Anime Character Relationship Chart

 |    Zeus
 |    Apollon
 |    Artemis
 |         |
 |    Ten Toushi>>>Enjeru
 |    [Sky Fighter >>> Angel]
 | Banished
Demon World

    Sei Ma Tenshi
   [Sacred Devil/Demon Angels]

Angels-The fighters of Heaven that serve the 12 Olympus Gods. Wearing the Teni(Guro-ri-)[Sky Cloth(Glory)], they act following the orders of the Gods. Not human, they're tenshi[angel], their Cosmo overwhelms the Saints.



        |               |-Hypnos
    Underworld Big Three
    Mei Toushi>>>Supekuta-
   [Under Fighter>>>Specter]

Underworld Big Three -The Specters that are positioned to be the zenith. Each of them like to display how strong they are, this action results in each of them containing each other. Their armies are formed by the Specters under them.

Specters-Fighters that follow Hades, wearing Meii(Sa-purisu)[Under Cloth>>> Surplice].  Humans that recieve the 108 Evil Stars that are resurrected with Hades, they become Specters.



                                                                                |-------------------------------Chief of Staff
                                                                Saints of Constellation

                                                                       Gold Saints
            Eris                                                              |
              |                                          Resurrected?        |
Borei Sei Toushi>>>Go-suto Seinto<------------Silver Saints
[Ghost Saints>>>Ghost Saints]                                |
           Abel                                                              |                  Death Queen Island
               |                                                                 |
         Corona Saints<--------------------------------Bronze Saints<---->Ankoku Sei Toushi>>>Ankoku
                                        Go Under Abel                                     ?     Seinto [Dark/Darkness Sacred
                                                                                                      Fighter>>>Dark Saints]

Gold Saints-The most powerful Saints that wear the Cloths of the 12 Zodiac Constellations. Because they embody the ultimate Cosmo, Seven Senses, the power of all 12 Saints gathered together can rival the Big Bang.

Silver Saints-The battle experts that execute the orders of the Pontiff. They are the next ranks Saints after Gold Saints so they have trained many Saint candiates.

Bronze Saints-boys(youths) who wear the Bronze Cloths of which there are 48 in total. They are the lowest rank
Saints but their battle ability is way beyond normal people with their punches going beyond the speed of sound.

Dark Saints-Because they are Saints that fight for their own desires, Athena has given up on them. Their Cloths have same forms with the many regular Cloths. The births of their Cloths are veiled in mystery. Their base is at Death Queen Island.

Graude Foundation
                                            same person
Leader---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Athena
Koutetsu Sei Toushi>>>Suchi-ru Seinto
[Steel Sacred Fighter>>>Steel Saint]- Saints that wear the Steel Cloths that are created by the power of
                                                                        Science, developed by Dr. Asamori who recieved the order from
                                                                        Mitsumasa Kido. With no Cosmo, they fight by skills created by

    |----------Chief of Staff
                    Staff Officer
    Saints not in Constellation-------------------------->Yuurei Sei Toushi>>>Go-suto Seinto
                                                     exiled                [Phantom Sacred Fighter>>>Ghost Saint]

Saints not in Constellation-Saints that can raise the Cosmo rivaling the regular Saints, although they have no Destiny of Constellation, they are given special Cloths that are not of Constellation. Their powers are not less than the regular Saints.

Ghost Saint-Because of their unjust actions, they were exiled by the Pontiff to Demon World Island. They are the Female Saint, Geist and 3 Hane Garasu[3 Feather Crows] wearing the special Cloths with the motiffs of sea creatures.

Sea World                                                                 Asgard (TV Version)

                                                                    use                                                    |
    |                                                                                               |
Kai Toushi Shougun>>> Mari-na Generaru                             Shin Toushi>>>Goddo Uoria-
[Sea Fighter General>>> Marina General]                               [God Fighter>>>God Warrior]
Kai Toushi>>>Mari-na
[Sea Fighter>>> Marina]

Marina Generals-The most powerful 7 Marinas that protect Kyoudai Bashira(Manmosu Pira-)[Giant Pillar(Mammoth Pillar)] that support the Undersea Temple. With high Cosmo, they can rival the Gold Saints.

Marinas-The fighters of the Sea that follow Poseidon. They wear the armor made from Orichalcum called, Rini(Sukeiru)[Scale Cloth(Scale)]. It is pass down that the Saints' Cloths were created by examining these Scales.

God Warriors-Legendary fighters that have been chosen by Norse God, Odin. They wear the Shin Toui(Goddo Ro-bu)[God Fight Cloth(God Robe)] that have the Guardian Stars of the North Dipper 7 Stars. Because of Fleur, they received the challenge of the Saints.

Asegard (Movie Version)

Founder(of a Religion)
Shin Toushi>>>Goddo Uoria-
[God Fighter>>>God Warrior]

God Warriors-Warriors of the Country of the Norse God, Asegard. Following Founder Durbal's plot to rule over Sanctuary, they fought hard with the Saints. By the brainwashing of Durbal, Hyoga became one of them.


Olympus 12 Gods - Zeus, Apollon, Artemis, Hades Athena, Poseidon
Other Gods - Thanatos, Hypnos, Eris, Abel, Odin, Lucifer

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