The Blockade of Death Queen Island

    Deploring the Black Saints using the power of the Saints for their own selfish purposes, Athena installed a blockade
on Death Queen Island. Before Ikki dissolved the blockade, there was no real recognition that the Black Saints ever existed.

Why Guilty Wore a Mask?

    By putting a mask on a Saint who have strong power, it was to seal off Death Queen Island. The person who had this mask
put on, must keep on fighting Black Saints who try to break the seal.

The Previous Holy War

    Happened over 243 years ago, was the most recent Holy War. With 79 Saints then, it was the most number of Saints in
history, but after the war, few Saints were left. Today, the Libra Saint, Five Old Peaks' Dohko is the only survivor.
    This Holy War had many Saints lose their lives, and it was an intense fight, this is a sure sign that the outbreak of the next
Holy War would come.
    The next Holy War would be...?

What Kind of Saint Was the Previous Pope?

    The Pope that Saga killed, was a Gold Saint who together with Dohko fought through the Previous Holy War. But, as for
his constellation, even now, it is still unclear.
    Maybe this would be the hidden key that would make known the mystery of the Previous Holy War...!?

What is Dohko Keeping an Eye on?

    With many Saints' precious sacrifice, the rampant evil on earth was driven out in the Previous Holy War. With Athena
sealing those evil spirits, that war was closed.
    The responsibility of continuing to keep an eye on those confined evil spirits was left to the Saint who survived the war,
Dohko. Considering Dohko is one that is quite powerful, if he is the one who is responsible to continue to watch the sealed
spirits, we can figure that the sealed spirits have considerable strength.

Gold Saints Who Were Supposed to Defend Justice
>The Present>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
>                                                      >
>          Sanctuary's Purification          >
>                                                      >

Sanctuary's Purification

    Athena, Saori Kido, to cleanse all the evil that corrupted Sanctuary, together with the 5 Bronze Saints, went into Sanctuary
to purify it.

Gold Saints Who Were Supposed to Defend Justice

    While Athena, Saori Kido, was purifying Sanctuary, it is very interesting to note that, though the Gold Saints knew about
the evils of the Pope, they dared to stand on the Pope's side.
    The Saints are warriors of Athena who are to defend justice. Yet, the Gold Saints who are on the top of the ranks, for them
to have such a one-sided view, "Power is Justice", is extremely unusual.
    What may have planted evil buds in their hearts?

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