Single and Album Listing

[Disclaimer: Info supplied by The Gold Collection, Saint Seiya Discography, 1986-1997
                     Translated and Labelled by Aries Mu(Philip Ho) ]


     [Gold]          - Also in Gold Collection
     [MB]           - Also in Memorial CD Box
     [Gold, MB] - Also in Gold Collection AND Memorial CD Box


                                                    "Original Sound Track I"
                                                    1.Pegasus Shooting Star Punch
                                                    2.Sanctuary, Precept of Death
                                                    3.Galayian Wars[Gold,MB]
                                                    4.Burn Cosmo[Gold]
                                                    5.Promise in Protection Star
                                                    6.Goddess's Saint
                                                    7.Reverge Demon Phoenix[Gold,MB]
                                                    8.Black Saint's Challenge
                                                    9.Sad Brothers[MB]
                                                    10.Toward Era of Legend(Myth)

                                                    "Original Sound Track II"
                                                    1.Evil God Eris[Gold,MB]
                                                    2.Inside Dream
                                                    3.Warrior of Sagttarius
                                                    4.Gather! Under Athena[Gold]
                                                    5.Glide! Pegasus[Gold,MB]
                                                    6.Pope Ares[MB]
                                                    7.Three Arias[Gold]
                                                    8.Another Field
                                                    9.Guidance of Guardian Constellation
                                                    10.Athena's Theme[Gold]
                                                    11.Impatience~Shadow Draws Near[MB]
                                                    12.Night Before Battle
                                                    13.Magnificent Gold Saints[Gold,MB]
                                                    14.Seven Senses[Gold]
                                                    15.Ikki's Theme
                                                    16.New War Threats[Gold]
                                                    17.Group of Assassins
                                                    18.Clash! Sanctuary[MB]
                                                    20.Cosmo of Friendship

                                                    "Original Sound Track III"
                                                    1.Pegasus Fantasy(TV Size)[Gold]
                                                    2.Clash Cosmo
                                                    3.Blue Forever(Instrumental)
                                                    4.Athena's Love[MB]
                                                    5.Resting of Warrior
                                                    6.Phoenix Wing Glide - Immortal Bird's Flap[MB]
                                                    7.Shivering Sanctuary
                                                    8.Cygnus ~ Warrior of Ice[Gold,MB]
                                                    9.To Direction of Heated Fights [MB]
                                                    10.Saint of Hope
                                                    11.Far Reaching Five Old Peaks[Gold,MB]
                                                    12.Remeber ~ Saddness[Gold]
                                                    13.Ares' Shadow
                                                    14.Enter! Stockade of Evil
                                                    15.Pegasus Fantasy(Instrumental)
                                                    16.Launch Shooting Stars Punch[Gold]
                                                    17.Blue Forever(TV Size)[Gold]

                                    "Original Sound Track IV ~ Gods' Heated Battle"
                                    1.Prologue: Norse Mythology
                                    2.Asgard's Older Brother and Younger Sister[Gold]
                                    3.Odin, Evil Divine Being
                                    4.Disconnected Friendship
                                    5.Mjolnir's Hammer[Gold]
                                    6.Save Goddess(Athena)![Gold]
                                    7.God Warriors vs. Saints[Gold]
                                    8.Gold Cloth, Descend!
                                    9.Frey ~ Hero of Love and Justice[Gold]
                                    10.Gods' Dusk - Ragnarok[Gold,MB]
                                    11.Epilogue: Under the Wood of the World Tree[Gold,MB]
                                    12.(Un-Recorded)Illsions of 12 Temples[MB]
                                    13.(Un-Recorded)Andromeda Shun, That Fight[MB]
                                    14.(Un-Recorded)Escape from Devil Castle
                                    15.(Un-Recorded)And the Era of Holy Wars.....[Gold]

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