The Birth of Life

    From the Hypermyth, the Big Will dwelled on one of the stars, Earth. First Gaia, next Ouranos and Pontos, and finally life
                                                                                                                    [land]             [  sky   ]            [ocean]
was created. Life that was sprung from the stars, evolved into the image of the Gods. Soon after, humans were born.

Zeus, Hades, Poseidon

    As a lot of humans lived on the Earth, it starts to appear, some who has awakened in their bodies, the "Big Will." If to
discover the Cosmo is to reach the thing called Seventh Sense, then the Big Will far much surpasses that Seven Sense, which
is the Super Sense.

    And, there appears three humans who first discovered the Big Will. They are Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon. People looked up at them as Gods, and they expanded their influence.
    Soon after, Zeus ruled the Sky and the Land, Poseidon ruled the Oceans and, Hades ruled the Underworld.

The Myths of the World and the Hypermyth

    From the Hypermyth, the gods that appear in the myths that stretches all over the world, are all humans that has discovered
the Big Will inside themselves. That is to say, not just Greek Myths, but all myths were developed from the Hypermyth.

What is the Big Will really?

Athena's Birth

    In Greek Myths, Athena was born by splitting Zeus' head but in the Hypermyth, it does not have a clear description about
that birth. There is a theory that says that part of that birth of Athena hides her true mission.

Athena have Cloth!?

    According to Greek Myths, Athena was born with a shield and a spear, wearing armor and a helmet. If this description is
right, we are able to reason that Athena can wear a Cloth. Already, the Shield has appeared, then, the day Athena's Cloth will
appear is near.

When will Saori wear Cloth!?


Zeus' Disappearance

    One day, Zeus entrusted the land to Athena and vanished to beyond the sky.

Where is Zeus?

    Suddenly, Zeus, the Almighty God vanished. Why did he vanish? For what reason did he entrust the land to Athena? What
is Zeus' true intention? In the Hypermyth, there are a lot of mysteries surrounding Zeus' existence. It was said that when Zeus'
 quest is cleared up, the Real Hypermyth will be told.

Poseidon Began to Prepare for Land Invasion

    Knowing Zeus' disappearance, Poseidon began to prepare to take from Athena, her position of Lord of the Land. For that
purpose, Poseidon gathered from the Seven Seas, powerful warriors which later were named Marinas.
                                                                                                                                           [Sea Fighters]

The Lord of the Seas, Poseidon

    While Poseidon was building his under sea kingdom, he was constantly dreaming about ruling the land. In Greek Myths,
Poseidon has the ability to create various living creatures. That is, that myth was actually a variation of what really happend, the
creation of the Scales of the Marinas.

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