Saint Seiya Recording List

The First Recording ('86 Sept. 16-17)

Music Label is denoted by [ M- ]

<Opening Theme>
1 Good Battle from Appearance Bridge
2 Have Tempo Batte from Charge Chord
3 Death Battle
4 Friendship (Toward Refreshing Tomorrow...)
5 Deep Sorrow *Scat
6 Solitude (Flugelhorn Solo)
7A  Preview Use A Type
7B  Preview Use B Type

<Ending Theme>
8 Joy of Victory (With Front Bridge)
9 Casual Days
10 Beautiful

<Subtitle, Eye Catch>
11 In a Pinch (Appearance)
12 Tension
13 Tenderness
14 Eye Catch A Type
15 Eye Catch B Type

16 Rising Uneasiness
17 What Happened? (Quiet Tension)
18 Burn Fighting Spirit *Scat (Bright Happily)
18 No Scat  Burn Fighting Spirit Karaoke
19 Where ever Will the Fights Lead...
20 Great Pinch (Rising Full Danger)
21 End of Fight *Scat (With Relief... Quietly Coolly)
21 No Scat End of Fight Karaoke

<Mental State Expression>
22 Joy of Reunion (Emotional)
23 Deep Sorrow, Solitude *Scat
24 Anger
25 Agony, Disappointment
26 Hate, Conspiracy (Sinister Feeling)
27 Terror
28 Burn Fighting Spirit, Determined
29 Friendship, Refreshing
30 Look for Enermy Appearnce A. Coolly
31 Look for Enermy Appearnce B. With Tension
32 Shout, Concentrate
33 Human Love (Beautiful) *Scat
33 No Scat Human Love (Beautiful) Karaoke

<Scene Expression>
34 Greece(Mother Earth, Bright Sun)
35 Peaceful Atmosphere (Star Child Orphanage)
36 Calm before the Storm (Ominous Signs)
37 Universal A. Wear Cloth (Mechanic Still)
38 Universal B. Wear Cloth (Mechanic Move)
39 Universal C. Greek Myth Expanse
40 Dark Shadow (Mother Complex) *Scat
40 No Scat Dark Shadow (Mother Complex) Karaoke
41 Veiled Beauty (Fleeting Youth)
41B Veiled Beauty (Fleeting Youth) pf Solo

42 Galaxian Wars, Contest Begins
43 Advantage Battle A. Good, Splendidly
44 Advantage Battle B. Up Tempo
45 Incident Occurs (Front Touch~Time Suspense)
46 Hell-like Battle (Mercilessly, Miserably
47 Crawl, Tense Bloodthirstyness
48 Wonderful Power (Univseral)
49 Contact with Kids (Happy Moment)
50 Action Begins (Bright, Light Run)
51 Kids' Mischief A. Slow Comical, Pleasing
52 Kids' Mischief B. Struggle

<Character Theme>
53 Mitsumasa Kido's Theme A. Mystery of Mitsumasa(Greek Myth, Like Zeus)
54 Mitsumasa Kido's Theme B. Backbone
55 Saori Kido's Theme (Noble, Beautiful, Like Athena)
56 Dragon Shiryu's Theme (Front Bri-18")
57 Cygnus Hyoga's Theme *Scat (Front Bri-15")
57 No Scat Cygnus Hyoga's Theme Karaoke
58  Andromeda Shun's Theme (Front Bri-15.5")

<Evil Theme>
59 Constant Watching Saints Music that is like Underground flowing
60 Most Wicked Plot (Destruction of the World)
61 Death Queen Island Image Appearance Bri~Slow Tempo Action
61 Only Appearance Bridge
62 Pursuit Evil (Have Tempo)
63 Evil Action A. Nasty
64 Evil Action B. Combat

<Chord Bridge>
65 Appearance Chord A (Good Form)
66 Appearance Chord B (Evil Appearance)
67 Shocking Chord A (Surprise)
68 Shocking Chord B (Harsh Terror)
69 Hint (Until Take 3)
70 Uneasiness Chord A
71 Uneasiness Chord B
72 Uneasiness Chord C
73 Scene Bridge (Scene Change)
74 Scene Bridge (Somewhat Lonesome)
75 Scene Bridge (Like Dawn, Bright)
76 Chinese Style Bridge
76B Chinese Style Bridge (Kokyu Only)
77 Explosion of Cosmo
78 Tenderness, Beauty
79 Joy of Reunion
80 Sorrow
81 Anger
82 Tension, Uneasiness
82B Tension, Uneasiness (Tempo Up)
83 Comical Bridge A (Slow Comical)
84 Comical Bridge B (Tempo)
85 Comical Bridge C (Foolish)

