Episode 7: Shun! That Fight!!
                        [Shun! Sono Tatakai!!]

    "El  Dorado...", says Shun, really talking to himself, "The Legend where it is said that one man can bring about the
       Eru Dora-do
     [Oogon Nan:Golden Man]
Golden Country!!"
[  Oogun Koku   ]
    "Yes! Andromeda!", says Midas, "Will you suffer the same fate!?"
    "No!", shouts Shun, "I'll defeat you and save Shiryu at the same time! NEBULA     CHAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
                                                                                                            [NEBYURA CHE-----------N!!]
    The Finish Blow unique to the Andromeda Cloth! Out flies the Chains roaring to attack the Lightner! But the Lightner doesn't flinch one bit and stands there as if nothing has happened! He lets the chains come to him and in an instant catches both chains of the Andromeda Cloth!
    "Ha!", smiles Midas, as the chains turn into gold. The chains fall dead as if their spirit has left.
    "This time it is your turn! Andromeda!", shouts Midas rushing over to punch Shun in the head! Just as Midas is about to connect his punch, Shun shouts, "ROLLING    DEFENSE!!!!!!!!!!!"
                                                 [RO-RINGU DEFUENSU------!!]
    Suddenly the chains are alive again shaking off the gold and the Circle Chain surrounds Shun's body protecting him while bouncing off Midas at the same time!
    "IMPOSSIBLE!", shouts the Lightner as he rights himself from falling.
    "Midas!", shouts Shun, "Do you think I am a fool!? Before I launch my Chains at you I already made sure they are protected!"
    The Oracle looks at the Chains carefully and he can see not just the aura of Andromeda Cosmo but a current of wind surrounding the Chains, almost like a form of coating!
    "Hmmm...", groans the Lightner, "You are the first to have survived my GOLDEN TOUCH. Then... I won't hold back anymore!! NORTH DIPPER BATTLE ARRAY!!"
               [HOKUTOU SHICHISEI JIN!!           ]

    Midas burns his Cosmo and concentrates it in his left arm, suddenly seven Greek Letters appears on his arm!
    "DUBHE!!", shouts Midas, as the Greek letter Alpha on his arm shines!
    The light travels toward Shun! Shun shouts again,
    "ROLLING DEFENSE!!!!!!!!!"
    "It won't work!", shout Midas with eyes crazed! The light passes through the rolling Circle Chain, hitting Shun! His head-piece explodes!
    "GYAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!", screams Shun, crashing to the floor. But, the Lightner doesn't wait and shouts, "MERAK!! PHECDA!!"
    The Beta and Gamma star of the Ursa Major shines!
    "GYAHHHH!!!!!!" and Shun is hit again! Two more lights shine on Shun's body!
    "Don't worry! Andromeda! You won't die until all Seven Stars is on you! MEGREZ! ALIOTH! MIZAR!!"
    "GYAHHHHHHH!!!!!!", screams Shun with the Delta, Epsilon, Zeta stars shining on his body! Midas can see Shun struggling with the pain but stands back up, ready to try to block the last blow!
    "KILLING BLOW!! BENETNASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    Suddenly, Seven feathers fly straight towards Midas's left arm and hitting exactly the seven Greek letters! The Lightner is taken aback and shouts, "UH! Thi... This is!?"
    "Seven Feathers to commemorate the deaths of the Seven Lightners!", comes s a voice!
                                                                                                            [Shichi KouShou:Seven Light Commanders]
    "WH... WHO!?", shouts Midas, angrily!
    "Bro... Brother!"
      [Ni...  Nii san! ]
    Ikki walks past Shun, ignoring him, focuses all his attention at Midas!
    "I am your opponent! PHOENIX WIN...!", but Ikki can't launch his awesome blow because his left arm is caught on
                                    [HOU YO...!]
    "SHUN!?", shouts Ikki in shock! Shun is holding Ikki's right arm preventing him to move!
    "What are you doing? Shun!"
    "Brother! THIS IS MY FIGHT!!"
    "WHAT!?", shouts Ikki who can't believe his ears, "Stop joking! You can't fight with those wounds!!"
    "Brother...", says Shun looking at Ikki intently, "You know... Don't you? Canon is..."
    Ikki finally calms down, "Yes... I know..."
    "We Saints...", continues Shun, "have lost too much already... Who knows what will happen in the future... BUT! IF I CAN'T WIN OVER THIS LIGHTNER, HOW CAN I FIGHT THE GODS!!!!!!"
    Ikki has nothing to say. He looks over to dead souls been cleansed here. They are lying on the ground weeping. Ikki finally realizes that Shun is holding back all the tears he would have shed for the fallen Saints.
    "I understand...", says Ikki calmly, "This guy is for you to defeat..."
    Hearing this Shun smiles, Ikki smiles back. The Phoenix Saint looks over to Midas. The Lightner says, "Phoenix! I won't let you leave!"
    "Huh!" laughs Ikki, "Instead of worrying about me, worry about your Halo!"
    "What!?" shouts Midas and he looks down as his armor and he see the Seal of Andromeda!
    "Fine..." says the Lightner, "The next Lightner will kill you for sure. The Death of the Phoenix will come!"
    With this, Ikki disappears toward the next Purge. Midas wipes off the Phoenix Feathers on his left arm and burns his Cosmo to the full! Again he sees Shun holding up his hand to tries to block the final attack!
    "KILLING BLOW! ANDROMEDA!! BENETNASHHHHHH!!!!!!" The light of the Eta star of the North Dipper travels toward Shun! Right as the light was about to hit Shun, suddenly from the Andromeda Chains, electricity is released, blocking the Benetnash light!
    "What is that!?", shouts Midas in shock!
    "When someone comes in contact with my chains, it will release a Million bolt of electrical shock to the enemy but by my Cosmo, I can command them to release anytime I see fit!"
    Suddenly, between Shun's hands, Cosmo is burning! Finally the Lightner realizes, Shun never intended to block his blow with his hands but to release his counter attack!
    "ELECTRIFY! NEBULA!!", commands Shun to the chains! The Circle Chain positions itself to be positive! The Square
Chain positions to be negative! With both hands open, Shun releases a flowing current of electricity at the Lightner!
 "NEBULA    DISCHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
 [NEBYURA DISCHA--------------JI!!]
    "GYAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!", screams Midas as his whole Halo explodes! He is blown meters away! Even on the ground, he is still quaking. Midas says finally, "So... If Phoenix didn't interfere, I would have died just then..."
    And the Lightner stops quaking, dead and silent.

