[In Monthly Magazine Extra-Large, Saint Seiya Digest, Pegasus Gliding Chapter, there was a Great Holy War History article with additional entries other than those that was published in Cosmo Special. I have translated them and presented them here as an Extra article. Only Words inside the brackets are my comments.

SPECIAL THANKS to Igor Marinho for scanning the original images and willing to share them and
                              Allan Montenegro for sending the scans to me!!]

The Great Holy War History, Extra

The Kamui Covered in Mystery

    The 12 Olympus Gods headed by Zeus are said to wear the armor called Kamui[Gods' Cloth]. There are alot of mysteries surrounding these Kamui. The truth about them has yet to be revealed.

The Gods who struggle over the hegemony of the Land World


    Zeus also considered to be her father, entrust the Land World to Athena, the battle Godddes. Because her love of the Land World is great, she is determined not to give up the fight against the battle with the Gods of the Sky.


    The King of the Underworld, Hades. His body is placed at the ends of the Underworld, Elysion, using his soul only to watch for the chance to invade the land. During the battle of Poseidon, by taking the chance of Athena's weakening seal, he started his attack on Sanctuary.


    King of the Sea World, Poseidon. By the plot of Canon, he awakened too early. He wanted to drown the Land World and cleanse it. After the battle of the Undersea Temple, his soul is alseep again.

    During the Holy War, the Gods themselves going on the battle field is extremely rare. Until someone is sealed, the battle will continue. As the power of the seals are lost, a new Holy War will begin.

The Ones Who Have the Will of the Gods in Them

    The ones who have the Will of the Gods inside their bodies are looked up as Gods by people. When Zeus disappeared to the Heaven World[Tenjyoukai], other Gods followed him, almost never to be seen on the Land World again. When these Gods return, it may be the beginning of a new war...

Previous Holy War

    The Holy War 243 years broke out by Hades was so fierce that the previous Holy Wars could not compare to it. At Sanctuary, almost all the Saints were lost. It was inevitable that to revive Sanctuary, they had to concentrate all their powers but even after 243 years, the healing of Sanctuary is not perfect.

Aftermath of Previous Holy War

    Unlike the past Holy Wars, many Saints participated in the previous Holy War. Only two survived the war, Aries Sion who later became the Pope and Libra Dohko who became the watcher of Five Old Peaks.

Cleansing of Sanctuary

    When Athena descended on the land, a tragedy visited Sanctuary.  Saga, one of the Gold Saints started a revolt. Saga killed the Pope and posted as him and planned to kill Athena. Aiolos saved Athena from Saga's plot and by leading her Saints, she put an end to his revolt. But, this was just a prologue to the coming Holy Wars.

New Holy Wars, and...

    By the trigger of Posedion awakening too early, the army of the Underworld King, Hades resurrected. Finally, the Holy War for the fate of world begins.
    In this battle, the Saints who protect Athena, by burning their lives, they crushed Hades. Again, taking back the world full of light.
    But, this is just a short peace until the New Holy War comes...

And the Legend Will Continue...

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