The Second Recording ('87 May 25-26)

<Movie Use "Saint Seiya" (Music Label is denoted by [ MIM- ] MI is for Movie 1>
2 Kids Playing
3 Good
4 Hyoga and Ellie, Hyoga's Tenderness
5 Hyoga and Ellie
6 Eris's Theme
7 Again Eris's Theme, Obsidous
8A Chorus (Male)
8B Chorus (Male)
8C Chorus (Male)
9 Eris Strong Threatening
10 Eris's Theme, Triumphant
11 Bri. Tension
12 Terrible, Eris's Plot
13 Eris's Triumph
14 (Sagitta's Power) Ghost 5 Theme
15 (Terror of Sagitta)  More Powerful Ghost 5
16 Powerful!! Ghost 5+Eris
17 Hyoga's Crisis, Shocking
18 Eris's Plot
19 Sorrowful (Female Scat)
20 Bri. Rozan Rising Dragon Surpreme~!!
21A Orpheus's Harp, Beautiful Melody
21B Orpheus's Harp, Beautiful Melody
22 Stringer Requiem, Intense!!
25 Stringer Requiem (Most Intense)
26B Stringer Requiem (Sound Effect Style)
27 Phoenix Wing Glide's Power, Powerful
28 Eris's Theme, Obsidous
29 Orion Appears, Ghost 5
30 Ghost 5 Victory
31 Ikki Angry
32 Surpise Ghost 5
33 Little Saddness, Love-Athena's Theme (Female Scat)
34 Athena's Theme, Friendship
35 Sacred Gold Cloth
36 Chorus Biggest Suspense, Spectrum (Male)
37 Stiring of Former Saints
38 Crisis
39 Athena's Theme (Female Scat)
40 A~F Harp Single Note
Harp Only Harp Strum

<TV Series Use (Music Label is denoted by [ NM- ]  N is for New>

1 Seiya's Theme, Tension filled Battle
2 Seiya's Theme, Powerful Determination
3 Desperate Situation (Ending)
4 Just Battle
5 Just Death Battle
6 Just Counter Attack
7 Eerie Evil Appearance
8 Evil Angry Explosion
9 Evil Attack (Hi Tempo)
10 Evil Attack, Cruel
11 Fantastic Battle
12 Stillness
13 Mechanic War
14 Cosmo of Friendship
15 Cosmo Hint
16 Tenderness *Scat
17 Saddness *Scat
18 Shock
19 Doubt, Hate
20 Ares's Plot
21 Athena's Theme, Noble, Tender *Scat
22 Athena's Theme Flashback BGM Style
23 Mysterious Beauty *Scat
24 Ikki's Theme, Sorrow
25 Destiny
26 Evil Power
27 Hard Battle
28 Ultimate Cosmo
29 Little Uneasiness
30 Little Uneasiness B
31 Little Uneasiness a
32  Little Uneasiness b
33 Shocking, Beaten A
34 Shocking, Beaten B
35 Eerie Scene Change A
36 Eerie Scene Change B
37 Good Appearance A
38 Good Appearance B
39 Good Appearance a
40 Good Appearance b
41 Love and Peace
42 Love and Peace

The Third Recording ('88 Feb. 24th)

Theater Movie "Saint Seiya The Gods' Heat War"

Music Label is denoted by [M- ]

1 No Chorus Opening~Main Title Chorus Not Entered
1 With Chorus Opening~Main Title
3 Frey and Freya's Theme
4 Frey and Freya's Theme, Frey's Imprisonment
5 Saori and Dolbar's Confrontation
6 Hyoga vs Shiryu 1
7 Hyoga vs Shiryu 2
8 Ikki vs Rungu
9 No Chorus Main Title Chorus Not Entered
9 With Chorus Main Title Running Saints
10 Seiya vs Loki
11 No Chorus Main Title Chorus Not Entered
11 With Chorus Main Title Seiya vs. Dolbar
12 Seiya, Hyoga vs Dolbar
13 Ikki vs Dolbar
14 Acapella Gold Cloth Descends
15 Frey and Freya's Theme
16 Dolbar's End
17 No Chorus Opening~Main Title Chorus Not Entered
17 With Chorus Opening~Main Title
18A Bridge Music
18B Bridge Music
18C Bridge Music
18D Bridge Music

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