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    A shitajiki is something you use for school. It is like a plastic/paper board or pad for you to put a piece of paper on so you
    can write.

    New Bronze Saints
     - the back of the thing is like something you can schedule your school classes.

    Saint Cloth Series
     - it is to advertise the first Sagittarius Gold Cloth Campaign. On the back it has a little calender from 87, Jan. to Jun. My
     fav of course :)

    Movie 4
     - Lucifer-top, Satan Statue face-top right, Athena and New Bronze Saints bottom.

    Seiya and Shun
     - Seiya and Shun back to back, Moon - top left.

    Movie 3 Saori and Abel
     - Saori- top left, Abel- top right, Bronze Saints down.

    Movie 3 Abel
     - the one with Seiya holding unconcious Saori. Abel top

    Many Characters
     - From left to right, it has pictures of: Guilty, Esmeralda, Shaina with no mask, Marin, Roshi, Crystal Saint, Camus, June
      with no mask, Ohko, Shiryu, Ikki, Hyoga, Seiya, Shun.

    Aries Mu
     - Mu with arms crossed :)

    Calender 2002
     - the same picture as Calender 2002 with Saori and 5 Bronze

    Scale Calender 1989
     - Front: Poseidon, Siren, Back have various SCS figures, Black New Cloth too!!

     - Front Shaka mostly, on the side Seiya, Hyoga, Shiryu, Shun, Back: 6 Gold Saints

    6 Gold Saints with titles and most powerful trick(with incorrect name spelling and incorrect most powerful attacks :)
    - Front: DM, Aiolia, Shaka, Dohko(Roshi), Milo, Aiolos; Back: Bronze Five
    - Front: Shura, Camus, Aphrodite, Mu("Moo" XD ), Aldebaran, Gemini Saint("Ares"); Back: 5 Gold Saint Standing(Milo, Mu, Aiolia, Shaka, DM)


Movie Posters with the 'NOT FOR SALE' mark

    Movie 1
     - Eris in the center. Athena is left top. Bronze Saints and Orpheus below.

    Movie 2
     -  Athena on top left; Dolbar top right. The Bronze Saints in center. Sagttarius Seiya bottom left. Ull and Frey and Freya are
     below right.

Anime Posters

     - Ares is in the background top, 5 Bronze infront.

    New Bronze Five Gold Version
     - Yes I love it!!!

    A-Club Special 6
     - Five New Bronze standing, holding helmets.

    Hong Kong Poster of 12 Gold Saints
     - It is the one with Aiolos and Saga in the center. The coloring is a little weird. I got it with my game: Gold Legend Perfect
     Edition. Though the game was produced in Japan, the poster is Hong Kong made. This poster is just too suspicious. : |

    Heaven Chapter Overture
     - Saori left, Apollon right, Seiya down! I LOVE THIS!

Columbia Advertisement Posters

    Sound Track 6
     - Hilda behind, Odin Robe about Center, New Bronze Saints and God Warriors surrounding them. NO WORDS intruding
     the picture.

    Hades Image Album
     - it uses the pictures in the Hades CD front and backcover. The poster has Athena behind holding shield and Nike. Bronze
     Saints wearing Hades Version Bronze Cloth in front with Shun wearing Hades robe with his pendant. Yes, I love it!

    Boy's Tale
     - CD 97, the same picture as in CD 97 cover with Bronze five. Seiya holding small Athena Statue. Yes! love it!

Manga Poster

    The Lost Canvas
     - Yuzuriha, Yato, Manigold, Tenma produced by offical Hong Kong LC publisher.

Cloth Myth Poster

    Sagittairus Appendix
     - Enter a drawing in Facebook and was 10 winners were chosen produced by Bandai Asia. : D

Mook Poster

     - Sag Seiya + Peg Kouga, Not For Sale folded Poster that comes inside Saint Seiya Pia. Same image as cover of the


    When you go to the theater in Japan, you can buy a pamphlet of what you about to see. Because it was a longer movie,
    Only Pamphlet 3  and Heaven are all about Saint Seiya, the other pamphlets has 3 other movie infos with the Saint Seiya
    movie info.

