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Bought masking tape and floating pen!!  Click Here

Star Light Blog Click Here  8-19-2016!! 


Saint Seiya Plus
Saint Seiya Plus #5GM is Online!!
- ND Shiryu Scanlation!!
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- Hypermyth: English and Japanese version
-The Zeus Chapter Fanfic: English and Japanese with Extra info

Info Corner

- Key Info: Seiya History, Anime Relationship Chart
- Translations: Encyclopedia, Sion Q+A, Songs
-Music: Single and Album Listing, Song Lyrics, Special Premium
-My Seiya Collection
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Seiya in Limbo!! Article about the end of the Original Manga!! Click Here

Doujinshi Page

- Hideaki Fujimoto: Yaoi manga
- Sakamihara Iro: Zeus and Chaos Chapter manga
- Sacred Saga: Future Studio Illustrations
- SD Seiya: Funny version of Saint Seiya
Chaos #21!! Parallel!! Click Here

Spanish Chaos #19!! Click Here
Game Guides

- Gold Legend
- Gold Legend Finish
- Gold Legend Perfect Edition
- Saint Paradise 
- Game Books Gallery
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The Review of Brave Soldiers is up!!
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Picture Gallery 
Containing Over 520+pics

Cards Gallery: Pics of Saint Paradise, Playing, Trade Collection Cards!!
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Toy Reunion

- Lots of Pictures of Vintage Toys Click Here

Side Story

- Tanslations of all three Official Side Stories with pictures Click here


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What's Coming


Saint Seiya Plus - Know more about Saint Seiya than beyond the surface.

Picture Galleries

Anime Goods Pics
Manga Pics


More SD Seiyas

Toy Reunion

Toy Between Eras
New Toys

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Bought some event goods!! Took more photos!!  Click Here


I went to Seiya Docks at HK!! Took many photos!!  Click Here


Today I bought LC Gaiden Vol 16!!  Click Here


Today I bought LC Gaiden Vol 15!!  Click Here


Today I got a gift from my uncle!!  Click Here


Today I bought Omega Seiya!! Happy New Year!!  Click Here


Today I bought LC Side Volume 14!! Check the Scans with Extra Manga!!  Click Here


Today I bought LC Side Volume 13!! Click Here


Athens Trip! Museum, Souvenir!! Click Here


Athens Trip! Kerameikos!! Click Here

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