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I translated LC Chapter 144! ^^

Alone/Hades: It has come.
: It's like silk threads...
: Athena's Hair

Chapter 144: Athena Seal

A/H: It will become a good color...
: Then finally, the drawing can be completed...
: With this color, with this God's Power,

Sasha: KYAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tenma: SASHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: Sasha...! You okay!? Sasha!!

Shion: Athena sama... Please hang on...

Tenma: !
: It's been taken away...
: Sasha's tender Cosmo...!!!

Charon: Ohhhh!! This is serious!!!
: Hades sama, he really used the hair to seal this girl's power.

Tenma, Regulus: ...!!

Charon: With this, Athena is just an ordinary girl.
: So pitiful.

Tenma:  ... This guy...!!

Charon: !
: Hey hey?
: I'm just worried about this girl, aren't I?
: Well, taking her hair was my job. I can't help it.
: I don't really want to be this cruel to this cute girl.

Shion: you're saying, this blasphemy you dealt upon Athena sama,
: you think we would forgive you!?

Charon: ...Ha...
: Gaha!
: Haha!
: GAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: DOHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey hey! Saint san!!!
: Hey, it was all of your carelessness of duty!!!
: You can't blame me!!!
: For this job, Hades sama payed me a lot of silver[ coins].
: I did exactly that amount I was payed.
: Your jobs are to protect Athena sama from guys like him!!
: Well, that's your job. It seems Sanctuary's pay is not that good.

Shion: ...Hah.[Breath in]
: We are not protecting Athena same for money(gold)!

Charon: Heh! I don't really believe that!!
: I only believe in the flow of money!
: In this world and the next, in the end, I only like those guys who gather money.
: Rather it's Gods or Buddhas, it's all simple and fair. That's why I
: do exactly as my jobs is payed.
: I'm very eager [about it]!
: Even if it is...

Tenma:  Kuh...

Regulus: Low-life!!!

Tenma: What money!!!! For that,

Charon: Heh
: [Your] labor that's not payed,
: Haha!!
: I will get rewarded for selling your Cloth and getting payed!!!!

Shion: I see.
: Quite eager.
: But, compared to the passion of my comrades to carry out a mission, it's worth nothing!!!

Charon: Heh
: Quite lovely!!
: But for me, passion or mission are just ideals.
: Those things,
: People can't really do them!!! Naive guy!!!!


Charon: Guwah!
: Gah!
: Gaha!!
: You think we are motivated by mere gain!?
: [We do it] to finish the mission!!!

Charon: Hih Hih...

Shion: the shore!?
: When did it...!?
: ...Acheron... You...!?

Charon: I always said!
: I do exactly as I was payed!!
: Don't get me wrong!
: Getting this girl's hair is just to bring you to shore.
: After all, going forward from here, you won't survive.
: Thank you!
: Hold on at best you can!!!

Regulus: The boat's gone.
: Then we can't turn back at all.

Tenma: From the beginning, we should only go forward! One way road towards Hades.
: Even if there's only one of us left.




I translated LC Chapter 143! ^^

Charon singing: Those who don't cut off the past and when their loved ones
: calls their names, you turn to look,
: right then, you become stone!

Charon talking : Hey hey! I was expecting to see these Saint Statues.
: None of them are good!!
: OH!!
: Nice!
: I like this!

Chapter 143 Crossover Guard

Charon: My smell of gold(money) is right!
: The fact that you would impress this Sky Space Star, Acheron Charon sama,
: Not bad, Miss(young girl).
: But, besides this girl, none of them are good.
: Most of them have become this weird form.
: Probably none of them have a cent!!!!

Tenma: ...Stop messing around! Specter...
: From now on, I won't let you touch my friends even one finger!!

Charon: Ohh! Not bad, you didn't look back. You detected the rule here.
: ...well? And if I touch them with my finger?
: Ohh!

Tenma: If you do that...

Charon: Oh!

Tenma: You're gonna

Charon: OHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
: Oh oh oh...!!
: Ha..
: So troublesome!!
: Heh!
: Don't be so naive! Cold-hearted guy who abandoned his friends!

Tenma: ...What you say?

Charon: You didn't turn to stone probably because you turned your back on your love of the past and didn't look back!!
: Hades sama took great pains to make sure all of you got turned to stone!

Ship sounds: giii...

