The Poseidon Land Invasion(The First Holy War)

    Wanting to be the Lord of the Land, Poseidon, Lord of the Sea, began to invade the land which is ruled by Athena. The
warriors of the land could do nothing facing against the awesome power of Poseidon's warriors, Marinas.
    At this time Hades, in the depth of his Underworld, was watching the terrible scenes.

The Unmatched Soldiers, Marinas

    The Marinas wore armors called  Scales. Because these armors are made of orichalcum, it can fend off any kind of weapon
                                                      [Scale Cloth]
used by the Land Warriors. Furthermore, with no defensive gear to protect themselves from the Marina's attacks, the warriors
of the land had to lose to them.

The Fortress Temple, Atlantis Complete

    Poseidon built a gigantic Fortress Temple, Atlantis, above the Atlantic Ocean as the foothold of the land invasion. By
completing it, Poseidon's land invasion increased in intensity.

The Fortress Temple, Atlantis

    The Poseidon built gigantic sea fortress, because of its enormity, on the outskirts of that structure, it was called the
Continental Temple. It was said that Atlantis' impregnable defensiveness, 'Even using tens of thousand of soldiers, their efforts
would finally be in vain.' Its existence was pass down to future generations as the Atlantis Continent.

The Holy Wars?

    After Poseidon's land invasion, the power struggles with those who has discovered the Big Will are what are called the
Holy Wars. When a Holy War occurs, it is when evil is rampant on the world. To welcome the Advent of Athena, the Pope
orders all the Saints from around the world to gather at Sanctuary. The Holy Wars seems to occur around every 250 years

It is said that Shaka inherited the knowledge concerning the Holy Wars.

The Gods' Heated Battle... That is the Holy War!!

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