     Ikki has just reached the Sixth Purge. He can see the dead souls all facing an apple tree...

End of Episode 7.

Episode 8: The Memory of Death!!
                         [Shi no Kioku!!]
    "That tree is the Tree of Immortality!", comes a voice, "When Adam and Eve ate that apple, it was from the Tree of All-Knowledge. If they weren't thrown out from Eden and they ate from these apples, they would have become as powerful as God!"
    "You are the Lightner of this Purge!?", questions Ikki.
    "Gluttony,                     Naga,                 Idun. ...Go, Ikki!"
      Gattonni-                              Na-ga                        I-deun
     [Ga Tenshi:Hungry Angel][Ja Shin:Snake God]
    "Eat from that tree! The Almighty would not mind."
                                            [ Zeus sama     ]
    "Ha!", laughs Ikki, "Do you think an Immortal Bird would ever need to eat from those apples. If you want someone to eat it so much! EAT IT YOURSELF!!"
    Ikki raises his right hand and with his trigger finger sends a Cosmo Pulse into Idun's brain!
    Idun walks over to stand under the apple tree. The dead souls watching him are all pining for the apples with saliva dripping from their mouths. The Lightner picks an apple from a low branch and bites into it. The souls there are groaning with envy.
    But suddenly, Idun spits out what he ate. He looks at the apple and inside, there is actually a red insect flashing its eyes! The Oracle drops the apple and he steps back from it but suddenly the souls around the Purge start to scream in pain! In an instant, the same red insects burst out of their stomachs!
 The apples on the tree, too, have red insects coming out! They drop down start crawling toward the Lightner. Idun is surrounded! Every single insect rush toward him to devour him!
    "GYAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", screams Idun, as the insect bites into his body! The little red devils flies into his mouth and enters every open orifice to eat him from the inside!!!

