Episode  11: Hera! The Queen of Heaven!!
                            [Hera!    Tenjyouoh:Sky Queen!!]

    No one is speaking. All is silent almost as if this is the calm before the storm, but finally, someone breaks the silence, "SA! SAORI!!!"
    Seiya is clearly worried about Saori. He has never felt such a powerful Cosmo other than Athena's. Hera is wearing a

Kamui just as magnificent as Athena's, but while Athena is holding a Shield in her left hand and a Cane in her right hand, Hera
                                                                                                                                        [Tate]                                              [Jyou]
is holding just a Rapier in her right hand.
    "Seiya! Everyone! Go!", says Athena, coldly, "This is a fight even you Saints can not interfere."
    Seiya can't believe what he is hearing and was about to fly back down to join Athena when Shiryu holds him back, "Seiya... We can not disobey Athena's Order..."
    Shun comes over and says to him, "Seiya... We have to trust in Athena that she will win. We have to leave first..."
    Seiya is clearly unwilling but, he finally says, "I understand..."
    As the five Bronze Saints enter the portal, Seiya was about to look back to see Athena one last time but he stops and says, "Athena... I have faith in you completely..."
    As the Saints disappear through the hole leading to Olympus, Hera finally speaks, "Athena... your Saints have sealed their own fates... They will die for sure... Ho ho ho ho..."
    "Hera... Instead of worrying about my Saints, worry about yourself..."
    "So Athena... Just because you think you are finally wearing your Kamui, you will win? Your Kamui has been fully awakened but I wonder, have your full power returned?"
    Hera injects all her Cosmo in her Rapier and Cosmo flies out toward Athena but right at that same instance, Athena too, injects all her Cosmo in her Cane and sends an immense Cosmo sphere toward Hera!
    Both attacks collide and the powers of the immense blows are contained in the center! The reverberations of this one taste of the huge power of the Olympus Gods have already leveled the trees in the surrounding area! Finally both Athena and Hera stop as their helmets fly away revealing their full faces! Hera has black hair and dark eyes, a clear contrast to Athena's brown hair and gray eyes.
    "Well Hera...", says Athena smiling, "Is this proof enough for you?"
    "Athena... I knew the Tree of Knowledge was the symbol that led the dead souls here to strive to enter Olympus but I never fathomed that it was also a disguise..."
    "Yes. Although when Heaven was created the Tree already existed, when it was time for Zeus to entrust the land to someone, he asked me would I be willing to forgo my access to my Kamui. I accepted the terms and he split the Kamui in two:
                                                                                                                                       [Shin I]
 Metis, the essence of my Kamui and the Sacred Cloth, the armor of Athena... He sealed the Metis inside the giant Olive tree
[Chie]                                                                       [Sei naru Koromo]
and my Cloth transformed into Athena Statue. A Temple was erected for that statue on the land, later the
                [Sei I]
 12 Palaces and other structures were  constructed around that Temple..."
[Jyuu Ni Kyuuden]

