanks you very much for always saving me.
    Ikki: Otherwise, it'll be hard on us. She'll hit us!
    Hyoga: She did that as a child!
    Everyone: Yes!! Yes!!
    Shun: She was spoiled!
    Seiya: When she was young...
    Athena: "Faster, faster!" (Refering to riding the orphans as horses)
    Seiya: I hated her in the beginning.
    Ikki: All characters have these great lines.
    Seiya: Pegasus Shooting Star Punch!
    Ikki: No, not the Skills.The lines that represent each character.
    Hyoga: 'Mama!'
    Ikki: Do it again! Shh...
    Hyoga: "MAMA..."
    Everyone: Hahaha
    Hyoga: It's been too long!!
    Seiya: Mother complex!!
    Shun: Girly!!
    Ikki: What about Shun?
    Shun: Shun is "Brother!!", "Brother you really did come!'
    Hyoga: Do it!
    Shun: "Brother... you really did come!"
    Everyone: Hahaha
    Seiya: Disgusting... Brother complex!
    Ikki: In the events, the fans of Shun are all young cute girls.
    Seiya: Shy type?
    Ikki: The girls gives out a feeling they need to protect Shun.
    Everyone: LOL!!
    Seiya: Ikki always checks out the girls at the event!
    Athena: Why it has to be like that?
    Shun: Ikki has a line.
    Ikki: Ikki?
    Shun: "You still cry like that!"
    Ikki: "You still cry like that..."
    Everyone: Hahaha!!
    Athena: So bad!
    Seiya: You have to do it with feeling!
    Ikki: But I'm not a shamed of it.
    Seiya: Really?
    Ikki: When the kids are watching the movie, I'm ashamed!
    Everyone: Hahaha
    Athena: Seiya have any?
    Seiya: Seiya? "Burn my Cosmo!!" He's the most fighting.
    Ikki: Passonite type...
    Shiryu: Direct.
    Seiya: Direct.
    Athena: Didn't you have a fav add-lip?
    Seiya: The add-lip Oh! The 2nd movie, for Asgard: "Abayo!" [Oh bye!]
    Athena: Hahaha!
    Ikki: Passing by to go.
    Shun: You like it the most.
    Seiya: I like that line the most. These movies we fight hard and work hard. I want the line to be that playful kid.
    Ikki: There was no lines in the scene. You were walking away. The scene was silent and he said that Abayo in the end. Not
            been a good boy.
    Athena: You walked away with that! Hahaha!
    Seiya: Please let it go!
    Athena: Sorry!

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Part III:

    Shun: Is Kido Mansion yours?
    Athena: No, it's not mine.
    Seiya: Grandpa Kido?
    Athena: It belongs to the foundation.
    Seiya: Really, Graude Foundation.
    Athena: Yes, not mine.
    Shun: [The mansion] is like amusement park.
    Seiya: Well, it's her home.
    Ikki: She's has bubble baths!
    Everyone: LOL!
    Shiryu: Blowing bubbles everywhere!
    Seiya: Yes, Saori is terrible!
    Athena: Saori is terrible! I gather everybody and make a movie!
    Everyone: LOL!!
    Ikki: Creating a new Saint Seiya anime with everybody!
    Athena: What happens for the next work?
    Ikki: Ikki will be 28. Everybody else is 27 years old. Saori is too old!
    Athena: Too old?
    Seiya: Why too old?
    Shun: No way.
    Seiya: Isn't she about he same [age] as Ikki.
    Ikki: Because she's a female, she'll age fast.
    Everyone: Haha
    Seiya: No...
    Shun: Maybe we will be in our 50s.
    Hyoga: Er?
    Shun: Eveyone in their 50s.
    Hyoga: Who would see it(the movie)?
    Everyone: LOL!!
    Seiya: Everyone is married and have kids, train them and tell them, 'Go toward that star!!'
    Everyone: Hahaha
    Seiya: The Cloths we have give to kids.
    Athena: If you're 50, you can't wear them.
    Ikki: Yes! You can't fight when you can't move.
    Athena: Because it's too heavy.
    Seiya: 30 kilos?
    Shun: No, it's light.
    Ikki: Mine is light! Have wings!
    Eveyone: LOL!!
    Seiya: Because of that!
    Shun: When you grade up, it becomes heavy?
    Ikki: the Golds!
    Shun: Silver, Gold... Bronze, Silver, Gold. Gets heavy by the level.
    Seiya: We only have few parts protection, the Gold guys diferent.
    Shun: They have a real armor.
    Seiya: want to wear Gold but it's heavy.
    Ikki: [When your 50], people need to help you move.
    Everyone: LOL!!
    Ikki: Who is heaviest?
    Seiya: Who's Cloth? Uhmm...
    Ikki: You remember your Cloths?
    Shun: Hmm...
    Seiya: But wait, when my first broke, Shiyu went to Mu's Place to fix it and gave his blood. It became lighter. The 1st ones
              had helmets. Mine changed from a horse.
    Everyone: LOL!!
    Athena: Come from horse hairs! Horse... hairs...!
    Ikki: Coming out of the body and mouth!!
    Seiya: Yes! Shiryu's dragon!
    Shiryu: [Roar like dragon]
    Seiya: It's light.
    Shiryu: They're all light.
    Seiya: You can move fast.
    Hyoga: All change colors.
    Seiya:  Yes! To fit with the character. I get to wear the Gold Cloth. It's heavy. They cover that parts the Bronze don't have.
               Well! If you burn your Cosmo, you can move faster.
    Shun: If you don't burn your Cosmo, you can't wear the Gold.
    Seiya: Can't wear it.
    Ikki: Everyone had their Cloths fixed?
    Seiya: Yes fixed.
    Ikki: Ikki no!
    Everyone: Not Ikki!?
    Ikki: Self Restoration Ability!
    Seiya: Not fair!
    Ikki: He's Phoenix!
    Seiya: The enemy that had the most impression was...

