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[Galaxy Myth Scan Source: Baidu s
Complete Edition Scan Source:  Aries Mu(Philip Ho)
Translations, Cleanings, Texts: Aries Mu(Philip Ho)]

Plus #4GM

Scanlation: Shaina Joins in!![From ND33]

Hades Myth Part 33 Summary:

Gemini(Twin Palace)'s Death Battle
-Worried that Tenma who has a similar personailty like Seiya might fight the illusion anyway, Shun turns back. Tenma tries to pass the Gemini without fighting him but as it turns out, he is the real deal! The Gemini Saint tries to send Tenma away to Another Dimension and is saved by Shun's chains. He uses both his chains to stay put. Just as Gemini is about to launch another attack, Suikyou appears and cancels the Another Dimension!!

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