        - Saint Seiya
        - Saint Seiya The Gods' Heated War
        - Saint Seiya Legend of Crimsion Youth
        - Saint Seiya Warriors of the Last Holy War
        - Saint Seiya Heaven Chapter Introduction ~Overture~


    Steel Saint and Seiya
     - the Saints punching

     - Ikki with no helmet

    Episode G
     - Vol. 1 Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo. EXCELLENT!
     - Vol. 2 Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. MUST SEE AIOLOS!!
     - Vol. 3 Ares Sion, Pope!! MUST SEE THESE 2!!
     - Vol. 4 Evil Aiolia
     - Vol. 14 Flashy 6 Post Cards with Aiolia and Aiolos. Vol. 14+15 Postcards creates one big pic!!
     - Vol. 15 Flashy 6 Post Cards with Aiolia and Aiolos. LOVE!!


Japanese Original

    Saint Paradise
     - Bandai: almost whole collection :|
        1. Act 1 just missing #1-6, #11!!!!!
        2. Act 2 #43-84, Complete.
        3. Act 3 #85-126, Complete.
        New Act 1: all cards remade and 7 new cards:  6(Athena and God Cloth Bronze each) + 1 (Athena and God Cloth Bronze together)

    Genmaken Birthday Card
     - Ikki on cover, inside when you open, Ikki's right arm moves!

     Mini Card (Made out of cardboard)
    - Camus(Look, Freezing Coffin, Let out Cold Air)
    - Libra Saint
    - Jaguar
    - Shiryu with Dragons
    - Mu+Aries Cloth


        Plastic Card(Mouse pad size)
        - Shiryu vs Shaka
        - Aiolia vs Shaka

        Trading Cards 2000 
         - Whole collection 118 Cards =  90 Normal + 18 Holographic
         - Comes with a box and one packet bag from a Cards Shop
         - Crystal Saint with young Hyoga must have!!

For Hong Kong

Hong Kong Offically made, "Man Bin" Card

    Hong Kong Offical cards, Made by Bandai(H. K.) Co. LTD. The good thing about these are that they are as good as the
Japanese ones. In Hong Kong they are called,"Man Bin Card"

    Saint Paradise
     1. Act 1 Only #1-6.
     2. Act 2 Only #43-48
     3. Act 3 #101, #108, #112, #116-117

    Candy With Cards

        Power Cards
        - 04:Shun
        - 05: Black 4
        - 07: Shaina
        - 12: Ohko
        - 26: Aiolos
        - 30: Eris
        - 31:Orpheus
        - New Pegasus Cloth
        - Hyoga
        - Megrez Alberich
        - Fleur

        Cosmo Cards
        - 32:Andromeda Cloth
        - 33:Shun

Saint Seiya Deck of Cards

    Shun, Seiya, Ikki and Ban
     - A picture of Ikki punching Seiya with Shun and Bans on the top of the cards, there are no pictures of Saint Seiya on the
       bottom except the 2 Joker Cards: Shaina and Good Pope. This set should be complete. I am missing the box cover. Oh
       well... it was really cheap anyway.

    Sacred Saga
    - they are postcards but they can be used as a deck of cards(if you are willing to ruin it :)

Seika Note Co. Ltd

    Plastic Cards with slip case
     - Marin kill Seiya
     - Lizard Misty

    Plastic Card(Deck of Cards size)
     - Seiya+Shiryu+Hyoga
     - Seiya+Shiryu

    Holographic Cards
     - Hyoga in Freezing Coffin
     - Hyoga ready

Fake Cards

    Saint Paradise( poor quality. but  they are all holographic. Still very cool! :)
     1. Act 2 #43-84, Complete.

    Deck of Cards
     - Made from Anime images. Nice.

For Shanghai

Mobile Game Related

    For Saint Seiya 30th Anniversary, promotion cards set. 12 Gold Saints each, on the front: the Saints, back: Cloth object with data.


