Some of the foregin made toys and some fake toys I don't own anymore because I sold them to my uncle so I can buy new Seiya stuff. : )

Japanese Originals

Saint Cloth Series Bandai

    Siren Sorrento
    - Love!

    Mermaid Tethys

    Eagle Marin

    New Bronze Andromeda Shun
    - Love the color!

Model Kits Bandai

    I only built the Sagttarius DX one. The others unlike the Sag one, needs to paint a little and glue. My uncle owns one of the Full Action Seiya!! Like Full Action Aiolos, not Aiolos DX.  Beautiful!


    Sagttarius Saint DX
     - Yes, the biggest one at the time. My uncle and I built it in a day. He has the new reproduced one.

    Aries Mu
     - I love!

    Aquarius Camus
     - I love!

    Twin Cloth Andomeda Gold Version
     -  Twin Cloth has the normal version with 2 pieces of Cloth you can wear, Black and Bronze. This Gold Version has Gold
     Bronze and Bronze. Yes I love it!

    Pope Ares/Gemini Saint
    - the smallest one. Not the full action one. This one was made in Hong Kong but it's offical Bandai stuff, the funny thing then
    was, it was only allowed to be sold in Japan.

    Twin Cloth Andomeda
     -  Twin Cloth has 2 pieces of Cloth you can wear, Black and Bronze. 


    Libra Dohko
     - very nice!

    Virgo Shaka
     - nice!

SD Keyholders Banpresto

    These came out in 2 parts in '99, '00. They are very nice. I spend about HK $600 for the whole collection.  The fakes costs from HK15 to HK$45. They are missing 2 and are ugly!

     Bronze Seiya 5
     Good+Bad Saga
     Sagittarius+Odin Seiya

Cloth Up Figures Banpresto

    This came out in '00. Cloth can put on stand or wearer. Great!

   New Bronze Seiya+Shiryu+Hyoga

Action Saint Banpresto

    This came out in '01. I didn't bother to buy the one with Odin Seiya, not as good quality as the first one, probably why it came out second.

    New Bronze Seiya+Shun+Ikki
    Gold New Seiya+Shun+Ikki

High Grade Imagination Figure(HGIF) Bandai

     - 5 Bronze Each,
     - Very good!

    '03 1st Set
    - Aries-Cancer
    - New Pegasus
    - New Dragon.
    - Very good!

    '03 2nd Set
    - Leo-Scorpion
    - New Andromeda
    - New Phoenix.
    - Very good!

    '03 3rd Set
    - Sagittarius-Pisces
    - New Cygnus
    - Sag Seiya Shooting
    - Very good!

    - I brought Saori only. Only Saori and Gold New Shiryu look good :(

    Movies Characters
    - I brought Touma only. The others not good, :(

Cloth Up Saint Bandai

     - Hades Bronze Seiya+Shun
     - Kanon
     - Orphe
     -  Rhadmanthys

    - Hades Bronze Shiryu+Hyoga
    - Shaka
    - Dohko
    - Aeacus

    - Hades Bronze Ikki
    - Mu
    - Aiolia
    - Milo
    - Minos

    - Aiolos
    - Hades Bronze Blind Shiryu
    - Shura
    - Death Mask
    - Surplice Sion

    - Hades Bronze Seiya with Athena Statue
    - Aldebaran
    - Camus
    - Aphrodite
    - Saga

Cloth Boxes Bandai

    Sagittarius Box

    Pegasus Box
     - the cover of the box has the storage form of the New Peagsus Cloth.

    Cygnus Box
     - the cover of the box has the storage form of the New Cygnus Cloth. What's different here it is anime style drawing but
     it follows the manga form! It looks really like a swan!!

    Capricorn Box
    - the cover of the box has the Capricorn Zodiac form and symbol

    - the cover of the box has the Aries Zodiac form and symbol.

