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Story: Shiori Teshirogi
CD Owner: Nicol's friend
Drama File provider: Nicol
Translation: Aries Mu(Philip Ho)]

The Red Bond

Albafica: Red, poison roses fly up.
: A poisonous fragance that can kill everything spreads out.
: From Pisces Palace leading to the Pope's Palace, this path has a Demon Rose Garden layed on it.
: With my body flowing with the fierce poison, only this poison roses are my lifelong friends.
: From my earliest memories, it has always been like this.
: For me, the only things that exist in this world are these roses, I, and, Master Rugonis, only You.


Pope Sage: You've come, Albafica.

Albafica: Yes, Pope.
: Pisces Albafica is here.

P: I called you here for nothing else. In the western sky not far from here, above the Aegean Sea, a wicked star is shining.

A: A wicked star? An ill omen, can it be a Specter?

P: Probably. Albafica, you may have heard, the Island of the Healers that Sanctuary uses.

A: The Island of the Healers, it's true that they have gathered techniques and herbs to take care of all kinds of wounds and illnesses.

P: Yes. If we lost that island, not only Sancutary but the people in the surrounding regions will be affected.

A: If so, even the little village, Rodorio, too.

P: Albafica, go to the Island of the Healers as soon as possible!

A: Yes.

P: While you here, Albafica...

A: What is it?

P: No, your Demon Roses are blossoming today as well.

A: Please don't worry. Even if I'm not here, I won't let any of the roses come near this Pope's Palace.

P: Really. Go wholeheartedly.

A: Yes.


Albafica: Shion, let me pass Aries Palace!

Shion: Albafica, a mission?

A: It has nothing to do with you.

S: Hey! Wait! Again!

A: How many times do I have to tell you not to touch me for you to understand?

S: I'm not afraid of your blood.

A: Eh heh!

S: Why do you hate your own blood so much?

A: Can you, move your own blood that's filled with fierce poison? As for me, there is nothing else but this disgusting destiny.

S: Heh Hah! Even so, what is the mission? I can see a star in the western sky, can it be in that direction...

A: I said it has nothing to do with you!

S: I can sense something sinister from that star. I'm uneasy.
: Of course, I recoginze how well your abilities are but.

A: Enough, I'm going.

S: Albafica.
: No matter how many times you've said it, I wish you well.
: You're one of the 12 Gold Saints, no! You're more important! Don't forget it!

A: As a friend?
: Shion, you're a pure and honest man. No matter how many times I've said it, you've approached me.
: But, as long as this blood flows in my body, I can't come in contact with anyone. I don't want any more people to die.
: This terrible blood, I don't want it take away another person.

Rugonis: Albafica!

A: Master!
: I definitely don't want something like that to happen again!
: That star rising from that western sky... Whatever the case, I have to settle down that uneasy sparkle now!


Shion: Pope, why did you let Albafica go to the west?

Pope: Shion? You should have detected the shining of that wicked star.

S: But, why sent Albafica? He is protecting the last Palace of 12 Palaces, the Pisces Palace Gold Saint. The mission to settle down that wicked star should have gone to the first Palace, I, Shion, who protects the Aries Palace.

P: You're a man who values friendship very hotly.

S: Hah!

P: This wicked star that has risen is quite sinister. It can't be just a simple Specter there.
: You too have probably sensed Albafica's Cosmo is uneven. For what reason, only he knows, but that's why, you said to sent you instead.

S: If you already know that, why sent him?

P: That's WHY I have to sent him.
:  The Island of the Healers where herbs of antidotes are found, for one with a poison body like Alibafica, it's a place he never had any contact with.
: What will he face, what will he gain?

S: The Island of the Healers... So ironic... It will be a hard test!

P: But, he must overcome it with his own power,
: to prepare the coming of the Holy War.

S: That's the duty the Pisces Saint have to bear?

P: Albaifca will, probably overcome it.


Albafica: This is The Island of the Healers?
: I'm not here to be a thing for you to stare at.
: It doesn't matter.
: If they come close to me, it won't be good.
: Whatever's the case, it's a calm island.
: If the Pope's worry was wrong, and this ends with no trouble.
: If there's peace, there's no need for me, or to spend time here.
: Going to the outskirts of the village, there's no traces of the Specter.
: I only see people living their lives.
: Ah! Oh! Is a view like this what's considered truly beautiful?
: This white flower blooming is called Suzuran('Lily of the Valley'), the Garden of Suzuran?
: White, whiter than anything, a world of pure white, and a tender, chaste smell.
: What is this? It is whiter than anything in the world.
: If I continue to be here, my body flowing with fierce poison blood, my heart tinged with the fragrance of poison roses, and even from that day I lost my Master, all of it will become pure white(nothing).
: If I stay a long time... I'll be released from this curse, I'll be like those birds flying to sky like that, drifting in the world freely, and touch anyone. But, it's just a dream.
: Oh! No! Don't come closer! If you come closer, you all will!
: Oh Hah! Bloody hell!

