Episode 1: Seven Deadly Sins.
                       [Nanatsu no Shi no Tsumi]

    "Where are we?", says Seiya, looking around. In front of him, there is a tall hill.
    "YOU ARE IN PURGATORY!!", shouts a voice.
    "What!?", shouts Shun. All four of them turn to look behind them. They realize that they are actually standing on a beach. The river flowing parallel along the beach seems to extend to no end. A boat is approaching the shore.
    "I said you are in Purgatory...", says the boatman who is wearing a Halo.
                                                                                                                                           [Ten I]
    "Who are you!?", asks Seiya.
    "I am the Deliver of Heaven!!      Tupan, Marcus!! It is my job to deliver the dead to the shore of Purgatory."
                                                                        Tu-pan  Ma-kasu
     [Ore wa Tenkoku e no Watashimori!! Ten Kan Shin:Sky Space God]
    As the boat hits the shore, people can be seen disembarking and walking toward the Hill of Purgatory, heading for a gate.
    "There are Four Gates just like there are 4 rivers that lead to Heaven." continues Marcus dropping his oar in the boat and
steps on the shore, "That is the Gate of Pishon!"
                                                            [ Pi-shon no Mon ]
    "From your tone, you seem to know about us...", says Seiya.
    "Yes. All of Heaven know of your arrival. Besides, no one can just enter here by accident. The Cypher Wall, the barrier of
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Saifa- Wo-ru
                                                                                                                                                                                                   [Fuusetsu no Kabe]
snow and ice that surrounds the Sky World would destroy any soul who would try to approach it. Only those who have been
                                                                [ Ten Kai ]
granted permission by the Gods can..."
    "So...", says Seiya, "We have all awakened the Naka Michi...  Marcus, where's Metis?"
    "Metis...?" answers the Tupan Oracle with puzzlement, "I've never heard of that..."
                                                                   [Ten Toushi]
    "Really!?", questions Seiya, "We're looking for it!"
    "Huh! It is not my job to help you in anyway. Even if I knew where Metis is, I wouldn't tell you!"
    Marcus starts to burn his Cosmo and an aura of Tupan, the Son of the Sky-Goddess in Guarani Myth appears!
    "DIE!!       SPLASHING     UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    Marcus launches his Finish Blow. All four Bronze Saints get pelted by bullets, made out of the waters of the universe! Seeing the water bullets shooting at the Saints, Marcus is convinced that he will win, but wait! Suddenly, there is
Cold Air  flowing around the four boys protecting them.
[Tou  Ki ]
    "WHAT!?", shouts the Oracle.
    "Since he doesn't know where Metis is located, we should not waste time with him.", says Hyoga, coldly.
    Hearing this, Seiya smiles.
    "DIAMOND    DUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", shouts Hyoga, sending the Cold Air to kill Marcus instantly!
    [DAIMONDO DASUTO--------------!!]

    "Let's go, everyone. The so called Gate of Pishon..." shouts Seiya.
      [Ikou minna. Pi-shon on Mon to yara...      ]
    The four runs to the Gate of Purgatory and enters it. On the other side they find they are in an area where alot of the dead souls are bowing but what's most interesting is that all of them have boulders strapped on their backs.
    "What is this!?", shouts Seiya.
    "So terrible!", shouts Shun in sympathy.
     [  Hidoi yo! ]
    "Who would force the dead to do this!?"
    "NO! NO ONE FORCE THEM!", shouts a voice.
    "What!?", shouts Seiya turning to look and he sees a man wearing a Halo but it doesn't seem to be any Halo, the Halo is shining with a white light like light passing through the clouds of the sky, sacred and dazzling.
    "Each of the dead souls that enter Heaven are guilty of one of the Seven Deadly Sins. When those souls enter the Gates of Purgatory, they are sent to one of the Seven Purges to purify themselves. When they have been cleanse of all guilt, they can
                                                                   [Nanatsu no Dou:Temple]
attain Ultimate Happiness, forever."
            [Kyuukyoku no Yorokobi]
    "Then you are...?", questions Shun.
    "Of Course. The guard of this First Purge.
                                                                 [Dai Ichi no Dou]
    One of the 7 Lightners.                                     Pride,                         Arachne,     Nimrod."
                                Raitona-                                                      Puraido                        Arakuni          Nimurodo
                               [Ten Kou Shou:Sky Light Commander][Ko Tenshi:Proud Angel] [Kumo:Spider]
    "So...", says Shiryu, "Each of the Lightners guards the Seven Purges..."
    "Yes...", answers Nimrod.
    "Then, there's no time to waste!", shouts Shiryu, "Seiya! Everyone!! Go!!!"
    "What!?", shouts Seiya! Shiryu runs and grabs hold of Nimrod!
    "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?", shouts Nimrod who starts to struggle to break free of Shiryu's hold.
    "Seiya! Leave this place to me! All of you go ahead!"
    "But! Shiryu!"
    "Shun, we have to find Metis! Go! AH!" shouts Shiryu as Nimrod starts elbowing Shiryu in the stomach!
    "I understand!" shouts Seiya, "Hyoga! Shun!"
    The three Bronze Saints run up the Hill of Purgatory heading for the next Purge!  Shiryu lets Nimrod free. Immediately, the Lightner jumps away from the Dragon Saint.
    "Huh! Shiryu!" shouts the Lightner, "It's fitting that you would stay in this Purge to fight me. You're too proud of your ability!"
      [Fu!  Shiryu to yara!]
    "Really!?", says Shiryu, "Let's see which one of us is guilty of pride!!"
    Nimrod can see Shiryu glowing with a green aura!
ROZAN RISING DRAGON SUPREME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", shouts Shiryu, sending his famous attack at the Lightner.
ROZAN SHOU   RYUU   HA----------------------!!]
    Nimrod's Halo is complelely destroyed! Shiryu starts to walk away when suddenly he sees the body of Nimrod wearing his
Arachne Halo again!
    "Impossible!!", shouts Shiryu as he sees Nimrod stand back up as if nothing happened.
    "I did destroy your Halo to point where the atoms were destroyed!!"
    "Like I said, Shiryu, it's your pride that will lead to your defeat!"