Charon: Hm? Oh, not good.
: Damn! Because of your delay, it has started.
: I wanted to steal this, I haven't yet...

Tenma: This sound...? What...

Charon: Ah?
: Hey hey! You don't know by the sound?
: The ship is starting to sink!

Tenma: What...!?

Charon: Don't think you can swim!
: This Lost Canvas is filled with the Will of Hades.
: If you act foolishly, this Cloud Sea will take you in and you become painted in Lost Canvas.
: Like these guys who have become stone,
: Forever and ever,
: Living inside the drawing!

Tenma: ...
: Then before the ship sinks, take eveyone off!!
: I take the boat you rode all the way here!!

Sasha:  TENMA... STOP!!!

Tenma: Sasha's voice, she's okay...?

Sasha: Tenma... Now that we know this ship is going to sink,
: we can't simply laid our hands on him...
: We don't know left from right, right in the middle of this Cloud Sea.
: Now that this ship that guided us has stopped, we have completely lost our way forward.

Tenma: But Sasha!!

Sasha: I know, Tenma!
: If we find a way to head to Hades,
: That might be the key to saving those in Lost Canvas and those who have turned to stone.
: For that...

Charon:  Heh.
: If you want me to guide you through the water...?

Sasha: ...
: If you please?

Charon: Well.
: What to do...?
: Cheh! [Annoyed grunt]
: Ahh, Damn!
: Getting this money has become troublesome!
: Okay! Even for me, 2 Golds are too heavy for me!!!
: [Saving] my own life is a fundamental!!
: Hey hey! Look back and see the fates your companions!!!
: I don't mind if you turn to stone, too!!!

Tenma: A spray of water has hit my cheeks.
: Everyone...

Charon: Yo! Bronze!! You seem to be wondering what's above.

Tenma: !!
: No... I don't care!

Charon: You can't hide it! Okay, I'll tell you, at least.
: As you can see,
: This space is formed by the clouds and Lost Canvas as a dome.
: Parts of the inside walls of the dome are continuously spiraling!
: Midway and in various areas are Demon Palaces modeled like planets.
: In there, are guys who have pledge complete devotion to Hades sama called, Star Guards!
: Their powers are the same or above the 3 Magnates.
: I've already can see your deaths!

The others: ...!?

Charon: Stop here.

Tenma: Hey hey!!
: We don't even see the shore, what the...

Charon:  Hey!!
: Consider my situation a while!!!
: If I take you the shore this way, I'll be just a traitor of the Hades Army! I'll be killed for sure!
: But,
: Athena san! Your beautiful hair,
: If you leave it as a fare, it would be good.

Sasha: !

Shion: So rude! What do you want to do with Athena sama's Sacred Hair!!

Tenma: Yes Sasha!! Don't let that guy have your hair...

Charon: So cheap!! Then you can swim, together with your so important Athena sama!

Tenma: ...WHAT YOU SAY!!

Sasha: It's okay. We are all guided here all because of the cost of lives of the Saints,
: Compared to that, this is an inexpensive negotiation!
: Come, Acheron,
: please take this.

Charon: Heh!
: Saints are naive but their Goddess is even more naive!!!
: Athena! Your hair will now be delivered to Hades sama!
: Hades sama will probably use your hair as materials to draw you!
: You are a god, usual materials can't kill you but if he uses something from your body...

Sasha: Uhh...

Tenma: SASHA!!

Charon: Now your powers as a God are sealed!! Athena!!
: NOW YOU ARE JUST A HUMAN GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I added more pics from Sacred Saga Doujinshis: Secret Glow and Rebel Against!! ^^
同人誌Sacred SagaのSecretGlowとRebel Againstの画が加えました!^^




I translated LC Chapter 142! ^^

: Calm, yet strong, I can hear your voice!!
: Advance!!
: There are many things I want to talk to you about and things I want you to teach,
: But, you continue to show
: the way forward!!!
: [We'll] advanced!!

Chapter 142: Departing at the Sea of Clouds

Unnamed Saints: The [steering] wheel is not working...!!!
: What!?

Yato:  Fa...
: Fall...!!

Tenma: Falling...

U. S.:  ...
: Everyone... okay...?
: ...Ahh... But what is this place?
: Dome of Clouds and Sea of Clouds...
: Moving...!!
: By itself...!?

Tenma: Hehe...
: Where is it taking us...?
: We've been allowed in!!