    As Hera listened to this, she wonders why would Zeus take all this trouble with Athena's Kamui, could it be that he knew one day, the Goddess of War and Wisdom would rebel against him or is it because of something else?
    "Very well...", says Hera, "It seems you have gained full control of your Cosmo and your ultimate armor... THEN I WILL DESTROY YOU WITH NO RESERVE!!"
    "WHAT!?", shouts Athena, as she feels Hera burn her Cosmo! She can see behind Hera, an aura suddenly rise! She can see an image where all those women that Zeus once loved and mated with, die by the wrath of the Sky Queen!
    Hera shouts, "DIE!      ATHENA!! DEADLY     CRISIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
                        [SHINE! ATENA!!    DEDDORI- KURAISHIZU-----------!!]
    Hera's giant attack hits Athena directly in the chest and explodes there!
    "GYAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!", screams Athena as her Kamui starts to crack and explode!! Athena's body start to burn from the immense heat of the attack! The blaze finally dies down with Athena's corpse falling to the ground!
    "Ho ho ho ho...", laughs Hera, softly, "Good Bye Athena. How foolish of you to go against me..."
    Hera was about to leave when there is!
    "You want to kill me that much, Hera..."
    "WHAT!?", shouts the Olympus Goddess! She is shocked not because of Athena's voice but because of ATHENA'S SHIELD!! The power of Hera's DEADLY CRISIS is contained in front of the Shield and finally Athena deflects the power away from her!
    "Hera... If I was still wearing my Cloth, your D. Crisis would have definitely kill me, but by wearing my Kamui, the full
power of my Armor and Items have completely returned..."
                                                  [Shingu:God Item]
    "I have heard how powerful your Shield is but...", says Hera in shock, "I never fathomed it can protect you to such a level that you can complelely protect yourself behind it..."
    "Ha!", remarks Athena, "You have yet to see the real power of my Shield of Justice..."
                                                                                                                                           [   Seigi no Tate    ]
    "WHAT!?", shouts Hera, as she senses Athena finally burning her Cosmo! An aura suddenly rise behind Athena: the Goddess of War and Wisdom is in full armor and she uses her shield to force all kinds of Gods and Demons away from the Land!
SHINING       AEGIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
SHAININGU AIGI-------------SU!!]
    From Athena's great Shield, massive light starts to shine!
    "KYAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!", screams Hera as she is blown back by the blinding attack! Her rapier fly meters away from her! Hera is lying on the ground filled with pain. She knows she is lucky to be alive because this is probably one of those attacks that can rival Zeus's!
    "Hera! I have a score to settle with you..."
    "Score?", questions Hera in puzzlment.
    "IT WAS YOU WHO SUNK THE CONTINENT OF MU!!", shouts the angry Athena!

End of Episode 11.

Episode 12: Athena! The Time of Promise!!
                           [Atena!      Yakusoku no Toki!!]

    Hera finally stands back up and smiles, "I always wondered if you knew... So... That's how you dodge my D.   Crisis. because you knew what I did all along...
    "By your D. C., all the volcanoes on the Continent and the ones surrounding it erupted and as a result only islands are left now. Not only did you take the lives of the Mu Alchemists, but you caused the death of so many Saints!"
    "Ha!", remarks Hera, "Actually, I only planned to kill the Alchemists. I never fathomed that the Gigas Gaints would take advantage of the situation..."
    "You owe me so many lives Hera!!", shouts Athena, Saori has never been this angry in her life!
    "So, Athena... That is why you chose to fight with me alone without your Saints..."
    "Answer me this at least... Why?", says Athena finally calming herself.
    "You don't know... Athena!!", shouts Hera. Now, it is the Sky Queen's turn to be angry!
    "You of all people know... When most of us Olympus Gods abandoned the Earth, Zeus entrusted the Earth to you not me! And yes I was given the power to govern Heaven when Zeus was not there but the command of his army was given to Apollon. What real power do I have!"
    "Yes..." says Athena, "You were always jealous of me when I was given rule of the land, you were also very jealous of that Olympus God who protected the Earth before me... But Hera, just because of that?"
    Hera now calm says, "Do you not care if Heaven falls?"
    "What will be accomplished even if you do get to see Him again... Do you dare to fight Him!? Do you really care what will happen to the order of the universe if He is not here...?"
    "Hera... How is there order if Zeus kills all the lives on Earth?"
    "Let's say you do defeat Zeus, can a little girl like you really protect the universe...? You of all people know there are countless beings waiting to take over..."
    "All I know is this, if Zeus accomplishes to create the so called New Age of the Gods in this violent and merciless way, the world is not worth protecting!! Hera! I will forgive you if you apologize for what you have done and you come with me to stop Him!"
    "Athena... I don't regret sinking Mu, nor do I regret Gigantomachia! I only regret I didn't kill you before this!!", shouts
                                                                                                           [Kyojin tono Tatakai]
Hera as she picks up her rapier!
    "ATHENA! THE ONE THAT NEEDS TO BE STOPPED IS YOU!!", shouts Hera as she rushes toward Athena. She thrust the rapier at the Goddess and aims the tip at Athena’s heart!!
    But right then, the Goddess of War and Wisdom uses her Shield again the rapier stops its motion in front of it. Taking this chance, Athena wrings her Cane to cut the rapier in two!
    "These kind of attack won't work on me...", says Athena, calm but right then, Hera smiles! As it turned out, the rapier attack was only a distraction, Athena finally realizes Hera's real attack! She can see around her, that are Cosmo surrounding her! NO! COSMO EYES!
    Eyes of Cosmo are opening like the tale of a peacock!

