Tooru Furuya Event in HK C3 2011

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 English Translation by Aries Mu(Philip Ho)
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Listen to part 1

Tooru: Amuro Gundam Engage!!

MC/Translator: Furuya San Hello, thank you and regards.

T: Thank you and regards.

M: First, please a word for everyone here.

T: Yes,
[Cantonese]: Hello, I am Tooru Furuya!
:Thank you, voice actor, I'm Tooru Furuya! I'm very please to see you.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: I want to tell you something first.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: As everyone probably knows, there are many victims because of the great earthquake in Japan.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: And, right now, a lot of the transportation has stopped.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: Because of that Morida who was scheduled to appear on this stage couldn't come.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: He wants to apologize from his heart.

M: Cantonese Translation

Crowd: It's okay

T: [Cantonese] Thank you, thank you!
: To make this event a success, I'll work twice as hard, for Morida's part as well.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: Please enjoy this event. This is what Morida wants too.

M: Cantonese Translation

Crowd: OK!

M: Please take a seat. I want to discuss with Furuya san's work but first I want to ask him his
impression of Hong Kong.
: Furuya San, how many times have you visited HK?

T: Hmm, this time is 3rd time.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: 2006 Ani-con,  and 2008 Gundam Expo, it's been 3 years since last time.

M: Cantonese Translation
: What's your impression of HK?

T: I love this city, HK.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: There are many things I love.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: Shopping,

M: Cantonese Translation

T: Dim Sum.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: Massage,

M: Cantonese Translation

T: I love Chinese food.

M: Cantonese Translation
: Like what?

T: Dumplings,

M: Cantonese Translation
: Anyone like dumplings?

Crowd: Yer!

T: Guro Meat
M: Cantonese Translation
: Anyone like Guro meat?

Crowd: Yer!

T: Moon Cake
M: Cantonese Translation
: Moon Festival's, anyone like Moon Cake?

Crowd: Yer!

T: And, HK cute girls!
M: If you think you're cute, raise your hand!

[Many girls raised their hands, even some boys!!]

M: Now's the time to see Furuya san's basic info. Check out the screen behind me. It has list of
his works. Star of Giants=Hyuuma Hoshi; Sailormoon=Tuxedo Maskman; Amuro[Gundam]; We'll discuss
each accordingly. As you can see.
: Here's your simple profile.

T: Yes.

M: Tell us about your first main role, Hyuuma Hoshi of Star of Giants.

T: There's a baseball team in Japan. One of the most popluar is Giants.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: The story is about a father and son aiming to be a star pitcher.

M: Cantonese Translation(There's an error in the translation)
: Furuya san, how old were you when you first became a Voice Actor?

T: I was 5 when I became a child actor.

M: Cantonese Translation

[Right then, a Super fan bought out a book that shows a picture of Tooru when he was 5!!]

M: Wah! one member of the audience is showing the picture of Furuya when he was a child actor.
: a Big fan!

T: Thank you!
: I was 13 when I started as a Anime Voice Actor.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: I was 15 when I worked on Star of Giants.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: It was a big hit and Japan and it launched my career.

M: Cantonese Translation
: Now, let's have Furuya san perform it for us, yes?
: Please let us hear that voice!

T: Yes.

M: Open your hears and listen!

T: Father! I'm extremely moved!!

M: Everyone is moved too!
: Let's talk about another one.
: Pretty Girls Warriors Sailormoon, Tuxedo Maskman. What memories do you have for that role?

T: He saves the 5 Pretty Girl Warriors. He wears a tuxedo and mask, very smart and cool.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: In the studio, I was also surrounded by pretty girl voice actresses, I really enjoyed it!

M: Cantonese Translation
: Wearing a cape and eye mask looks cool?

T: Cool!

M: Cantonese Translation
: Please let us hear the voice of Tuxedo Maskman!

T: I won't allow those who would pollute the pure heart of these lovely ladies, Tuxedo Maskman is here!

Listen to Part 2!!

M: Next is Saint Seiya's!

T: Saint Seiya!

M: Cantonese Translation
: How did you perform in Saint Seiya?

T: The main hero, Pegasus Seiya.

M: Cantonese Translation
: What are your feelings towards Seiya?

T: Yes. Seiya is a hero of heros that I love. A story of friendship and courage, I love it.

M: Cantonese Translation
: Here too, let us hear the voice of Seiya, please.

[Tooru gets off his chair and readys for the right pose!!]

M: Action pose!?

: Burn and rise, my Cosmo!
: PEGASUS METEOR PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M: I'm really moved.
: Yes, loved it.

