What is Saint Seiya?

(From Ancient Greek Lore of the Saints)

The battles of Athena, Goddess of War, were
Fought to protect the land.

In that battlefield,
Around Athena, always protecting,
Having true courage and strength,
The image of boys are there.

Because Athena hates weapons,
The boys polishes their skills and body,
To continue to fight using their bodies as weapons.

There are some who are faster than the wind,
Running through the land like a flash of light.
The way they jump off the ground, and fly high in the sky, are
Beautiful as the Pegasus hanging in space,
And said to be as heroic.

There are others who are silent as the forrest,
Just by thought,
They can move mountains, freeze the seas,
And open doors to alternate worlds.

There are some who change their punches into flame,
Still others punch with ice.
Tearing the sky, and breaking the earth,
Having great power, their punches are
Like forged sacred swords.

They each
Wear on their bodies the shining constellations of the sky.
This world's rampant wickedness and,
The Evil Ones, they will confront.

The boys are
Praised to have true courage and honor.
People have always called them in this way,
Fighters of Justice and Hope,
the Sacred Ones,
Athena's Saints.

[Translation of p. 17-21 of Cosmo Special.]

What is Saint Seiya?

    Saint Seiya: A Japanese Anime. A anime that uses Greek mythology as a basis.  A Saint is a warrior who are sworn to protect Athena and rid the earth of evil. Each Saint has a constellation that guides them or protect them. A Saint wears a cloth. A cloth is an armor representing the constellation of the Saint. The power of the Saints is the Cosmo. The Cosmo is like a power from the universe. Everyone has a Cosmo, you and me. The more powerful the Saint the more he or she has tapped into that Cosmo.

    There are 28 Volumes for the original manga, 15 for Collector's and Pocket Editions, 22 for Complete Edition. There are 2 Manga Novels which feature the Gigantomachia story..
    The Original TV series had 3 seasons, 114 episodes. There are 5 movies. Saint Seiya is most famous for its excellent drawing qualities and music soundtracks.The OVA has 13 Episode for Sanctuary 12 for Inferno and 6 for Elysion.
    Right now, Episode G and Hades Mythology manga is being published. Ep. G focuses on the story of the Gold Saints. And Hades Myth Next Dimension and Lost Canvas focus on the Previvous Hades War story. A New OVA for Lost Canvas is currently in production, 13 Episodes for 6 DVD in Blue-ray and Normal DVDs .

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