     - The cover has Sagittairus Gold Cloth left up corner, Shaina right up corner, many characters all around. It has a cover
     page and 6 monthly pages. Really nice!!

     - the cover is Saori and Bronze Saints but the other pages are redrawing previous drawings from shitajiki. : (

     - new drawn pictures of Bronze Five, 12 Gold Saints, Athena, beautiful!!!

     - from Ep. G. from the covers of the Limited Edition Volumes.

     - Toei Animation Calender, Saint Seiya is May.


    Saint Seiya Paddas
      1. Aphrodite, Shura, Gemini, DM, Camus
      2. Alebaran, Shaka, Aiolos
      3. Dohko, Aiolia, Mu, Roshi, Milo
      4. Bronze Five running up
      5. New Bronze Five down
      6. Five Boys plain clothes 3 standing, 2 kneeling
      7. New Bronze Five, 4 standing, 1 sitting
      8. Hades Chapter, Athena left up, Sion right up, Hades Bronze Five, Dohko and Mu below


    Manga Style

      1. Aries Shion

      2. Mu plain clothes and Kiki


    Saint Seiya 16 Magnets
      - 5 of Each boy wearing Bronze Cloth
      - 1 of Seiya wearing Sagttarius Cloth doing a punch
      - 1 of Marin&Seiya wearing New Bronze
      - 1 of New Bronze Hyoga and Ikki
      - 1 of New Bronze Shiryu and Shun
      - 6 of Mu and Aldebaran,..., Camus and Aphrodite. The Gold Saints pictures are upper body image.
      - 1 of Athena and Bronze 5 in Bronze Cloth.

    Saint Seiya Super Pika Magnet Sticker
      - A long time ago, this cost 50 Yen per packet. I have acutally one whole pack which never opened for sale. So it acutally
      has 22 packets per pack. Including the front cover having one magnet, it totally has 23 magnets. On the same day, I
      bought this, in the same plaza, another shop was selling the packs individually. So I gave my repeat magnets to my uncle
      and exchange one with him. And I also bought one more which I didn't have. So I have 23 different magnets of this set.
      The magnets has mostly Gold Saints full body image and other pictures and the Bronze Saints. I think there are a whole lot
      more magnets in this set at least a full set more.


    Cosmo Special
    - Stickers of 5 Bronze Saints

    - Seiya and Steel Saint sticker
    - A 5 Bronze Saints Sticker
    - Abel many stickers sheet

    Pattern Mascot
     - Seiya waving goodbye, Shaka doing Six Worlds Transmigration, and Pisces Saint.

    Big Holographic Sticker with Packet
     - Sticker: Aiolos with Virgo Cloth
     - Packet: Sag Seiya with Ikki, Shun, Saori


    Aries Mu
     - A 26cm tall of Mu holding his helmet. On the back of the cardboard you can make it stand on its own. Love it! I saw
     Shaka and Milo too. Man! The Milo was luring me to buy it.


For Hong Kong

    Hades Sanctuary
    - Hades, Gemini Gold Saint
    - Leo Cloth
    - Sagittarius
    - 12 Gold Cloths

   Underworld Chapter Set
    - Bronze 5 each
    - Gold 12

    Seiya Docks at HK
    - Aries, Libra, Aqua Saints each

Notebook Skin

For Hong Kong

   Gold 12 Set, 4 Skin to create one a big pic
   - Mu, Aldebaran, Saga
   - DM, Aiolia, Shaka
   - Dohko, Milo, Aiolos
   - Shura, Aphrodite, Camus


    Saint Seiya Jigsaw Puzzle 300 Pieces
      - It is the 3 boys wearing Gold Cloth about to send Seiya to break the Mainbreadwinner.

    For Athena 500 Pieces
      - Athena with 5 Bronze in Hades Bronze Cloth.

Telephone Strap

    Tenkai Hen
    - with Silver Plate

    Episode G.
    - with 2 Plates and metal strap


    - I just brought Mu. :)

Pass Case

    - Episode G, for Bus or Transit pass in Japan.