Saint Paradise Mini Toys Bandai

    Bronze Shun
     - the color is light green

    Andromeda Cloth
     - the color is light pink

     - the color is light green

    Aries Cloth
     - the color is light green

Capsule Toy Bandai

    These are real so, they cost some money... Small DOES NOT EQUAL Cheap!

   Bronze Seiya
    - 3-inch tall pink/orange toy still in its original packaging

Close Up Saint Bandai

    These toys should be the ones going with the boxes like the above Sagittarius Box

    Death Mask
    - Bronze color

     - Gold Color, I lost the Bronze Color one

Candy Toy Bandai

    Aries Cloth
    - Normal+Gold Ver! Yer!!

    Dragon Cloth
     - Gold Ver.

Moving Soldier Bandai

    Hades Bronze Five Each
    - MUST BUY THIS! Cool poses! Even Ikki is excellent!

    Hades Bronze Heaven Chapter Overture Special Gold Ver.
    - with poster and Movie Ticket for the Heaven Chapter Overture Movie
    - with a advertisement flyer!

    Gold Saint
    - Love this!!
    - Sagittarius Seiya
    - Shaka
    - Dohko
    - Surplice Sion
    - Surplice Saga

Mini Figure Selection Bandai

    Gold Bronze Seiya
    - came with Poseidon Remix Comic book


    Aries Sion

Saint Cloth Myth Bandai

    My uncle loves Cloth Myth. He is doing everything he can to have a complete Gold Cloth and Marina Scale collection along with the Popes and stuff... He loves Cloth Myth more than me.... :)

    Aquarius Camus
     - with New Gift Plate
     - with Hyoga head

    Aries Mu
     - with Old Gift Plate
     - with tools

    Appendix Mu
    - with beads

     - I LOVE HIM!!
     - with Gift Plate

    Aries Sion Surplice
    - with Gift Plate

    Shiryu Plain Clothes
    - with Cloth Box+Object

    Seiya Plain Clothes
    - with Cloth Box+Object

    Saori Kido No Cloth
    - Cane
     - accessories
     - Jug
     - Jar
     - Chair
     - with Gift Plate

    Pegasus Tenma
     - with Gift Plate
     - Flower Ring

    Gemini Saga
     - with Dark figure
     - Ares gear
     - Chair
     - Golden Dagger
     - with Gift Plate

    Pegasus Seiya Hades Bronze Original Color Edition!!
    - With Appendix Parts
     - Broken Parts
     - New Cloth+Sag Head Gear

    Zeta Syd
    - with Gift Plate
    - Odin Sapphire

    Siren Sorrento
     - with Gift Plate

    Hades Bronze Hyoga
    - with Gift Plate

     - with Gift Plate
     - Seiya scream head

   Crown Sagittarius Seiya/Aiolos
    - Articulation is amazing!! Cloth details great! Put under sunlight, Cloth shines orange!!

   Crown Poseidon
    - Just sitting there, Posei looks fucking awesome!!

   Ex Shiryu
    - Both broken and normal cloth are awesome!! XD

   Ex Seiya OCE
    - OMFG YER!!
    - Both broken and normal cloth are awesome!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! XD
    Cloth Object
    - Aries, Libra, Aqua, for Seiya Docks at HK event, the object same as the 12 Appendix Object Set released before but it comes with a nice stand!!

  Saint Argama Bandai

    I only brought Mu. :)

Medicos[Chouzou(Super Statue)]

    Cloth Collection 1
    - Hades Bronze Pegasus+Dragon
    - Aries
    - Leo
    - Virgo
    - Aquarius
    - Limited Edition: Surplice Aries+Aquarius

    Cloth Collection 2
    - Hades Bronze Andromeda+Phoenix
    - Taurus, both horns and with broken horn
    - Cancer
    - Saggittarius
    - Capricorn
    - Limited Edition: Surplice Cancer+Capricorn

    Cloth Collection 3
    - Hades Bronze Cygnus
    - Gemini
    - Scorpion
    - Libra
    - Pisces
    - Athena Cloth
    - Limited Gemini and Pisces Surplices were sold out but even if there weren't, I wouldn't buy them, too expensive! :(

   Aries Mu
    - with extra arm to hold helmet

Outside of Japan

Saint Cloth Series Bandai

    The taiwan made ones are much better in quality than the Chinese ones. For example, one touch on the China ones, the paint can come off with the God Warriors, no kidding : | The taiwan ones cost more. The dots on Mu was white. I ask my uncle to paint them red, much better!

