The Fight with Gigas(Gigantomachia)

    After Athena and her Saints went through many Holy Wars, Sanctuary was threaten by Gigas and the race of Giants. About
the race of Giants, their origins can not be explained and their existence is veiled in mystery. But, their fighting capacity seems
to be far above Athena's Saints. In regards to Gigas, it was said that the King of the Underworld, Hades bought Gigas
from the world before the Big Bang and that, it was also the work of the Almighty God, Zeus.
    * Because calling the fight with Gigas a Holy War did not encompass what actually happend, the fight was called Gigantomachia.(In Greek, Gigantomachia means "Fight with Giants".)

The Fight with Giants

    According to Greek Myths, Gigantomachia was the fight forced by, the Land Goddess, Gaia, who secretly raised her Giants
in a cave in North Greece. Starting with Zeus, the Olympus Gods compelled a hard fight. And, a very interesting point in
Greek Myths is that the last remaining giant, Enceladus, was defeated by Athena.

The Sinking of the Mu Continent

    The Mu Continent was regarded to be the birthplace for Cloths. Around the time of Gigantomachia, it sunk to the bottom of
the Pacific Ocean.
    As a consequence of this sinking, Cloths that were in production and the lifes of many alchemists were lost.
    About the truth of the sinking of the Mu Continent, it is still uncertain.

Mu is of the People of the Mu Continent!?

    As a consequence of the sinking of the Mu Continent, the Cloths in production and the skills to repair them and the like
were lost. Because of that, now, the only one who can repair Cloths is Gold Saint, Aries Mu, who lives in Jamir. So, it can be
said that Mu is a descendant of the People of the Mu Continent...

The Fight with Ares

    Among the many Holy Wars, the most severe was the one with War God, Ares. Amongest the Gods, Ares was the most brutal. Ares planted seeds of discord all over the world and instigated wars amongst people.
    The army of Ares have 4 divisions, "Flame", "Fire", "Terror", and "Calamity." They were called  Berserkers   for all their
                                                                                                                                                  [Crazed Fighters]
destruction and butchery.

Hades and Ares

    According to Greek Myths, Hades was one of the very few who understood the cruel Ares. As a consequence of the wars
caused by Ares, many of the dead became inhabitants of the Hades ruled Underworld. And, it seems that Hades was pulling
the strings behind the scenes with the fight between Ares and Athena.

Squirming in the background of the Holy War, what is Hades' purpose?

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