Saints' Crisis

    The fight between Ares' 4 armies of Berserkers and Athena's Saints seems to continue without end. At that time, it was
recorded that 58 Saints participated in that war. This was the total number of Saints at that time. (Incidentally, even today, 88
Saints are not all present because many Cloths does not have an owner.) The activity of the Bronze, Silver, Gold, all the
Saints were ineffective. They were outnumbered and so, Athena's Saints, one after another was defeated by the brutal attacks
of the Berserkers.

The Libra Gold Cloth Was Used as Weapons

    The Libra Cloth disassembles to 12 weapons of 6 different types. But, the Saints which use their own bodies as weapons,
are not allowed to use weapons. When Athena and the Libra Saint recognizes that the use of weapons is justified, then, the
Saints are allowed to use the weapons.
    In the history of the past Holy Wars, the only instance that the Libra Cloth was allowed to be used as weapons, was the
fight with the Berserkers.

Mysterious Saints

    The total number of Saints is 88, that is widely known, but respectively how many Saints in each rank is not widely known.
Gold Saints whose protective constellations are the ecliptic constellations of the signs of the zodiac, so, they are 12 in number.
Silver Saints is twice that, 24 in number. And, the Bronze Saints consists of 48 in number. But, totaling the figures,it is only 84.
What about the other 4 Saints.....?

Ares' Defeat

    Athena gave the permission to use weapons to against the Ares army to the Libra Saint. Given the Libra weapons, the
Saints was able to rout the Berserkers, in an instant. His army destroyed, Ares ran into the Underworld for safety.

Death Queen Island Discovered!

    One day, a Saint discovered a large quantity of Cloth Boxes on an island located on the equator. The island which was the
resting place for these Cloth Boxes was once part of the Mu Continent and it was later that the island was called Death Queen

The Black Cloths

    Among the Cloth Boxes discovered at Death Queen Island, Black Cloths were included. But, none of the Athena's Saints
would wear these Black    Cloths. Soon after, people who were stripped of their title of the Saint and those who couldn't
become a Saint because of their superficial power, gathered at Death Queen Island and wore these Black Cloths.

What is the Black Saints' true mission?

The First Man to Wear Phoenix

    The strongest among the Bronze Cloths was hailed to be the Phoenix Cloth. The one who wears it must be able to draw
out  the power of the Cloth only by their Cosmo. Because of that, until now, a Saint who can wear it, seems would never
appear for an eternity, but finally, a man who is able to wear it has appeared, that worthy man is Ikki.

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