End of Episode1.

 Map of Purgatory(Tenkai - Rendou Ezu)

                                         |     7      |
                                   |           6           |
                              |                5                |
                        |                      4                   |
                  |                            3                         |
              |                                2                             |
      |                                        1                                     |

1. Purge of Pride - the proud have to bow to bear boulders on their backs
2. Purge of Envy - the envious has their eyes forced shut
3. Purge of Wrath - the wrathful must find the way in smoke
4. Purge of Sloth - the slothful must run without pausing
5. Purge of Greed - the greedy must lie flat and face the ground, crying
6. Purge of Gluttony - the gluttonous are tempted by an apple tree
7. Purge of Lust - the lustful are burnt in fire
8. The Summit

Episode 2: The Curse of Second Purge!!
                       [Dai Ni Dou no Noroi!!]

    "Ha ha ha ha!", laughs Nimrod, "On Earth World, you Saints were able to defeat the Thunderas because you destroyed
                                                                              [Chijyou Kai]                                                                        [TenRaiShou]
their Halos completely but facing us Lightners, you can't do that anymore!"
    "What are you saying!?", says Shiryu who is completely comfused.
    "The Halo of Lightners are the most powerful Halos. As long as the Light of Heaven continues to shine, no matter what you do, the Halo will resurrect and protect my body. Shiryu you're lucky that you're not blind."
    "If you didn't awaken fully the Eight Sense, just by shear sight of my Halo will blind you, just like Moses who tried to look at the Divine Light of God..."
    Shiryu is silent.
    "Don't worry! I won't kill your eyes but I will you!!"
    Suddenly, Nimrod jumps up, "DYAHHHHH!!!!!!"
    From his Arachne Halo, thin threads starts to spread to surround the Dragon Saint!
    "These threads!?", shouts Shiryu.
    "The threads that will send you to your death! ARACHNE THREAD!!"
                                                                        [ARAKUNI SUREDDO!!]
    The threads starts to built a web that expands all over the surrounding area, and at the same time holding Shiryu, entrapping him! He tries to struggle to break free but he can't!
    "UAHHH!!!", screams Shiryu in agony, but he tries to speak, "Nim... Nimrod! Where's Metis...?"
    "Metis...", answers Nimrod with a smile, enjoying Shiryu's plight, "...is somewhere on this Hill. But, it's useless to you, you're already dead..."
    Nimrod starts to concentrate his Cosmo in both his hands, raising his arms, ready for the killing blow!
    "THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS FOR SOMEONE SO RECKLESS!!", shouts the Lightner as he runs over to decapitate
Shiryu, but suddenly he stops! One of the threads of the web breaks and cut his left cheek of his face, blood slowly dripping down.
    "What!?", shouts Nimrod. Another thread has broken with a sound just like when a string of a piano breaks! Finally, the Oracle realizes, the threads surrounding the shield of the Dragon Cloth is been cut! Before long Shiryu's left arm is free and he shouts, "ROZAN DRAGON TEETH THRUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
            [ROZAN RYUU      GA        SHOU--------------------!!]