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Part IV:

    Seiya: The 4 LDs are in here.
    Shiryu: In here?
    Ikki: In here...
    Shun: The 4 Movies.
    Seiya: The 1st one is Eris, yes?
    Everyone: Ah...
    Seiya: Saori gets taken and the apple on the chest! Seiya's arrow shots it.
    Shun: Abel!
    Seiya: Fujita Teshigo san voices fits with [Eris]
    Athena, Seiya: Haha!
    Seiya: the 2nd Movie, Derbal.
    Ikki: Kayumi san fits him.
    Seiya: Derbal, the 2nd Movie.
    Ikki: The way he talks.
    Seiya: He fits him the best!
    Ikki: Very sublime!
    Seiya: Lukewarm!
    Ikki: Just hearing his voice, I dislike him!
    Athena: Haha!
    Ikki: like, "This guy!!"
    Seiya: Gets you pisted off! I remember that. The 3rd Movie is Hirokawa san. Hirokawa Taichirou san plays Abel. Saori's
    Big brother.
    Athena: Yes.
    Ikki: So harsh!
    Seiya: I really hated that.
    Athena: He took me away.
    Seiya: The bloodbond of siblings are strong!
    Athena: I abandoned everyone.
    Ikki: She gave us up! Shocked!! Why are we fighting so hard for this girl???
    Seiya: Yer! Why? You know why I cry!!
    Shun, Hyoga: LOL!!
    Seiya: The last Movie is Tsukayama san's voice who played Satan Lucifer. I really like him!
    Ikki: Haha!
    Hyoga: He's Enemy!
    Seiya: He's like Ares in 12 Palaces.
    Ikki: Ah!
    Seiya: Ares have mask! Like a steel helmet!
    Shun: Ares was played by the voice Sogabe san.
    Seiya: Yes yes yes!
    Ikki: He played 2 roles, Sogabe.
    Seiya: Saga, Kanon Twin Saints.
    Athena: It's been too long that we've talk but finally, now a message for the fans, first Shiryu san.
    Shiryu: Yes! Thinking about Saint Seiya again is great! Please watch the LDs. I wish one day I would appear as Shiryu
                once again!
    Athena: Next Ikki san.
    Ikki: Saint Seiya has ended in 3 years. Haha... 3 years... I have many memories. I want to play in many more works. Please
            continue to support me.
    Athena: Ikki's little brother, Shun san.
    Shun: Yes! Playing Shun, I have alot of memories of this role. Please don't forget him and continue to support him.
    Athena: Next is Hyoga san.
    Hyoga: Hyoga is waiting for you in the ice of Siberia. Please give your warmth Cosmo that melts the ice!!
    Athena: Oh oh oh...
    Ikki: Hyoga is always so passionate, even in the events!
    Seiya: YES!!
    Shun: When he's working, he change totally!! When he's home, he talks the most!!
    Everyone: LOL!!
    Hyoga: I'm Hashimoto who love my Mama!!
    Everyone: Hahaha!!
    Seiya: Cheh!
    Athena: Following Hyoga san is a little difficult but Athena have been saved by everyone, from now on her great love will
                 wrap everyone!! Finally, Seiya san.
    Seiya: Burn Up! My Cosmo!! Seiya will always be burning! His voice will appear in the battlefield or in memories!  I hope
              our voices will gather once again!
    Athena: Thank you eveyone.
    Everyone: Well done everyone!!

Answering Phone Messages: 

Shiryu's Message: "I am the absent Shiryu. Now that I'm absent, be absent!!"[Rusu: absent, Rusu Den You Messe-ji: Absent Phone Use Message]

Listen to Shiryu's Message!! Click Here

Shun's Message: "I'm sorry. I'm not at home. If you have anything to reach me about, when I'm come home, I'll answer. Please leave a message..."

Listen to Shun's Message!! Click Here

Athena's Message:  "I am the Absent Kido Saori. In these 10 years, I command you to go fight. If you have business, leave a message."

Listen to Athena's Message!! Click Here

Hyoga's Message:  "Right now, I'm absent. I'll take your message. Please leave a message that will melt the ice in Siberia.
                               DIAMOND DUST!!"

Listen to Hyoga's Message!! Click Here

Ikki's Message:  "My whole family has moved to Canon Island. I'll return in about 10 years. Those who don't leave a
                           message, I'll Phoenix Wing Glide you!!"

Listen to Ikki's Message!! Click Here

Seiya's Message:  "UOHHHHH PEGASUS SHOOTING STARS PUNCH!! Oh, you're surprised! I'm Pegasus Seiya.
                             Thanks for calling but sorry I'm absent. If you can, please leave me a message."

Listen to Seiya's Message!! Click Here

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