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[Complete Edition Scan Source:  Aries Mu(Philip Ho)
Translations, Cleanings, Texts: Aries Mu(Philip Ho)]

Plus #35

Scans: Ophiuchus, Sagitta Diagrams

Scanlation: Saga Fight, p109-119, Kill Pope!!


Emperor Fighter

    The Next Pope issues were inspired by the movie "The Fall of the Roman Empire." Commodus the son of Emperor Aurelius thought that he would be the next Emperor but Aurelius choose his adopted son and friend of Commodus, Livius. Conspirators kill Aurelius.(In the half remake movie, "Gladiator" Commodus kills Aurelius himself). After that Commodus becomes Emperor. Livius eventually gets banished.(In "Gladiator", he was sent to be executed). The Japanese words for Saint is Sacred[] Figher[m]. The translations of the Chinese characters m actually is Gadiator. So another title for Saint Seiya could be Sacred Gladiator Seiya!!

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