Yato: Oi...! Tenma!!

Tenma: Heh?

Yato: Heh? No! Fool!
: Shouldn't... you be by Athena sama's side?


Yato: Sisyphos has died, wouldn't she want you to be by her side the most?

Tenma: No... Right now, Sasha don't want that!
: She has to be Athena now. It has to be this way.
: So, I'm just a Saint now.
: Her heart told me, Sasha understands this too.

Yuzuriha: Yes. Comforting each other, surprisingly is not enough for a woman.

Yato: Yuzuriha.

Yuzu: Just knowing people that are close to her are fighting for the same things,
: That's more than enough to make her stronger,
: Same as the guys.

Yato: Hehe, is that it?
: As expected I can't win!
: Not bad! You knew her since she was young, so you're special!

Tenma: !!
: Oi Yato!!
: It's not that simple!! We are...

Yato: Ahaha!! Sorry!! Listen to me, Tenma!!
: Seeing you two before, I was jealous.

Tenma: !

Yato: But spending so much time with you, I understand the burden you two have to carry.
: Because of that, your body and heart are always wounded.

Tenma: Yato!

Yato: But,
: I'll help you with that and, not just me!

Tenma: Aha!
: I know!

U. S.:  WE SEE SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Words on door: [To go] Beyond this, cut off the love of the past.

Tenma: Cut off? ...the past...?

Yato: What does it mean?

Tenma: Don't know, but it can't be good! ... Anyway,
: We must advanced now!!!

Yuzu: Nothing happened...

Many Characters: Tenma...

Tenma: What...
: Alone!? No, not just Alone!
: Those people I have encountered in the past are calling me...

Door: Cut off the love of the past.

Tenma: ...
: So...! It must the work of that guy(Underworld King)...

Orphans: Tenma...
: If I want to move forward, I have to cut off the thoughts of those who are important to me!

Dohko: Tenma...

El Sid, Manigold: Tenma...

Tenma:  I can't answer them!
: I can't look back!!!
: I want to see them again... I can't even think it!!! But...
: But, if they touch my shoulders, I...
: I WILL!!!

Yato: ...Don't, Tenma.
: Stay like that, must not turn back...!

Tenma: Yato!!!

Yato: ...Serves me right!!
: I thought I heard my family's voices from my home and I looked back.
: But I didn't see them... What I do see is

Tenma: !!

Yato: Yuzuriha and the others looking back and have been turned into something like stone!!

Tenma: ...Yato...!!!
: So hard...
: No, Yato...I!!
: You always such a fool...
: I thought we would always fight together... I was convinced!!!

Yato: Hehe!!
: It's okay for you to whine at me!
: But you're already stronger than me.
: I was frustrated, seeing how far stronger you've become.
: I hated you and really felt pain,
: But, as a friend I tell you,
: Even with all that, you have to move forward,
: Together with Athena!

Charon: Now, now, they seem to have become very well behaved.



I translated LC Chapter 141! ^^

Sisyphos: My comrades!
: For the land,
: Protect Athena [and] fight together with her,
: [Go] to the battlefield beyond this door,

Chapter 141: Rise to Action

Defteros: You've fallen? ...Sisyphos...
: What a fool![Idoit man!]
: To die for the weak to live.
: I completely don't understand.
: ...But I understand the duty you put on yourself.
: Yes, finish our duty and die.
: Come, you too should wake!
: Time has come.
: You can't keep on protecting yourself by your Cloth,
: yes.
: I see.
: This is the wound made by Hades?
: Indeed, said to even wound the soul.
: The Black Cosmo still capturing Libra's heart[, so ] he can't wake.
: To cut this off,
: There's only this!!!
: Now, stand!

Dohko: Def...
: teros...?
: Where... are we?
: Hades...?
: Is Tenma okay?

Defteros: Ah.
: Okay.

Dohko: !

Defteros: This is Canon Island, the place where wounded Saints come to heal.
: You have been continuously sleeping for a month.
: During that time, to fight the decisive battle, Athena's Army has advanced to Lost Canvas in the sky!!
: Pegasus is in there too.

Dohko: What...
: Everyone has head to Lost Canvas!!?
: No!! Not without me...

Defteros: Wait!

Dohko: !!

Defteros: If you go the battlefield this way, I can see the result,
: the Defeat of Athena!

Dohko: What
: you say...
: Defteros, damn you! ...Such reckless words!!