    The Dragon launches his Dragon Shield and it flies up in the sky and starts to travel all around him cutting the threads, before long even the threads in the surrounding area are cut! The spiderweb is no more!
    "IMPOSSBLE!!", shouts Nimrod!
    "Ha!" smiles Shiryu, cleaning off his Cloth of the broken strings, "You didn't know the shield of my Cloth can be separated to be used as a weapon?"
    "By my Cosmo I can control where it goes that's why it has returned to me now..."
    Shiryu straps the Dragon shield back on his left arm, and starts to burn his Cosmo! The aura of the Draco Constellation can be seen behind him!
    "You're attack won't work on me!", shouts the Lightner!
                           [ROZAN SHOU   RYUU       HA---------------!!]
    Shiryu launches his Finish Blow at full strength at Nimrod again. The Halo is destroyed again, but Shiryu doesn't stop!
    "ROZAN DRAGON  GLIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
     ROZAN RYUU HI SHOU---------------!!]
    Like a flying dragon, Shiryu glides toward Nimrod ready to kill him but before his second attack can connect, the Halo has returned again!! Nimrod burns his Cosmo and bounces Shiryu's attack away, sending the Dragon Saint flying back!
    "I know what you were trying to do. Let me be clear, even if you have God Speed, you would still won't be fast enough...
Ha ha ha....
    "Shiryu! For the sin of pride! DIE!!  KILLER FANGED    SPIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
                                                          [KIRA-   FANGUDO SUPAIDA----------!!]
    Behind Nimrod, the aura of a Spider can be seen! The fangs are dripping of lethal poison! The giant spider bites into the Saint of Athena!
    "GYAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" screams Shiryu. He falls on the ground dead!!

    Seiya, Hyoga and Shun are running toward the Second Purge.
    "This is weird!?", shouts Seiya
    "Yes!", answers Hyoga, "It didn't take this long to reach that first Purge..."
    "It is almost like we are running around the same..."
    "SHUN!", shouts Seiya who suddenly realizes Shun is gone! He looks again and Hyoga has also disappeared. Seiya looks around to find them, but all he can see is the road leading to the Second Purge. He runs up there and he finds the dead souls have their eyes forced shut. Seiya can't imagine the pain they must have felt when they first got here, to endure the pain of the needle and thread shutting their eyes forever. Is this really a cleansing or a curse?
    "Athena's Saint! You've finally showed up!"
    "You are..."
    "Envy,                                 Circe,         Hecate!"
      Enbi-                                              She-shi           Hekate-
       [Shitsu Tenshi:Envious Angel][Taka:Falcon]
    "It was you who made Hyoga and Shun disappear?"
    "That was my way to greet you, Pegasus!"
    "If you think making me fight alone would help you in anyway, you are greatly mistaken!"
    "LET'S SEE! VOODOO GOTHIC       CURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
                       [BU-TU-      GOSHIKKU KA-SU-----------!!]
    Seiya can see an aura rise up behind Hecate, a Serpent statue with the body of a snake and a head with 3 faces belonging to a lion, a dog and a horse! From that statue, a Cosmo of cold and spooky light is thrust at Seiya passing through him! He is still but he says, "Just this...?"
                          [Kono teido ka?]
    "WHAT!?" shouts Hecate in shock.
    "This skill that you launch at me is just to to seep your Cosmo into mine so it will slowly destroy me from the inside but, sorry I have dealt with these kinds of skills in the Hades War... It won't work on me..."
    "PEGASUS     SHOOTING STAR PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
     [PEGASASU RYUUSEI                KEN---------------!!]

    "Seiya! Shun!", shouts Hyoga all alone. He runs up to find he is in the Second Purge.
    "You've appeared! The Lightner of the Second Purge!!"
    "Bronze Saint! I've waited for you..."
    "What do you mean!?"
    "Ha! I made Pegasus and Andromeda disappear so you would fight with me fairly!"
    "THEN! COME ON!!"
    [NARABA! KOI!!]
    "VOODOO GOTHIC       CURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!"
     [BU-TU-    GOSHIKKU KA-SU---------!!]
    Hecate launches his cold and spooky Cosmo energy at Hyoga! It pass through Hyoga! But, Hyoga smiles, "This kind of skill can't even scratch the skin of the Swan!  DIAMOND     DUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
                                                             [DAIMONDO DASUTO---------!!]
    From Hyoga's right arm he launches his awesome blow to kill Hecate, aiming at his chest! As the punch connects, somehow Hyoga feels a little funny. He looks down at his own chest and there is a right punch hitting his chest, too! Hyoga was about to think he must have underestimated Hecate when he sees!
    Seiya is looking at him too, with that same funny expression and says, "Hyoga...?"
    Hyoga has also punched Seiya in his chest!! And with this, both Seiya and Hyoga fall to the ground dead!!

End of Episode 2.


    Finally that Saint appears, but is this true!?
    You're not fighting for Athena! You are fighting for Zeus! Why!?
    And, will the truth about the previous wars be finally known?

Saint Seiya The Zeus Chapter - Olympus
[Zennoo   Shin Zeusu Tenkai    Hen
 Almighty God  Zeus  Sky World Chapter]

Episode 3: The Fierce Battle of Second Purge!!
                      [Dani Dou no Gekisen!!]

Episode 4: Seed and Bud.
                        Shido       Bado
                      [Tane   to  Me]


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