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Plus #33

Scan: Dragon 2, Eagle Diagrams

Scanlation: Saga Fight Manga Only, p84-97, Galaixan Explosion!!


False Pope Real?

    It is not an accident that the Gemini would be assoicated with a fraud. One of the features of Gemini Zodiac has to do with the origin of the myth, the cattle of Geryon, one of Hercules's 12 Labors. In the Dante's Inferno, Geryon has become the Monster of Fraud, a winged beast with the face of an honest man. The Pope's helmet might be inspired by that imagery.
    If Saint Seiya happened in real life, Saga would be considered the antipope. For Catholics, an antipope is a person who opposes a legitimately elected or sitting Pope and makes a claim to be the Pope. But, of course, in Saint Seiya, Saga just killed Shion fast. The other inspiration for the False Pope idea could come from real life events. Pope John Paul I was Pope for only 33 days. He actually died on the last day. He impressed people with his warmth but others who didn't like him treated him with disdain. There are many conspiracy theories of his death because there were false statements made of who actually found his body and also was there really an autopsy? This real life event actually inspired the plot of the movie, The God Father Part III.

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