Japanese Original


    Saint Seiya Hits CD
     - full version of the OP Pegasus Fantasy and ED Blue Forever of Sanctuary Chapter
     - Ep 13. Can't Say Goodbye
     - Ep. 20 Final Soldier
     - Ep. 16 Beautiful Child

    Saint Seiya Hits II Under Whatever Star CD
     - Ep. 108 Diamond Dust
     - Ep. 30 and CDV Lullaby
     - Ep. 46 Nebula Chain
     - Dragon Blood, Music Portion was used in  Dream Battle Shiryu vs. Hyoga

   Saint Seiya Hits III Boys Be ~ Do It For You ~ CD
   - full version of OP Soldier Dream and ED Blue Dream of Asgard and Poseidon Chapter

Sound Track

    Saint Seiya Sound Track VII ~ Poseidon Chapter ~ CD
     - music for Poseidon Anime

    Saint Seiya Sound Track VIII~Warriors of the Last Holy War~
     - music for Movie 4
     - music for Asgard, Movie 3

Image Album

     An Image Album is basicly a conceptual album. Most of the times it done for the manga or before the anime is produced.

    Saint Seiya Underworld King Hades Chapter CD
     - was an Image Album but became a Sound Track! Yer!!

    Saint Seiya 1997 Boy's Tale CD
     - English version of Lullaby and Soldier Dream
     - Drama after Hades Ch.


    Saint Seiya Galaxian Wars - Dream Battle CD, Record
     - contains undone battles of Seiya vs Shun, Shiryu vs. Hyoga
     - Leo Palace Drama
     - I bought the Record for collecting

    Saint Seiya 1997 Boy's Tale CD
     - Drama after Hades, Seiya is alive, a new war is coming. Of course the obvious hint is at a war with Zeus but after
     reading Gigantomachia, it could be Typhon...

     Tape Shueisha

        Missing the first tape dealing with Black Chapter.

      Saint Seiya Gold 12 Temple Front Chapter
        - contains manga drama of the first 6 Palacess

      Saint Seiya Gold 12 Temple Back Chapter
       - contains manga drama of the last 6 Palaces and Pope's Palace


    Saint Seiya The Gold Collection Best Songs & Symphonic Suites CD
     - contains songs, music, drama chosen by Masami
     - postcards


    Move Version Saint Seiya ~ Legend of Crimson Youth ~ Theme Song Record
     - contains the movie version of You Are My Reason To Be
     - B side: Can't See Hurricane

    OVA Saint Seiya Underworld King, Hades, 12 Temples Chapter CD
     - Full version OP Globe and ED The Same Sky with You
     - Karaoke version of OP and ED
     - Video Size ED

    Special Premium Talking Live Saint Seiya Postscript ~ New Myth ~ CD
     - This is a "NOT FOR SALE" Mini-Album(A Gold Single) released by Columbia with printed signatures of the 6 Main


Sound Tracks SM Records CDs

    The SM Booklets are not complete, they do cut stuff. The MB booklet is missing at least 1/3 of the booklet with the cast talking about Saint Seiya and the pictures are in Color.  The real MB, if you bought it in Japan comes with picture cards. Japanese producers like to keep their stuff to themselves. When the real MBs was shipped to HK, they TOOK OUT the postcards!!!!! Instead, inserted a soft fabic for the extra space :( The Poseidon CD Booklet and Movie 4 CD Booklet are in all color, very nice. The Sound Tracks before them and the Hits CD, the pictures are in Black and White. [Hits I has no pictures inside though] What's funny is that in the real records, it comes with a big piece of paper having the same content as the CD booklets but the records have those pictures IN COLOR, like Dream Battle Record HAVE color, CD NO color!! What's more is that, because of the big paper for the record, it has more room to put more pictures!  Hades Album has a picture of Saga and the 5 Bronze Saints with printed signatures from the voice actors.

    Saint Seiya Sound Track
     - music for Sanctuary Anime

    Saint Seiya Sound Track II
     - music for Sanctuary Anime, Movie 1

    Saint Seiya Sound Track III
     - music for Sanctuary Anime
     - TV Size of OP and ED of Sanctuary Anime

    Saint Seiya Sound Track IV ~ The Gods' Heated War ~
     - music for Movie 2 and Sanctuary Anime, Movie 1

    Saint Seiya Sound Track V ~ Legend of Crimson Youth
     - music for Movie 3, some of the music was used in Poseidon Anime

    Saint Seiya Sound Track VI ~ Golden Ring Chapter ~Legend of Crimson Youth
     - music for Asgard Anime also used in Poseidon Anime, one track was used in Movie 4

    Saint Seiya 1996 Song Collection
     - New Songs from Make-Up and 96 Versions of OP and ED of Sanctuary Anime

    Memorial Box
    - contains music, songs and drama recordings of the TV series
    - Not released music at the time for Bridge Collection
    - Sound effects
    - Half-karaoke of the 4 OP, ED

Miya/Alion CDs

    Eternal Edition
     - 10 CDs has stuff from the past and new stuff never before released. Very nice!! File 1-6 printed by Alion, 7-10 printed
     by Miya.

    Heaven Chapter introduction ~Overture~ Original Sountrack
     - some music I like, some I don't. Printed by Miya.

    Hades Special Album
     - Songs from Hades Chapter OVA and new songs written. Nice! I want to say Printed by Miya but it looks like a
     Fake-Fake!! LOL!!! Looks like some guy copied the Miya and printed himself but it has the full booklet. Whatever...  :)


    These are illegal stuff, there were different companies that produced them. Most of them just dub straight from the Album. Some mix up the order or add or subtract stuff. Some combine this Album with that Album, so that's why the combination of Hit/Sound Track. At least the better ones has a piece of paper that translates the track explanations though not completely. I myself long long time ago has dub Piano Fantasia and MB on tape when I was renting stuff... I gave a few tapes to a friend because the other tapes already cover those music, songs. He was the only guy left I was able to talk Seiya with, at the time of Hades Chapter, when Seiya popularity was pretty much over...

        Hits I/Sound Track I

        Hits II/Sound Track II

        Galaxian Wars - Dream Battle

        SoundTrack III, IV, V, VI

        Hits III/Sound Track VIII

        Hades Image Album

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