To prepare for the coming Holy Wars, Graude Foundation decided it was a must to examine the mythologies of the world and
the relics. The result of that examination is that the myths, the legends and the like that have been past down from all over the
world, are diversions of the thing that is called the Hypermyth. That Hypermyth is...

The Great Holy War History

Since ancient times, many Holy Wars has happened. Part of them is finally explained!!

For talking about the "Hypermyth", which talks about the Holy Wars, we must go back to the era of ancient times of the myths. At the moment of the birth of the universe, it is from that time that the "Hypermyth" began.


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The Mystery Surrounding the Days before the Big Bang

    The start of Hypermyth is the Big Bang. Before that, what kind of world existed? And does it have any relation to the
Hypermyth? Right now, no one knows what was the world before the Big Bang.

The creation of the universe, the "Big Bang" is filled with mysteries.

The Great God of Time -  Chronos

    According to the Hypermyth, Chronos was the figure that was involved in some way in the trigger of the birth of the
universe, the Big Bang. In Greek Myths, the God who is the father of Zeus is Chronos...

The Birth of the Universe

    By the Big Bang, the Big Will was let loose around the universe. The glittering stars of the sky, the space in the universe in
                                              [Gods' Will]
which we live was formed.

The Big Will Wandering the Universe

    By the Big Bang, the Big Will was set loose toward space. As arrows of light, they wandered through out the universe.
Soon after, they became stars. But, where was this Big Will born from...!?

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