Key Chain

    Keyholders with SD figures from Banpresto
      1. Bronze Seiya
      2. Bronze Shiryu
      3. Bronze Hyoga
      4. Bronze Shun
      5. Bronze Ikki
      6. Mu
      7. Good Saga
      8. Bad Saga
      9. Sagittarius Seiya
      10.Odin Seiya
      11. Seigfried
      12. Saori
      13. Poseidon

    Episode G
      - Coin Key Holder with 3 Coins, Lion one side, Ep G logo on the other
      - Destiny Key Chain

    Key Holder attached to Mini Note Pad

        New Bronze 5 cover

        Extra Plastic Card
          - Notepad cover: Shiryu+Shun+Hyoga+Ikki
          - Plastic Card Cover: Seiya+Hyoga+Crystal+Fake Gold Cloth


    Plastic Throw Bag
    - Bronze 5 Pic on bag.

    Sagittarius Big Bag for Seiya Docks at HK event

T Shirt

    Ep. G
      - Vol. 8 Limited Edition T Shirt

    The Hades Chapter-Sanctuary
      - Aries Cloth
      - Libra Cloth

    Designed by Devil Robot
      - SD Style: Hyoga


    Of course on computer, I have the Game I, II of Famicon and Game Boy Game, Saint Paradise. There is a Hero Game for Game Boy too. Seiya is in it. There's the only one I haven't played yet beside the music games that have Saint Seiya stuff in it.


    Saint Seiya Gold Legend
     - Game I of Saint Seiya. This one I have only the cartridge. Long time a friend gave this to me. : )

    Saint Seiya Gold Legend Conclusion Chapter
     - Game II of Saint Seiya with focus on the 12 Temples. This one I have the whole deal.

    The Chronicles of Jump Heros
     - The 20th Anniversary Weekly Jump Game in 1988. It has all the characters that made Jump the legend that it is, just to
     name the ones I know: Captain Tsubasa, Dr. Slump, Fist of the      North Star, Orange Road, City Hunter, Ring ni Kakero,
     Wingman, Touch, Cat's Eye, Dragon Ball ..... And, OF COURSE SAINT SEIYA!!! This game centers around a boy who
     actually goes into Jump Weekly Magazine. The Jump World has been ruled by Dragon Ball's Picoro and the boy has to
     save the Jump World with all the hero characters of Jump. This game is really cool if you know all these characters. Moving
     around with Seiya, Goku and Ryo and seeing Zeus of Ring ni Kakero, Madoka and Hikaru and Burma and Hitomi.... love
     it! For Saint Seiya, you move with Seiya and see Shiryu, Shun and fight with Camus, Shura, Death Mask, Aphrodite and
     Saga to save Saori. At the last stage, you fight with Saga again with all the other manga bosses. At the end, all the heros
     will thank you, and in the credits of course, it will list all the relevant manga and their mangaka.


    Gold Legend Perfect Edition
     - This is a beef-up version of the original Legend Games released for the WonderSwan Color/Crystal Version. The fighting
     scenes are beautiful, Virgo and Aquarius, MUST SEE!!

PS 2

    I wish they made better games... : |

    Sanctuary 12 Temple
    - comes with the Sagittarius Memory Box.

    Hades 12 Temple
    - I bought a 2nd hand one.

PS 3

    War Chronicle
     - The Limited Ed was too expensive, anyway, I did buy the game that comes with the Sag Seiya, Theme and Gold Pegasus
     Product Codes. As a Seiya fan, I give this game an A. I like it that stays true to the story and have stuff that makes you
     happy if you're a fan of the anime. As a gamer I give a C. The game play still a little retarded at times but, it's fun none the
     less! :D

    Brave Soldiers
    - I love the OCE Seiya figure! The game itself, errr.... It has it moments but a broken game with recycled materials from
    previous games with only 20 percent new stuff.


    Saint Seiya Gold Legend Conclusion Chapter
     - I bought this long time ago.

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