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Today I bought LC Vol 25!!^^

Shiori's comments Translation:

Cover: Finally, it's the end. When it began, I who was a no name shojyo mangaka got called out
suddenly to Champion which I had no dealings with to publish at the same time Kurumada's ND, I felt like people were saying,"What the hell is this?" The huge work "Saint Seiya" with everything that comes with it, I felt under the pressure, lack of ability. I had to work beyond my ability, giving out 120% to produce one chapter after another. What was the result of that, I still don't know. But, reading letters I received from those who were originally Seiya fans approving me, those didn't know about Seiya but like my work, this manga became an anime... It made me happy and encouraged me. For all that, thank you very much! The above pic is a pure scene of carnage, my desk. Anyway, it's dirty. For 5 years, clinging on this desk, it was a really narrow space to work. Now that I think about it,it was very heavy work. To be able to produce this work, I'm thankful. Kurumada Sensei, those who were involved with this work, everyone, thank you very much! I love Lost Canvas so much!!

Final Page: Special Thanks 2011.3. Teshirogi
Masami Kurumada who gave me Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas Hades Mythology.
All the assistants who worked and grew with me for so long.
The Supervisor who work with me so hard and I made it hard doing it my way, there's not enough words.
Everyone at Akita Books.
All the ones involved with the Anime make the LC world even more lively.
All the voice actors.
Friends who watched over me.
Family members.
All the readers who supported me!!
Love you! Thank you!!
I will hang in there, as a Japanese and as a mangaka!



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