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[Complete Edition Scan Source:  Aries Mu(Philip Ho)
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Plus #32

Scan: Big Pic Vol 5+6

Scanlation: Saga Fight Manga Only, p75-83, Genma vs Genrou!!


Gemini Brain Kill

    Saga makes brainwashing look easy. In real life, it would take many techniques to do what he wants to do. First, many believe you can't hypnotize someone into doing something they don't want to do. If Ikki did kill Seiya, it's because some part of him *DID* want to kill him. Now in Hades Chapter he couldn't really hurt his Brother even though he knew Hades was inside him, so all that talk from Ikki that he has lost all emotions and all that is just a lie.
    There was a study that was done showing that criminal brains are different than the brains of normal people. The amygdala, mainly the orbital cortex, the part of the brain that stops us from aggressive acts was not working properly for the criminals. So Saga's skill actually is not a skill to make someone do something but to turn off what would stop us to do violent acts. When Saga did his brainwashing on Aiolia, he said Aiolia had only "20% of conscience left", that is really saying his orbital cortex is only working at 20%.

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