Luco: What has happened?
: What's at your feet?
: Oh! This is! No, there's time to do something.
: Those medical flowers there can cancel out the fierce poison.
: It's okay. I'll save you now.

A: Who is that man?

L: It seems okay now.
: The poison will be out after one night.
: Haha! Those birds!

A: Looking at that man's back, it reminds me of something.

L: You have to be careful, Gold Saint Sama!

A: You are!?

L: Huh? Is there a reason you are looking at me like this?
: What's with my face?

A: Can it be, Master!? No, not him. Master is already dead. It's just a stranger.
: Yes, Master was, from that day, when the poison petals was flying so fiercely.
: Red, crimson blood all over...


A: When I was very young, I was abandoned as a baby in a garden grown by the Previous Pisces Saint, Rugonis, far away from the 12 Palaces.

Rugonis: Isn't that a baby?!
: What a pity to abandon it in garden of poison roses!
: Even so, this baby is still not dead even when it is assaulted by the poison fragance!
: Such life-force!

A: I have asked my Master many times about that time.
: He said, 'I was born with an ability to endure the poison. You're loved by the poison roses!'

R: Hoh! You're laughing! Even been held by me flowing with poison blood, you would laugh with me?
: I who have lived all alone. You have such a smile!

A: At the garden of poison roses, after living a life with hinderances in his heart, he was changed at that time, and I too, there, decided my way of life.

Young Albafica: Master, here, quick!
R:  Hah! Hehe! You're getting tall!

A: Surrounded by poison roses, it was a world where only I and my master existed. No matter where, it was a world of crimson.
: Flowing in our bodies the poison fragrance was like air to us, my master and I had a firm master and pupil relationship living amongst that. No! We loved each other like family.
: And...

R: Albafica, are you sure?

YA: Yes, Master!

A: One day, my master and I performed a ritual.
: The ritual involves us letting drops of our blood to flow from our finger tips and exchange the blood.

YA: Ah! It hurt!

R: Are you okay?

YA: Yes.

R: Are you really sure?

YA: Master saved me from been abandanded in this garden of poison roses.
: I should have died. For Master, I will happily become the next Pisces!

R: But, it's a hard path! You will live in solitude!

YA: As long as Master is here, I'm not alone!

R: Albafica, you're so tender!

YA: No...

R: Then, your finger!
: Extend your finger that you will let bleed.

YA: Yes!

A: That ritual was done everyday with no rest.
: My master's and my blood was circulated between our bodies everyday, every year .
: We were blood related master and pupil.
: And that day, when the poison petals was flying so fiercely...

R: Now, your finger.

YA: Yes!

A: The wind was strong. As we faced the fierce flying poison petals, the blood exchange ritual began.
: As the blood was been exchanged in earnest, for some reason, hitting my brain, the images of the days I lived with my master till now assulted me. And...

YA: Master. Oh! Master! Please Hang on! Master!!

R: Excellent, Albafica!
: Finally, your blood is more poisonious than mine. You have gained a blood than can kill me.

YA: Kill? What are you talking about?

R: This is the fate of Pisces.
: As the blood is circulated, the one with the stronger poison will survive to go on to the path of battle. Who would kill the other person?

YA: HAH!! No way! No! To live without my master, my world! No, the world of my master and I are only for us!

R: I, too, don't want to leave you to live alone. I was perplexed.
: You were strong as me, gained the power of poison.
: But like I said, you have a natural ability to withstand the poison. You're loved by the roses. You will definitely become a Saint more stronger than me!
: That kind of power, there's no way, UGOH!!


R: This blood is already not my own.
: But to go[die] by your poison blood is a honor for me!


R: You're really tender. Please live like that always. As Pisces, it's a promise!

YA: AH! [crying]

R: Don't show your tears! I'll protect you!
: I will always be with you! Albafica! With... you!

YA: AH! MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Luco:  ...Saint Sama!
: Saint Sama!
: Saint Sama! Saint Sama!

Albafica: Oh!

L: Are you okay? You're crying.

A: Hah! Uhah!
: Nothing.
: But, this guy really looks like my Master. I couldn't control myself.

L: Come, you can wipe your tears with this cloth.

A: Don't touch me!

L: Eh!?

A: No, I'm sorry. I'm Albafica, Pisces Gold Saint.
: This body of mine have endured poison for many years, making my blood poisonous. If you touch me...

L: And your tears too?

A: Maybe, already that too.
: My blood tears have fierce poisons.

L: Hahaha! There's no need to worry.
: The herbs made from these Suzuran can counteract almost any poison on this earth.
: No matter what poison you have, as long as I stay in this garden, I definitely won't die.

