Episode 3: The Fierce Battle of Second Purge!!
                         [Dani Dou no Gekisen!!]

    "Shun finally arrives in Second Purge and he finds no one is there. He looks down and shouts, "WHAT!?"
    It is the head-piece of a Cloth. He kneels to pick it up.
    "This is the helmet of Cygnus Cloth! Can it be Hyoga has..."

    Suddenly, Shun can feel a Cosmo and it is a very familiar.


    "Shiryu... Shiryu...! Shiryu!!"
    Shiryu looks up and he sees!
    "Shiryu, what are you doing? The Battle has just begun."
    "I know but Shura, as long as his Halo returns, I can't destroy it..."
    "If that's the case, don't destroy it!
    "Shiryu, I believe in you. All of us Gold Saints have entrusted everything to you Bronze Saints. Rise again!!"
    And with that Shiryu wakes up from his unconciousness. Nimrod was about to walk away when he sees Shiryu stand up.
    "Impossible!!", shouts the Lightner, "He should be dead!"
    "Nimrod! I have traveled to hell's door many times and came back, and even going to hell did not defeat me. I'm not going to be defeated by you!!"
    "Really? You can't destroy my Halo, no matter how many times you try... Return to the Land World! You Bronze Saints should have never come here..."
    "I have never run away from a fight! I'm not going to start today!!", shouts the Dragon Saint as he starts to burn his Cosmo!
    The Arachne Oracles readys for Shiryu's attack and grins.
    "ROZAN RISING DRAGON SUPREME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
     ROZAN SHOU   RYUU       HA----------------------!!]
    Again comes the attack of Shiryu! Nimrod just stands there and lets Shiryu's attack hit him. The attack connects but this time the Halo doesn't even get destroyed, not even a scratch is left on the armor of the warrior of Heaven.
    "Ha ha ha ha....", laughs Nimrod, "Is this all you got? How did you Bronze Saints ever defeat Hades? You must have gotten lucky..."
    "I don't think so..."
    "Look at your Halo again!"
    Nimrod looks down annoyingly and he sees!
    "What!? What is this?", shouts the Lightner. He sees a mark, a mark that looks like a Dragon.

    "Nimrod, if I can't destroy your Halo, I'll seal it!!"
    "Like you said, your Halo will always return to you as long as the light of Heaven exist but what does that really mean? The Halo of the Oracle can resurrect itself can only mean that, there is an external Cosmo that continues to help it resurrect but what if that Cosmo is blocked!?"
    "Then you mean!!"
    "Yes, the Rising Dragon Supreme just then was not to kill you but to launch my Cosmo as a Dragon Seal!!"
    "I don't believe it!!" shouts Nimrod as he starts to run toward Shiryu ready to punch him in the head but Shiryu dodges it and kicks him! The Lightner is sent flying and he crashes to the ground!
    Nimrod slowlly stands back up when he feels a little funny. He feels pain!
    "How can I feel pain?" wonders Nimrod as he looks down on the Mark of the Dragon again, "Can, can it be!?"
    "Yes, the Dragon Seal also sealed the healing ability of your Halo!"
    "DAMN YOU!!" shouts the angry Nimrod rushing to hit Shiryu again but Shiryu dodges it again and says, "Nimrod, where's Metis?"
    "Like I said, Metis is somewhere on this hill but you Saints will never get it!", says Nimrod as he starts to burn his Cosmo again!!
     "KILLER FANGED    SPIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
     [KIRA-   FANGUDO SUPAIDA----------!!]
    Again, a giant Spider is ready to bite into the Dragon Saint but this time Shiryu uses his Shield to block the attack!!
    "You can't use an attack on a Saint twice. Didn't the dead spirits of the Thunderas tell you?"
    "ROZAN DRAGON  GLIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
     ROZAN RYUU HI   SHOU---------------!!]
    "GYAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", screams Nimrod as the a flying dragon kills him!!