T: Thank you!
: Next.

M: Next is Dragon Ball's

Crowd: One more time!!

M: One more time the Seiya just now.
: Seiya?
: One more time Saint Seiya.
: Seiya one more time?

T: Ok.
: Burn and rise, my Cosmo!
: PEGASUS COMET PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M: This time it's Pegasus Comet Punch!!
: Thank you.
: Now Dragon Ball's Yamucha.

T: Yamcha!

M: About this role?

T: Yamucha in the beginning was very strong and cool but.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: Afterward with lots of stronger fighters showing up,

M: Cantonese Translation

T: He became a comedy character.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: But he is a very human and tender character that I love.

M: Then let us hear this comedy character's

[Tooru here pretended to fall off the chair]

M: voice too? Please.

T: Damn Vegeta! You hit on Burma while I was not there, I'll punish you!
: WOLF TEETH WIND PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:[Funny face and hands] HAI HAI HAI HAI!!

M: Amazing! Thank you!

T: Thank you!

M: We've discussed alot of roles but the role we didn't discuss is
: Mobile Suit's Amuro Ray, right?!

T: Gundam!

M: Gundam, Amuro Ray.

T: Amuro Ray.

M: That role is a very important role?

T: Yes. It's work since 30 years ago.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: Thanks to the fans, now it is big hit not just in Japan but in foreign countries too.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: Amuro Ray is my life's work.

M: Cantonese Translation
: This work is very long so let me ask him.
: Please us how you performed the psychic power progression since the 1st Gundam till Char's Counter Attack.

T: Yes. 1st Gundam Amuro was 15 years old boy who love mechanics like any boy.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: So, it was a relaxed and natural performance.

M: Cantonese Translation
: And next, about Zeta?

T: Zeta Gundam, Amuro is a New Type and have psychic powers, considered to be a dangerous presence, contained by the military.

M: Cantonese Translation[The translator added that Amuro is 23 years old.]

T: But then he rode a Mobile Suit and fought together with his old companions. However, he did not go into space.

M: Cantonese Translation[There's a error in the translation. Amuro didn't ride a Gundam in Zeta Gundam Series.]

T: He was a little weak and fearful in his heart.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: I had to play it fully aware of that point.

M: Cantonese Translation
: And Char's Counter Attack?

T: Char's Counter Attack, he is 29 years old. He has troops under him, a military man. Again, he joined Earth Federation and settled things with Char with his New Type power in full.

M: Cantonese Translation[The translator didn't translate everything.]

T: I played him as an adult, manly and cool.

M: Cantonese Translation
: Since you're here, can you please play Amuro from 1st to Zeta to Char's Counter Attack?
: Cantonese Translation
: Please.

T: Now, 1st Gundam

M: Cantonese Translation

T: 15 Years ago.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: You hit me! Twice! EVEN MY FATHER DIDN'T HIT ME!!

M: Excellent!
: Next Zeta's.

T: Zeta. 23 years old

M: Cantonese Translation

T: Camille, people repeat their mistakes.

M: Lastly, 29 years old.

T: 29 years old.

M: Excellent! Thank you!

T: It's his growth.

M: From boy to man?

T: Yes.

M: Cantonese Translation
: Aside from playing Amuro in Gundam, he also did narration for Gundam 00.

[Right now the crowd is pointing out the MC's mistake because Tooru also played Ribbons in Gundam 00.]

M: I can't hear you.


M: Please wait. We'll talk about Ribbons LATER!!

Listen to Part 3!!

M: Later, later, let's talk about the narration first.

: Cantonese Translation

T: First, around the time in 2006 Summer on the way coming to Hong Kong, I met with 00's diretor, Mizushima in the LA Event.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: At that time, he wanted me to appear in 00.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: But for Gundam I only would appear as Amuro.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: If it's for narration, it's ok.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: He said please do it, so I did.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: But when he showed me the characters that will appear, they were all good looking and cool!

M: Cantonese Translation

T: So I chose Ribbons Almark

[Right here, behind on the screen, the character is shown.]

T: as my role to play.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: But because I only play Amuro, I used another name Noboru Sougetsu as credit.

M: Cantonese Translation
: Anybody want to hear the voice of Ribbons?

Crowd: Yes.

T: Can you bring back the image of Ribbions?[On the screen behind him]

M: The Ribbons just now please.
: Ribbons is very popular right?

T: Very popular!

M: You love Ribbons?

Crowd: Yer!!

T: He's a villan!

M: Cantonese Translation
: No problem.
: Ribbons is up.