    "What is this!?", shouts Athena, deep in distress. The eyes are surrounding her her on all sides!
    "My most powerful attack...", says Hera, "Since your Items will protect you, this new attack will bypass them!!"
    Hera shouts, "DIE!      ATHENA!! DEADLY    CANONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
                       [SHINE! ATENA!!    DEDDORI- KYANON-------------SU!!]
    From all the Cosmo Eyes, purple-blue beams start shooting at Athena! Her Shield and Cane is knocked away from her as the attack continues!
    "GYAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!", screams Athena in pain, as she is hit by the beams on all sides! She is knocked flying up in the air, landing a few meters away, blood spraying away!
    Hera walks to stand over the inert body of Athena. The Goddess of the Land may be dead but the Queen of Heaven knows she is wearing her Kamui, to be certain, she kneels down to give the Athena, the killing blow!
    Hera turns her right arm into a blade and plunges it into Athena's heart! She was about to penetrate Athena's chest when Athena's left hand catches it! From Athena's right hand, a Cosmo Blast is released and Hera jumps away to dodge it!
    "Athena... Why won't you die and join your Saints...?"
    "Like I said before, my Saints will challenge the Gods. My trust in them that they will win is the same as their trust in me!!"
    Saori is feeling pain all over. Blood is slowly dripping down from her forehead. She wipes it away with her left hand and with her right hand he calls her Cane to fly back to her hand.
    "It's useless...", says Hera, coldly, "This time it will be over..."
    Hera burns her Cosmo to the most expanding it so that all of Heaven in Purgatory and Olympus can feel.
    "DEADLY     CANONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    [DEDDORI- KYANON------------SU!!]
    Again, the Cosmo Eyes appear all around Athena! Athena knows this is it. She burns her Cosmo to the most! The Eyes fire! And the purple-blue beams all travel to destroy Athena, but right then!! Athena's whole body shines and a giant of
 Orb of Life appears!
[Inochi no Tama]
    All the purple-beams can not penetrate the Life Orb around Athena!
    Athena starts to expand her Cosmo! Hera can see an image suddenly rise. It is Attica! Poseidon has just use his Trident to create a spring and Athena has just used her Staff to create the first Olive Tree ever to exist. The people watching this are happy and a small Goddess by the name of Nike, the Goddess of Victory is standing by the right shoulder of Athena!
    Athena shouts, "WINNING PARTHENOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
                            [UININGU  PARUTENNO------------------SU!!]
    From Athena's Golden Cane, all her power is directed at Hera and punches through her chest! Athena has won, her first
                          [Ougun no Jyou]
win on her own for the first time in our era. Hera is lying on the ground dying. Athena picks up her Shield and is about to leave. She stops to hear what Hera has to say, "Athena... Why do you protect the land this much...?"
    "To protect a promise I made a long, long time ago..."
    "Promise...?", wonders Hera, "But to whom did you make this promise?"
    Athena smiles and does not answer.

End of Episode 12.


    Olympus!! The home of the Gods! Apollon and Artemis are there but,
    Poseidon doesn't confront them instead he fights with the God who
    ranks up there with Zeus and Athena!!


Saint Seiya The Zeus Chapter - Olympus
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 Almighty God  Zeus  Sky World Chapter]

    Episode 13: Apollon                and Artemis!!
                               Aporon                                Arutemisu
                             [Taiyoushin:Sun God to     Tsukishin:Moon God!!]
                 14: Shock! The 12 Kamui!!
                             [Odoroki! 12 Tai no Shin I!!]


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