    Shiryu leaves the first Purge and immediately arrives in the Second Purge.
    "This is weird... Where's Seiya and the others...?"
    He looks down and shouts, "What is this!? This is the head-piece of Pegaus Cloth! Can it be Seiya has!!"
                                                                                                                                                                            [Masaka Seiya wa!!]

    "YES!!   THAT IS SO!!!", shouts a voice.
    "This Cosmo...", shouts Shiryu as he looks up, "IT IS YOU! IKKI!!"
    Ikki finally appears and he is wearing the Neo Phoenix Cloth walking to stand infront of Shiryu.
                                                                                                  [Hou oh Seiza]
    "Seiya is dead?", asks Shiryu.
    Ikki smiles and says, "Yes! I've killed him..."
    But Ikki continues, "Not just Seiya, Hyoga is also dead... You will die too!"
    Suddenly, Ikki launches a right hook at Shiryu! Shiryu blocks the blow with his left hand! Looking at his eyes, Shiryu realizes Ikki is serious!
    "Why, Ikki !?"
    "It's simple.", grins Ikki, "After coming to Heaven, I've realized Zeus is the Ultimate, Supreme God, not Athena!!"
                                                                                                                                                          [  Zettai Saikou Shin           ]
    "What you say!", cries Shiryu who can't believe his ears.
    "Not just that! I understand that the Oracles are the most powerful Soldiers of the Gods! I have decided to serve as one of
                                                                                                                                          [    Kami no Yuushi        ]
them, a Warrior of Zeus!!"
               [ Zeusu no Senshi ]
    Shiryu is now steaming with anger and says,
"If that is so... If that is so! IF THAT IS SO, WHY AREN'T YOU WEARING A HALO!?"
[Datoshitara... Datoshitara! DATOSHITARA, NAZE HE-RO WO KINAI NO KA!?]
    "Ha!", remarks Ikki, "You still don't understand, do you, Shiryu? The only reason I am able to wear this Phoenix Cloth is all because the Almighty God, Zeus!!"
    "WHAT!?", shouts Shiryu in total shock but then, he can sense Ikki burning his Cosmo getting ready to launch his Finish
    "Ikki...", says Shiryu, now calm, "...I understand."
    Shiryu burns his Cosmo so much that all his hair is flying up on ends!
    "DIE!   ATHENA'S SAINT!!        PHOENIX WING  GLIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    [SHINE! ATENA NO SEINTO!! HOU          YOKU TENSHOU----------!!]
    [ROZAN SHOU   RYUU       HA----------------!!]
    Both Ikki and Shiryu launch their attacks at the same time. A Phoenix is flying straight for Shiryu! A Dragon is flying straight for Ikki! Finally, the Dragon and Phoenix collides!!
    BUT WAIT!!
    Suddenly, everything is still!
    "Ah!", exclaims Shiryu, "Shun!?"
    "Shiryu!", exclaims Shun. Both of them staring at each other, unaware of what just happened.
    "Shun! It is you!? It is really you!?"
    "Shiryu! It's me that should ask that question! I just arrived here and my Brother showed up saying he was going kill me, so I..."
    "If that is so... Both our attacks would have destroyed us both but why have we stopped..."
    "I... Ah! This Cosmo... It must be..."
    Suddenly, both Shun and Shiryu fall to ground, unconcious. Right then, Hecate appears and says, "...Don't you think it's time you show yourself..."
    "Okay then...", says a man, "I don't need to coak my appearance anymore..."
    "It is you!", says Hecate smiling, "The man who used a God for a Puppet King!! GEMINI KANON!!"
                                                                                                                                                                      [Futako Za:Twin Constellation]

End of Episode 3.