    "GYAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!", screams Idun again, but finally he starts to notice, he has never moved and he is just lying on the ground!
    "Ah!", shouts Idun, kneeling, breathing hard, "Wha... What was that...?"
    "PHOENIX ILLUSION PUNCH!", says Ikki flatly,  "How does it feel to see Hell in Heaven?"
    [HOU OH  GENMA     KEN!                                   Tendou de jikoku o mita kansou wa dou da?]
    "It was an illusion you made? DAMN YOU!"
                  [genkaku]               [ONORE!       ]
    Idun burns his Cosmo and an aura of Naga, the Snake God of Hindu Myth appears! He raises both his punches and concentrates all his Cosmo there, launches two Cobra heads traveling straight for Ikki! They are moving so fast there is no way the Phoenix Saint can dodge it! The attacks hits his chest and the Cloth there explodes!
    "GYAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!", screams Ikki as he is blown back by the fierce attack! The Phoenix Saint crashes to the ground but he is not defeated. He was about to stand back up when he realizes he can't move!
    "Ha ha ha ha!", laughs the Lightner, "Ikki! My Skill is not just any Skill. The deep poison of Naga is already spreading through your whole body, taking away your movement!"
    Ikki can't move and he acertains what really is happening. He can see his skin starting to turn purple and also there is a weird taste in the back of his mouth. Within moments he could be dead!
    "Ikki... Should I let you die slow? No... NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", shouts Idun while making his hand like a blade sending it to cut Ikki's head off but right then!
    There are Blasts of Cosmo protecting Ikki, surrounding him!
    "WH WHAT IS THIS!?", shouts Idun, jumping back! Ikki can't talk but using his mental ability from his Six Sense, he conveys, 'Idun! If you think just by immobilizing me, I could not fight back you are gravely mistaken! I won't die alone!'
    Ikki burns his Cosmo and concenrates it all in his Phoenix Cloth! Suddenly, the three tails of the Cloth is alive! Ikki shouts,
"PHOENIX FEATHER DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
[HOU         YU             TEN BU--------------------!!]
                                     Sky   Dance
    All the feathers of the Phoenix seperates and flies straight at Idun!
    "GYAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!", screams Idun as all the feathers start to cut him! The Oracle is blown back, crashing to the floor!
    Idun slowlly stands back up. Ikki thinks, 'The Phoenix Seal is done!'
    "Phoenix! I praise you, if you didn't need to seal my Halo, your Feather Dance would've already killed me. It's too bad you won't join us. Zeus would needs fighters like you in the near future..."
    'I won't join you!', thinks Ikki, 'My brothers and I will defeat Zeus. Athena will save the earth! I'm sure!!'
    "Hu! It's time for the Immortal Bird to die!"
    "It's useless! You can't move!! COBRA    PROPOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    Right before the Cobra is ready to kill Ikki for real, the Phoenix Saint is able to move and dodges the skill!!
    "PHOENIX WING  GLIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    [HOU          YOKU TEN SHOU--------------------!!]
                                    Sky  Glide
    "GYAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screams Idun as a flying Phoenix crashes into him!!
    The Oracle is dying and says finally, "Ik... Ikki! I... I never met someone that has a fighting spirit like yours... but as you
                                                                                                                                                                          [toushi             ]
know... You can't escape death this time..."
    With Idun dead, Ikki is calm. He never thought this day would come but finally he lies on the ground, and breathes his last breath, "Shun..."

    "Shun?", says a 2-year-old boy, looking the baby in the crib.
    "Yes... Ikki. That is the name of your Little Brother." , answers a nurse.
    "Is my Mother okay?", asks the young Ikki turning to look at his beautiful mother sleeping in her bed.
    "Oh! Hikaru is fine! Your mother is sleeping. Don't disturb her.", says the nurse while going out of hospital room.
    Suddenly, there is massive light from the ceiling, almost like a portal is opening! A man descends with the light!
    "Who are you?", asks Ikki with wonder.
    "An Oracle of Zeus... Cherubim, Magic, Merlin."
    "What do you want with My Little Brother!"
    "Who said I am here for your little brother? I'm here to take away your Mother!"
    "FINE THEN! DIE FIRST!", shouts Merlin, sending a Cosmo blow to kill Ikki instantly! As Ikki lay dying, Merlin says,
"Your mother will join you right after, Ikki..."

    Ikki opens his eyes and he sees Shiryu and Shun.
    "What happened?"
    "You almost died, Brother. You were talking in your fever..."
    "Really, what did I say?"
    "You were rambling about Mother..."
                                                           [Kaa san]

    "Huh! I totally forgot...", says Ikki shaking his head, "Shun, I told you once before that our Mother was killed by someone but I couldn't remember who did it, but now, I do... It was Merlin!"
    "WHAT!?", shouts Shun, who can't believe his ears!
    "WHAT THE!?" shouts Shiryu who is taken aback, too!
     [NAN TO!?]
    Shun shouts, "But, but why would Merlin..."
    "I don't know... But one thing is sure. If not for Merlin, I would've never be able to wear this Phoenix Cloth! I did die that day when you were born, but somehow the immortality of his Magic Halo was transferred to me. My Cosmo was awakened that day..."
    "Really...", says Shun. Both Ikki and Shun has nothing to say for a while. Suddenly, something occurs to Ikki and he asks, "Shun! I should have died by Idun's hand. Who saved me?"
    "It was Shiryu! He hit your Star Life Points to let the poison out..."
                                                           [Sei  Mei   Ten   ]
    Ikki stands up and says to Shiryu smiling, "I won't thank you, you know..."
    Shiryu also smiles, saying, "We don't have time for that anyway..."
    Seeing this, Shun can't help but smile, too.


    "Adad!" says an Oracle, "6 Lightners are defeated... Maybe those Saint can..."
    "No..." says the Borak Oracle, "Don't worry. We all know that no man or God has ever reached Metis... No one has cross the Ring of Sin... From the very beginning their fight is futile... Ha ha ha ha..."

End of Episode 8.


    Since the time of the Myths, only in Legend have we known about its existence...
    Only in the time of the Myths, was it worn! Now is the time, to awaken that awesome power!!

Saint Seiya The Zeus Chapter - Olympus
[Zennoo   Shin Zeusu Tenkai    Hen
 Almighty God  Zeus  Sky World Chapter]

    Episode 9: Supreme Comet!!
                            Shu-puri-mu Kometo
                           [Ooi naru         Suisei!!]
                10: Athena's Kamui!!
                            [Atena no Shin I:Gods' Cloth!!]


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