Defteros: That's why, Dohko!!!
: Take this to Athena Temple!!
: This Athena's Blood!!
: You should know since you were [just] saved by her blood, the miraculous power of her blood...
: The talismans that has the blood from the Previous Athena written on them have sealed and dispelled evil many times.
: But, this blood hides an Unknown Power.

Dohko: Unknown...!?

Defteros: This is the top secret that can only be told to the Pope.
: But this mission will sway how the Holy War will go!!
: Dohko! Now, climb 12 Palaces and give this blood to Athena Statue!!

Dohko: ...I understand.
: Such an important mission!
: But please tell me one thing.
: If you hold such a big secret...
: Why even now you have stayed away from the Holy War!?

Defteros: ...Well...
: Right time,
: I've been waiting for,

Dohko: Defteros... you,
: finally...




I translated LC Chapter 140! ^^

Pharaoh: This...
: I would!!!
: Get defeated by a Saint...!?
: Why would that guy have such power...?
: Already lost his heart...

Sisyphos: Hearts,
: I will give as many as you want...
: BY THAT!!!

Chapter 140: Devotion that Penetrates[Accomplishes]

Sisyphos: In my heart, there is...

Sasha: !

Sisyphos: There is...

Unnamed Saints: Si...
:Sisyphos sama...

Tenma, Yato: ...

Tenma: Sisyphos...
: SISYPHOS SAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

U. S.: The shut door is opening...
: Finally, we enter Lost Canvas!
: Finally...

Sasha: !

Tenma: The door has stopped!?
: Why...?

Pharaoh: Don't be at ease! Saints...
: This door won't open anymore!!

Tenma: What...!! Pharaoh!?
: What is this!!

Pharaoh: The curse of Pharaoh...!
: You won't be able to pass here easily...

Tenma, Yato: !!

Pharaoh: By this, the door will never move.
: If you want to pass, you have to destroy the door...
: Ha ha!
: But that is impossible for you!
: If you can't create Big Bang...

U.S.: ...
: Big... Bang...
: It's true. All of us companions together can't even created a crack on it...
: Damn it... Big Bang!!?
: It can't be done!!

Shion: No!
: There is one way for us to create a Big Bang!!

Regulus: What, Shion! If there is that method, from the start, [we...]
: !

Shion: But, if we can't gather 3 Gold Saints, it's impossible.
: You and I, and one more...
: Now, is it too late...?
: What the...!!
: Even with that body, you can still stand...?
: Even now with all that's happen, you still
: [stand] in front of us!!
: What are guy...[You....]
: But we can do it, that forbidden Skill...
: The ultimate Skill launched by 3 Gold Saints as 1.
: Though in a small scale, its destructive power is equivalent to the Big Bang that created the universe.
: Because of its great destructive power, Athena forbid it.
: Ultimate, Shadow Fighting Method!!![Attack!!!]

Sasha: Eyes are destroyed.
: Nerves are torn.
: Even the pumping heart is gone.
: I fear consciousness too...
: You are moving just by the Cosmo that has gone beyond the Seventh Sense.
: [But], it has reached me! Sisyphos!
: Your wish in wanting to be a shield again for me to move forward.
: No.
: Not just for me.
: Thank you.

Sisyphos: Sasha sama
: Please don't cry.

Young Sasha: Sisyphos
: ... san
: When I enter this Pope's Room,
: I will live as a Goddess, won't I?

Sisyphos: Yes, as Athena(Battle Goddess), protecting the land, fighting against all kinds of evil.
: Of course we Saints will risk our lives to protect you... So...
: Please don't cry.

Y. Sasha: ...Then... Everyone will be blessed and the land too.
: And I will be too!!

Sisyphos: !
: I wanted to protect you
: from the fate of a great god,
: For this young girl, I wished
: with a feeling different than being just a Saint.



I translated the Fighting Ability of Saint Seiya Encyclopedia! ^^
聖闘士星矢大全のFighting Abilityの英語訳が出来ました!^^



I translated LC Chapter 139! ^^

Tenma: Wh What happened!
: Those guys who went first, from their chest...

Chapter 139: Feather of Truth

Unnamed Saints: Impossible...
: With the harp sounds, those guys...
: Enemy... is here...
: SPECTER...!!
: Kuh...
: If we hold back now, we'll get annihilated!!
: Quick! Destroy that door!!
: HAHH!!!
: UWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tenma: Bounced back...!!