Episode 4: Seed and Bud.
                        Shido      Bado
                      [Tane   to  Me]

    The Gold Saint appears wearing the Gemini Gold Cloth standing over the four Bronze Saints.
    "It was you who stopped Dragon and Andromeda..."
    "Yes...", says Kanon calmly, "I used my power to paralyze them at the last second..."
    Kanon smiles with an evil grin,"Would you like me to do the same to you?"
    "Please... Do you think I am just any Oracle. I am one of the 7 Lightners!
TAKE THIS! VOODOO GOTHIC      CURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
                     [BU-TU-     GOSHIKKU KA-SU---------!!]
    "Please...", says Kanon, calmly, "I've just witnessed your..."
    But Kanon can't finish! He is hit with full force! He is let fly, crashing few meters away! Kanon is kneeling and he splits out blood without meaning to!
    "So... The power of the VOODOO GOTHIC CURSE you launch at Shun and the others were split amongst them, but this time you concentrate all that power on me..."
    "That's right... DIE!!!!!!", shouts Hecate, launching his right arm to pull Kanon's heart out!
    But right then, Kanon shouts, "JUGGLER DEVIL PUNCH!!"
                                                 [GENROU  MAOH  KEN!!]
    From his right hand, the Gold Saint launches one of the most powerful Tricks ever created! Hecate is hit, paralyzed, still, like
                                                                                                                                                  [Ma Ken]
a marionette ready for instruction!
    "Hecate...", speaks Kanon, standing up, "How can I reach Metis?"
    "...", Hecate is silent, unwilling.
    "ANSWER ME!!", shouts Kanon in anger.
    "Metis can be reached... If you can cross the Ring of Sin..."
                                                                                                Ringu obu Shin
                                                                                              [Tsumi no En:Circle of Sin]
    "Really...? I don't want to waste so much time. Go get it for me!"
    "!!!", Hecate is in shock. He is clearly unwilling!
    "DO IT!!!", shouts Kanon.
    Hecate hestiates for one second but suddenly he disappears. Kanon waits for him. After 3 seconds the Lightner comes back, holding a bag. Hecate gives it to the Gold Saint. Kanon opens the bag and feels inside.
    "What...", says Kanon with a weird premonition, "This feels like hair..."
    Kanon takes the object out and it is a head of a human!

