The Birth of the Saints!

    Many of the well known land warriors were defeated by Poseidon's fierce attack. It seems then, on the battlefield, young
boys(youths) appeared.
    Because Athena hates weapons, the youths fought with their own bodies as weapons. Saddened by those youths getting
injured, Athena gave to those youths the protection called Cloths. The youths who wore them were then called Saints.
                                                                                      [Sacred Cloth]                                                           [Sacred Fighters]

The Cloths

    The Cloths that the Saints wore were made by the alchemists on the Mu Continent, with  Athena's instructions. The
materials used was Orichalcum, Gammanium and Star Dust Sand. Because of these materials, a certain amount of damage can
                                                                           [Silver Star Sand]
be repaired by itself. And, the Cloth Boxes that stores the Cloths are like preservers for the life of the Cloths. Each Cloth has
its own exclusive Box made and the boxes hastens each Cloth's self restoration ability.

The Constellations are Design Plans for the Cloths!?

    The shining 88 constellations, in the night sky, showed up by Athena's wish and were the design plans for the Cloths. It
seems because of this, the wearer can't wear a Cloth that is not his/hers protective constellation.

Poseidon's Defeat

    With the birth of the Saints, the disadvantage Athena was able to reverse the situation  and try to persuade Poseidon to give
up his ambition and return to the Oceans. But, Poseidon ignored Athena's request, and with his Marinas entrenched himself
inside Atlantis and caused floods and earthquakes which took many lives.
    Angered by this, Athena dispatched 8 Saints to Atlantis. At the end of an intense fight, the 8 Saints destroyed Atlantis and
sunk it to the bottom of the ocean.

Warriors of Justice and Hope, the Saints are Finally Born.

The Roots of the Blue Warriors are Saints?

    With Poseidon's defeat, Athena contained his spirit in the Arctic Regions. To keep an eye on Poseidon's Spirit, few Saints
went to the Arctic and made a settlement there and they built a country. After, they became the Blue Warriors.
                                                                                                                                              [Ice Warriors]

The Birth of Sanctuary

    After 7 generations from the first Holy War, a temple dedicated to Athena near the present city of Athens was erected.
 Soon after, with the Athena Temple as the center, the 12 Temples and others were built. The whole area of all this was
eventually called, "Sanctuary."
                          [Sacred Precincts]

Sanctuary is established!

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