Yato: No way... The door...!!
: does not even have one crack...

Pharaoh: Ha ha...
: Don't be rash, Saints.
: This door won't get destroyed or opened for that.
: I am Sky Beast Star, Sphinx Pharaoh!!!

U. S. : That harp sound, ... You!!!
: You killed our companions!?

: Are those impatient hearts the devotion to Athena, or the passion for peace?
: Those feelings,
: are they really the truth?
: Can your hearts be the key to open this door? I will measure them!!
: By this Door Guard, Pharoh!!

Tenma: ...Measure our hearts...!? What do you mean!?

Pharaoh: You don't understand?
: This door is the Very Heart of Hades sama!
: It won't break for anything, extolling grandeur.
: It hates falsehood and loves only truth!
: In other words,
: If you want to open this door, you have to show a heart that has no falsehood at all.
: I am the judge of that here.
: Your hearts will be put on the Sacred Scale and they will be ascertained to be true or false.

Tenma: The body with the heart taken out turns to dust...!!

Pharaoh: It's false.
: Those who have hearts that don't balance with Maat Feather will not just have their bodies destroyed but their souls, too.
: This too is false.
: This heart, too.
: Isn't this, too?
: Well, your devotion, peace loving hearts,
: fighting spirit,
: all of them are false, aren't they?
: So sad(regrettable).  Honorable Saints, but in truth,
: they are all false.
: Athena sama,
: I pity them.

Sasha: No! Their hearts are always with me, supporting me.
: I believe in the Saints! They have no falsehood!

Pharaoh: ...
: So you would put your heart on the Scale?

Sasha: Yes. I'm glad to do it.

Tenma: ATHENA!!!
: No, mummy dude!! Why don't you measure my heart first?
: Heart which wants to defeat Hades!!

Sasha: You can't, Tenma...!! This is my...

Tenma: Told you to not worry, Athena sama! Won't die for nothing!
: There's no way only a girl should do that kind of stuff!

Sasha: ...Tenma...

Pharaoh: Okay then, Pegasus.
: If I have your heart, Hades sama will be happy.

Aiacos: You who are always in the front lines, your black hair, I let it farewell,
: in the sky you always like to fly(dance).
: I will go, too, soon.
: Behemonth(Land Beast)!
: ... I've waited.
: Sky Violent Star... Benu Kagaho!!!

Kagaho: Ha...
: The once 3 Magnates would say farewell to the dead.

Aiacos: ...once
: I see.
: The next one of the 3 Magnates won't be the Garuda Flame but you who controls Black Flame?

Kagaho: You resent it?

Aiacos: HUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: No?
: [Feel] Nothing! Just weird.
: I don't know why but the throne of 3 Magnates feels empty for me.
: I don't care about it any which way.

Kagaho: Really...?
: Now, only those who have hearts that are deeply devoted to Hades sama are by his side.
: If you can't be that,  I'll erase your name of Garuda!

Aiacos: Come, Black Flame!!

Kagaho: CORONA BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: You who only know death, have no qualification to be a Specter.
: Since you only have a brief life left, it's fine for you to live until then.
: You can indulge in your human memories,
: [and] take back the name of Suikyou...

Suikyou: ...Then, now, you're saying just live as a Specter...?

U. S. : Sisyphos sama!!

Sasha: No. Sisyphos... Please draw back!
: After the battle with 3 Magnates your nerves are still wounded right...!!

Sisyphos: I fear, Athena sama,
: I can't be silent after you recklessly acted.
: Tenma! You too!! And...
: YOU ALL!!!
: Don't be easily influenced by the enemy's scheme.
: To just throw your life away without knowing what's to come will sadden Athena sama.
: To us who burn ourselves to fight,
: Our lives are a weapon left till the end, our hope!!

[God Cloth anyone? ^^]

Pharaoh: Ha.
: Excellent, and tedious speech,
: But, if you don't risk your lives now, that door won't open, what do you do?

Sisyphos: I alone will ride your Spell.
: My devotion to Athena sama, measure it, will you?

Pharaoh: Devotion!! You have much confidence!!!

Tenma: Sisyphos!!!!!!!!!!!

U. S.: Sisyphos sama!!!!!!!!!!!

Pharaoh: The Scale is not balanced.
: Your devotion is false. You were just talk.
: !
: Wh... what?
: The tilted Scale is...
: WHY...!