    "WHAT!?", shouts Kanon!
    "HA HA HA HA!!!!", laughts Hecate, "WE'VE KILL ATHENA FOR YOU! KANON!! ATHENA'S HEAD IS METIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    Kanon was in shock for a moment but quickly he calms down. He closes his eyes for one second and opens them again. He realizes he is not holding Athena's head but the helmet of Gemini Cloth. He lets it drop and it rolls between him and Hecate,
with the bad face of the helmet facing the Oracle and the good face of the helmet facing Kanon.
    "So...", says Kanon flatly, "When I let you leave to get Metis, it was then you created this illusion..."
    "Maybe in the past opponents, your JUGGLER DEVIL PUNCH would work but not on me. Knowing you have to cross the Ring of Sin to reach Metis is my gift... It doesn't hurt Zeus one bit."
    "Fine... Then I thank you with this! GALAXIAN            EXPLOSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
                                                       [GYARAKUSHIAN EKUSUPURO-JYON------------!!]
    One of the most powerful Cosmo Skills ever created! So powerful, whole stars can be destroyed by this one attack! The Oracle is hit with a whole landscape of exploding planets around him!
    His Halo is cracking, but suddenly, it all stops! Hecate contains the attack in his hands, holding it there for a second and then lets the energy disperse, opening his hands, the energy disappears to the air!
    "Like I said, I am not like your past opponent even your most powerful attack won't work on me... Maybe you yourself don't realize but I know a lot about you and your twin, Saga..."
    "Kanon, you once used Poseidon for your own ends but little do you know you have been a pawn all this time..."
    "What are you talking about...?"
    "13 years ago is where everything started, before Hades made his war on Athena, he made plans to weaken her army.
    "Hypnos planted an Evil Bud in Saga which was later watered by you, Kanon, to flower into an extreme case of
                                   Ebiru Bado
                                            [Aku no Me]
split personality. Saga killed Pope Sion and caused the Civil War of the Saints.
[  ni jyuu jinkaku  ]                                                                             [ Seinto no Nairan ]
    "Thanatos planted an Evil Seed in you which made you want to take the land from Athena. Saga helped the seed to grow
                                                Ebiru Shido
                                               [Aku no Tane]
by imprisoning you in Cape Sounion, as a result, you caused the Poseidon War..."
    Kanon is silent. Hecate pauses a while for all he said to the Gemini Saint to sink in.
    "Finally, when it was time to attack Athena, Hades even used the dead Saints to invade Sanctuary! Ha! That Hades! He has acted like this since the time of the myths, never appearing until it matters..."
    "Hecate...", says Kanon, "Hades still lost in the end. Zeus will suffer that same fate... I of all people know, Athena's love of the land will always bring her to victory..."
    "Kanon... Do you think the Olympus Gods like Artemis would follow Zeus for no reason. Zeus is the God who's
Omniscient and Omnipotent... We all know that, Athena too. But, there is one thing even Apollon and the others don't
[    Zenchizennou no Kami    ]                                                                                                                               Aporon
    Hecate pauses again, smiling with an evil grin and finally says, "... Hades is also just a pawn..."
    "The likes of you will never understand. It is fitting you should die here in this Purge, Kanon... You are guilty of envy more than any other Saint..."
    Hecate burns his Cosmo to the full, "As you probably noticed I am not just limited to attacks of the mind. THIS IS THE
                                                                          [MEGATON TOMAHA----------KU!!]
    Hecate jumps up and dives down upside down with his head aiming at Kanon! Like a missle sent to destroy the Gemini Saint all the Cosmo concentrates on the beak of the Oracle!
    "GYAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", screams Kanon. With this hit, he is driven down on the ground, his whole Cloth destroyed instantly, while at the same time, a crater with a diameter of 20 meters is created! Dust flying up all over the place!
    "The symbol of your envy is destroyed..." says Hecate with a sign of reserve, "Now is the time for you to die..."
 Hecate walks inside the crater approaching the defeated Kanon. He stands over him and shouts,
    Suddenly, Hecate's right hand is caught on something!
    It is the Circle Chain of Andromeda Cloth!!
    "So...", says Hecate turning to look behind him, "Andromeda... You've gain conciouness..."
    "I'm not going to let you kill Kanon!", shouts Shun.
    "Ha!", laughs the Lightner, "Fine! I'll finish you first!"
    Hecate was about to cut the Circle Chain when, "Hecate! You're fighting me!!"
    "Kanon!", shouts Shun. Hecate looks back at the Gold Saint, slowly standing up.
    "Shun... Release him..."
    "You of all people know I never said I was your ally. It is not your place to interfere! NOW DRAW BACK YOUR
    "Kanon...", answers Shun softly, as he withdraws his Circle Chain. Kanon focuses all his attention on the Lightner.
    "So Kanon you will finish this fight?"
    "Hecate! You may have destroyed my Cloth but your Halo is also hurt!!"
    Shun looks at Hecate's Halo and he sees the Mark of the Gemini!
    "This is!?", shouts the Lightner!
    "The Gemini Seal! Your Halo will not help you anymore!!"
    "Fine! But like I said your Cloth is gone!!!!"
    "GYAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screams Kanon as Hecate sents a punch right at his heart!!
    "KANON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", screams Shun!!

End of Episode 4.


    Saints can't use weapons but what does that really mean?
    And, what is the real objective of Purgatory?

Saint Seiya The Zeus Chapter - Olympus
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 Almighty God  Zeus  Sky World Chapter]

    Episode 5: Goal.
                 6: Amethyst vs. Diamond!!
                           [Amejisuto tai   Daimondo!]


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