T: Yes, I do it.
: The ones who guide the human race are not the Innovators but me, Ribbons Almark!

M: Thank you!
: Give him another round of applause!!
: Furuya san worked hard today in these 20 min, he played so many voices. You're very lucky to hear all of them. But the reason Furuya san came here today was not just to meet you but to show the character he plays in the Bleach movie, Hell Chapter, Shuren. If you don't know much about Bleach, it's ok. While Furuya's here, let me ask him all about this movie.
: Furuya san, about this Bleach movie, tell us a simple plot.

T: I will narrate it by the voice of 00 the plot summary shown on the official website.

M: Cantonese Translation
: Please.

T: Hell. A place where for those who have commited great crimes while they were living, a place where even Death Gods are forbidden. The Criminals imprisoned there are starting to revolt!

M: Cantonese Translation

T: They are after the Karakura Town where Ichigo and the others live. Facing the overwhelming powers of the the criminals, Ichigo and the others surpress them, one after another.

M: Cantonese Translation[There's an error in the translation]

T: The one who saves them is the mysterious man "Kokutou". To protect the present world, Ichigo with Rukia, Uryuu, Renji, and Kokutou embarks into the forbidden realm, Hell! Now, the unending battle between the Criminals and Ichigo and the others, begins!

M: Cantonese Translation
: Thank you.
: Great, how does it feel to play Shuren?

T: Shuren is the leader of the Criminals in Hell.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: He has great power, controls fire freely, a formiable villan that can manipulate Ichigo.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: First playing Shuren demands power, fearsomeness and sexiness like me.

M: Cantonese Translation
: Is he sexy?

Crowd: Yes!

M: Yes!
: How was the atmosphere in the studio?

T: I know there are many fans around the world from the events.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: So, if I had the chance, I wanted to be in it.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: When I was in the studio, honestly, I was nervous.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: Thanks to Morida kun giving me strength, I can play it relaxed and the way I wanted to. I'm very thankful for him.

M: Cantonese Translation
: Now that you heard all about Shuren, I believe you want to see what Shuren is like. We have provided a clip from the premier of the movie, Bleach Hell Chapter, the best part.
: We about to show the best scene.

T: Yes, I bought this video for you to see.

M: Cantonese Translation
: Please watch this!

Listen to  Part 4!!

After the video clip at 2:14

M: Wah!! Amazing!
: Since Furuya's here, why don't we have him performed it here, yes?

Crowd: Yes!!

M: Japanese Translation
: Please
: Open your ears, it's rare chance to hear it!

T: You came here well, Kurosaki Ichigo!

M: Cantonese Translation

T: My name is Shuren, you know?

M: Cantonese Translation
: One more.

T: If want to save your little sister's life, you have to follow my orders,
: [Funny face] Bad guy!

M: Amazing! Thank you! Sexy!

T: Yes.

M: Give him an another round of applause!
: You've listen to video version and live version, you guys are right to come here. We have to thank Furuya san.
: Thank you for today! Amuro one more time, okay?

T: Amuro, Gundam, engage!!

M: Thank you!
: Furuya san won't just give you his voice but presents too!
: Today, you provide presents, right?

T: Yes, yes!
: I bought presents especially for this event. Clear file, it is sold over there. Especially for everybody I signed them. Only 100 of them. Please go there and buy them.

M: Cantonese Translation
: Do you seeing the autograph?

[At this point, the Super Fans starting runing for the viewing area to the booth to buy them!!]

M: There will be people that tell you where it is. Everyone sees it. It's the one where people are lining up!
: Lastly, give us some final words, please.

T: Thank you so much for so many of you coming out supporting me.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: Hong Kong and Japan are very close, shopping and food is great!

M: Cantonese Translation

T: Hong Kong girls are very cute, love this city!!

M: Cantonese Translation

T: I will come again and please see me again.

M: Cantonese Translation
: At that time, let's see each other again, yes?

Crowd: Yes!!

T: Finally, there's something I must ask you.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: As I mentioned before, Japan had a big earthquake. Everyone there is trying hard to overcome the saddness.

M: Cantonese Translation

T: Please everyone support Japan!

Crowd: OK!

M: Cantonese Translation
: Everyone let's say, we support you, yes?
: 1, 2, 3.

Crowd: Hang in there, Support you!!

T: Thank you, I'm so happy!!

M: So moved.
: Lastly. Thank you so much!

T:[in Cantonese], Thank you, Thank you! I love you!!
: Bye bye!!

M: Furuya Tooru!!
: Go line up now!! This event is done.

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