Sisyphos: ...Someone like you... won't understand.
: Fake judge who stepped on people's hearts!!!
: Your Cosmo which manipulated the Scale
: won't bend my devotion!

Pharaoh: What...
: Damn...!!

Sisyphos: Maybe even more than devotion,
: I protect Her since she was young, the feelings for Her,
: Please from now on, too,



I translated LC Chapter 138! ^^

Chapter 138: Demon Harp(Makin)

Rhadamanthys: Rhadamanthys has come, living with dishonor.
: Please allow me to fight in Underworld King's army once again.
: As Your Wyvern!
: Hades sama...!

Pharaoh: Ungainly, you who were defeated by Scorpion in Atlantis(Undersea Temple).

R: !

Pharaoh: You would shamelessly come here.

R: Damn(You Fuck)...
: Who would use that tone with me...

Pharaoh: Sky Beast Star, Sphinx Pharaoh!!!!
: To Rhadamanthys, the once 3 Magnates!

R: ...Once!?

Pharaoh:  ...Yes.
: I praise you for being able to protect Pandora in the crumbling Atlantis.
: "Indeed, the once 3 Magnates!"
: But, if you were able to stop Scorpion, the ship of Athena's army won't have been born, wouldn't it?
: Hades sama is disappointed with you!

R: ...
: I know!! That's why I'm here...!!

Pharaoh: Hades sama won't hear your excuses!?
: What Our King wants now is the only True Devotion!
: You must show that,

R: Demon Harp...! Body is...!
: Body is heavy, can't move freely!

Pharaoh: Now, Rhadamanthys, I will weight your devotion.
: The Symbol of Truth, Maat Feather.
: If your heart is not balanced with the Feather, your devotion is fake...!
: Come, your heart will fly out of your chest soon!
: How much is your devotion, Rhadamanthys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

R:  ...Ha...
: So tedious!!!

Pharaoh: !!

R: Waiting for that Skill to take effect is irritating...
: For Hades sama...
: To lose one or two hearts is nothing!

Pharaoh: What!!?
: What the...! He would pull out his own heart...
: And that heart...
: is burning...!!!
: The reverberations of the battle of Scorpion...?
: With this heart, you can come all the way here...
: ...Still... can move...!?

R: ...Move...! This heart has yet to be put... on the balance!!
: I...
: Hades sama... the fact you would doubt my devotion... that is the true...
: pain like gouging at my heart!!!

Pharaoh: Balanced...!!!
: Rhadamanthys' heart and Truth Maat Feather...!!
: This man has proved his devotion to be true...!!

Alone/Hades: Enough, Pharaoh.
: For devotion, this man doesn't need to gouge into his chest.
: Rhadamanthys, you can still bring me more pleasure.
: As you wish, I'll let you serve Me again...
: You will probably become a great barrier to the Saints!

R: Your Will [be done]!!

Pharaoh: Then the guards are all gathered.
: Then I will return to that post!
: To pile up the hearts of Saints like a mountain in front of this throne!

A/H: I look forward to it, Pharaoh!
: You Demon Harp will
: bring the screams of Saints for me to hear...

Yato: So... So high...
: Amazing, that guy, Hades. Being able to create a castle in this place...!
: Looking at it up close, this door is huge, can it really open?

Tenma: That rascal Hades was able to open it easily...
: ...But this the first time looking at Lost Canvas up close...
: It is really a drawing...
: Even the people and the clouds are made of paints with such detail like wax figures. Very errie.

Yuzurika:: ... So, cling to that door there...?

Tenma: Whatever! Anyway just open it and enter!!

Regulus: Yer! Go in at once and go wild!!!

Pawns: !

Tenma: Harp sounds...? From where...

Pawns: ...Uh...
: Guah...
: Gah... Ga Ga...
: GWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: What!
: Those guys who went first, their hearts...

Pharaoh: Haha... As expected, the hearts of Athena's army are filthy...
: I will measure the value of those hearts.
: Pulled out from your chest!!



I created a New Hades Mythology Gallery. It has 86 pics from LC and ND!!^^
僕は新冥王神話ギャラリーを作りました。NDとLCから 八十六枚の画がある!!^^



I bought Episode G Vol. 17 Limited Edition today! ^^
今日はEPISODE Gの単行本第17巻初回限定版を買いました!^^

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