A: Definitely won't die...

L: Like those little birds you saw.

A: You are?

L: I haven't said my name yet. I am Luco. I am a professional of this island.

A: Luco?

L: The reason of your tears are because of your poison blood flowing in your body, right.
: You're saddened by your own poison blood, and you cry poison tears. So sad.

A: I don't need you to pity me.

L: No, as a professional, I can't ignore this.
: If you want...
: with these Suzuran, with these antidote flowers, I can get rid of all your poison in your body.

A: You can really do that?

L: Yes, I can!
: Seeing your tears, I understand. You are really a tender person! If your blood touch anyone, something terrible would happen. That's why, you choose to be alone, suffering for that.

A: Solitude.

L: But, I can release your from that suffering.

A: Release?

L: I want to save you from your solitude. Albafica sama, I want to save you from your solitude.
: Don't you want to be saved from your solitude?
: Albafica sama, you want to be released from the suffering of your solitude, right?
: You always wanted that, right!
: Albafica sama!
: Albafica sama!
: Save... Albafica... ... ...

A: The Suzuran flowers, tiny, white, pretty flowers!
: It is the complete opposite of my poison red roses.
: I may want to really live like that. Living a dull life with no power not hurting anyone. Just that.

Rugonis: You are really tender. Please live like that always. As Pisces...

A: Ah Yes!
: I, at that time, promised my Master!

Luco: Albafica sama, have you prepared your heart to be released from your suffering?

A: No!

L: Eh?

A: I want to apologize but I've already decided my path, as the Pisces Saint. I promised someone very important to me.

L: Really?
: I told you I can release you but it's no use, Pisces Sama!

A: Hah! What the?

L: You really hate it, want to abandon it, all of it.

A: What the hell are you talking about?

L: You're a fool, a great chance for you!

A: Whah!
: Why you laid a hand on me?

L: Just die gently! As you wanted, you won't hurt anyone else.

A: That Surplice you're wearing on your body! Can it be you are!?

L: Sky Rise Star(Tenrissei), Dryads Luco!!

A: The wicked star that rises to the sky, is that your destined star?

L: Spread in this Island are herbs that can counteract all poisons, you can't do anything! Albafica!!

A: What!?

L: These blooming Suzuran flower seals all your skills, an antidote vestment!
: The flowing blood in your body is crimson, but by these white petals it will wither away! You Pisces Poison Flower!!

A: It's not for a Specter like you to decide my place of death!!

L: Like I said before, that's just lip service! I'll make you understand very quickly!
: It was futile for you to come all the way here!
: Flowers soaked with poison are usless here!!
: EARTH OF THE LILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A: AH!
: I won't let you continue!
: PRIANIAN ROSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

L: Ha! How many Black Roses you throw, you can't smash anything here!


L: As expected, powerless flowers!

A: Geh Heh!

L: Or is it because I look just like your master, you can't dish out your power!

A: Geh Heh! You know!?

L: Your master is probably suffering in the depths of the Underworld!


L: You can suffer along with your master in the Underworld forever!
: The poison flowers you hate can wither here!!

A: But, there's no way they will wither in such a place...
: Hah! Master... I, I!!

L: What is this!? A red mist is hanging over the white Suzuran Garden!

A: Now, it's you who will wither away!!

L: What did you do!?

A: No matter how much I hate this blood, I can't let it go!
: This Pisces blood is the connection between me and my Master!
: Someone like you can't get rid of it!!

L: What!?

A: You said it!
: As long as you're in this garden, you can't die.

L: So what!?

A: Unfortunately, that won't work.

L: What you say!?

A: CRIMSON THORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

L: UWAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: The Crimson flying, poison blood are just like countless needles!
: You have this kind of power!?

A: You feel it?

L: Yes, I do.

A: My Master's (tender)passion, My Master's presence, and My Master's blood! I can sense it in my body!
: I have no more doubts!
: I've decided to live with the poison roses, Pisces Albafica!

L: Gwohhh!!  Gwohhh!!


Albafica: Again, I have hurt someone. What's left is only to walk the path of solitude. But, it's okay.

Rugonis: I will always be with you! Albafica! With you!

A: I can sense you because you're inside me.
: No matter how lonely I get, I will continue to live! Until I see those red poison roses as beautiful! Until that time!


Shion: Albafica! You okay!?

Albafica: Shion, it's almost dawn.
: You have been waiting all this time?

S: It's because... Er, I am the man who protects first of the 12 Palaces, Aries Palace. I have to be alert always!

A: The 12 Palaces are far away from here.

S: Haha! Don't dewell on trival things like that!
: Hey! Albafica! Aren't you hurt!?

A: I told you not to touch me!

S: You're still saying that!

A: But...
: Let's walk until Aries Palace together.

S: Ah!!

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