Taiwan Made

    Bronze Andromeda Shun[French]

    Bronze Cloth Phoenix Ikki[French]

    Aries Mu[Spanish]
     -Yes I love you!

    Taurus Aldebaran[French]

    Gemini Saga[Spanish]

    Libra Dohko[Spanish]
     - Object form is fucking amazing!!

    Aquarius Camus[French]
    - Object form LOVE!!

China Made

    Alpha Siegfried[Spanish]

    Epsilon Fenrir[Spanish]

    Zeta Syd[Spanish]

    Scylla Io[French]

    Sea Dragon Kanon[French]
    - Cool that can transform!

    - Love it!

Bandai Asia

    Perseus Argol
     - great!

Kids Logic

    Aries Mu!! 

 Bandai China

    Aries Helmet
    - Awesome! This series released also Mu figure, Taurus helmet, Alde figure. I just want the Aries helmet. :D


    I used to have New Bronze Shiryu, New Bronze Hyoga but my uncle likes to collect fake stuff. He now has all 5 of the New Bronze Boys, Kristna, Golden Bronze Seiya, Golden Bronze Ikki, Sagttarius Aiolos. He has the bigger size toy Pisces; it is really heavy. A weird Aldebaran really big and can walk!!!! My uncle loves to look at Lymnades when he is at his friend's store. He also has weird stuff like different color God Warriors, Gold Seigfried, Gold Fenrir, Pink Syd.

Cheap Fakes/Taiwan/Chinese/English

    The taiwan fakes or with English writing costs about HK$60-100, the really fake ones cost HK$10. Becareful when someone tries to sell a fake as real! Taiwan almost release all the toys as fakes, even Odin Robe! Becareful!!!

English:[Saint Fighter, Saint Warrior]

    Steel Cloth was never released as Black Version but if you have Anime Special 1, you will see a prototype!! Black Steel Cloth was going to be a campaign present...

    Marine Cloth Ushio

Taiwan fakes with Japanese writing

    Chrysaor Kristna
     - this one looks just like the real one! I love it that I didn't pay $1400+!!

    Gold Bronze Shun
     - looks damn good!

Cheap Fakes

    Cancer Death Mask

    Capricorn Shura

    Aquarius Camus

    Pisces Aphrodite

    Beta Hagen
     - I didn't buy the real one because my fake one has blue rather than red. I like blue! : )

Fake Model

    Aries Cloth Alternate
     - the fake was done very badly my uncle spend many years building it now it looks amazing!!!!!! :D

Fake Action Saint

    Bronze Seiya+Shiryu+Hyoga
     - they are the same size as the Action Saint that came out in '01. They look okay but I ask my uncle to enhance the lines.

Fake Box

    5 SD Boxes
    - I own all the boxes of the fake SD Toys. I gave the SD toys to my uncle, he help me complete my SD Box collection.
    These are taiwan/Hong Kong made?

Fake Athena Kit

    - Excellently made!! I love this!!
    - Cane
    - Shield
    - Poseidon Seal Jar
    - Baby Athena in cradle

Fake Cloth Myth

    Cygnus God Cloth Hyoga
     - I didn't buy Peg Seiya. If Shiryu was there I would have brought it. : )

    Pegsus Seiya Bronze Ex Gold Ver.
     - I'm waiting to buy the whole. :D

    Camus Surplice EX
    - Great quality! LOVE IT!

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