Episode 7: Poseidon! Again!!
                  [Poseidon! Futatabi!!]

    Greece, Cape Sounion.

    "Finally, we come back here again.", says Julian, standing on the beach beside Cape Sounion.
    "Yes, Master Julian.", says Solent standing beside him, looking at the crashing waves. For Solent, he always felt the sea is
                 [Jyurian sama]
his real home, the sea where all life came from.
    This whole month, Julian and Solent have traveled the world comforting the children who lost their parents to the inundation
that threatened to drown the world. Solent actually feels guilty because he enjoyed it so much. Seeing the smiles coming from the orphans when listening to his flute, it is actually comforting for him to play for them. It is almost like the children are giving their forgiveness for what they did in the Poseidon War.
    "Again!", shouts Solent, without meaning to.
    "What is it?", questions Julian, "You are distracted again..."
    "Nothing really...", says Solent smiling. What he doesn't want to tell Julian is that all today, he has felt the presence of very powerful Cosmo appearing all around the world.
    Right then, lightning strikes on the beach and a man appears!
    "Siren,                     Solent...", says the man, "Still the lackey of the Sea King...?"
       Seire-n                            Sorento                                                                                [Kai Oh]
      [Kai Majyo:Sea Witch]
    "What!? Who are you!?", shouts Solent with anger.
    "One of the 9 Thunderas,
     [Kyuu Rai Shou no Hitori]

 Principality,                        Ida,                                         Troy. I am here to kill Julian Solo..."
 Purinshipareti                               I-da                                                        Toroi
[Ken Tenshi:Authority Angel]  [Jiyuu Jyooshin:Freedom Goddess]
    "What!?", shouts Solent, shocked.
    "Zeus does not want the Spirit of Poseidon to possess Julian again, and interfere with his plans... Now move aside..."
    "No!", shouts Solent. He graps his flute and shouts,
    "DEAD    END    SYMPHONY!!"
    Out comes the beautiful music but this time, it is not to soothe anyone, but the sonic waves of the notes will attack! But right before the melody can reach Troy, he launches a ball of Cosmo Energy at light speed at Solent! The once Music Student crashes to the sand on his face, groaning from the pain, "Kuhhh..."
    "Fool! You're not even wearing your General       Scale, do you think you are a match for me!?"
                                                                                 Jeneraru         Sukeiru
                                                                                [Kai Shougun Rin      I:Sea General Scale Cloth]
    Troy was about to approach Julian within lethal distance when he realizes he can't move! He says to himself, "It... It is almost like I am bound!"
    With a blank face, Julian has been silent all through this. Seeing this Solent finally realizes Julian again seems to have     transformed into someone else! He shouts, "Like that time during the Hades War!!"
    All of a sudden, Troy can feel a Cosmo emitted by Julian, "Su... Such... powerful unrivaled Cosmo..."
    Solent can feel it too, "Can it be the Sea King's Spirit has descended again into Master Julian's body!?"

    Finally Julian speaks, "Oracle! So, Zeus sent you here?"
    "Yes! Poseidon! Zeus ordered me to come to take your head and deliver it to Him!"
    "Huh!", laughs Julian, "...he has done much more than that, hasn't he? Ida..."
    "Master Poseidon, what do you mean?"
    "Solent, do you think that movement of the Red Comet obeys the laws of our universe?"
    "Eh!?", groans the puzzled Solent.
    "Once that Comet reaches our Solar System, it can't be stopped..."
    "Th... Then you mean!?"
    "Yes! That is the work of Zeus!"
    "Leave! Ida!", says Julian, "This is not a place a person like you should come..."
    "I DON'T FOLLOW YOUR ORDERS!! POSEIDON!!!", shouts Troy, he starts to run toward Poseidon again when suddenly a flash of Cosmo shines at Troy!
    In an instant, Troy's headpiece of his Ida Halo gets split in half and drops to the sand. With blood dripping from his forehead, Troy wipes off the blood and finally calms down. He snares, "Huh! Poseidon! The Defeated of Athena!! What else are you going to do to help that girl? If you think you can make any difference against Zeus, you are naive! WA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!"
    Troy was enjoying his insult to Julian when suddenly to the left of him in the blue sea, a tide pillar rises up! But not only that,
the sea is parting!!
    "What!?", shouts Troy. He can see someone coming from the bottom of that sea!! That someone is holding Athena's Jar!!!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           [Atena no Tsubo]
    "Ah... Ahh! Who!?", shouts Troy.
    "Kaiser Saint! Carina, Achillies!", shouts the Saint of Athena finally arriving on the sand.
    "What are you doing with Athena's Jar?", screams Troy.
    "Athena ordered me to get it!"
    "What!? Impossible!"
    "No! It is not!!", shouts Achillies, while removing Athena's Seal!!!!
                                                                                                                    [Atena no Fuuin]
    The cap of Athena's Jar flies up and disappears! The imprisoned Poseidon's Spirit is finally free! It can be seen flying out of the jar and right into Julian's body!
    Julian closes his eyes,
    Cosmo rising...
    "Now is the time..."
    Cosmo expanding...
    "Now is the time..."
    Cosmo expanding more...
    "Now is the time that I..."

End of Episode 7.

Episode 8: The Mystery of Sea Dragon's Disappearance!!
                          Shii Doragon
                  [Kairyuu       no Shissou no Nazo!!]

    Troy can sense the Cosmo emitted by Poseidon has reached a scale never seen before, "I... I have never felt such a Big Cosmo other than... Zeus's..."
    The Oracle of Zeus is driven near to insanity by what just happened and says, "But! I can't disobey Zeus!
 DIE!      POSEIDON!! BLAZING          TORCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
[SHINE! POSEIDON!! BURAZAINGU TO---------------------CHI!!]
    Troy raises his right arm and concentrates all his Cosmo into his right hand, immediately, a huge gold fireball of Cosmo appears! He launches this Finish Blow straight at Poseidon!
    The fireball doesn't travel, instead the projectile bounces back right at Troy! Troy gets hit hard, sending him flying away, crashing into the sand few meters behind, "GWAHHHHH!!!!"
    "I told you to leave...", says the calm Poseidon, "I am a God. If you spit at the sky it would return back to your own self. If you raise punches at a God, it would all return to your own self."
    "Uh... Kuh...", groans Troy in pain, "Im... Impossible..."
    "IDA!", shouts Achillies rushing over facing the Thundera directly. The Saint burns his Cosmo and an aura rises behind
him. It is the Keel of the Argo!!
    roars Achillies in anger, launching his Finish Blow!
    Troy is killed in less than one second!! His black, charcoal body flies away landing in the blue waters of Cape Sounion!
    "Amazing!", says Solent finally able to stand up, "The Kaiser Saints can be this powerful!!!"
    "No.", says Poseidon, "He has yet to use his real power..."
    "His real strength lies in his Marina Power."
                                                          [Kai Toushi no Chikara:Sea Fighter Power]
    "What!?", shouts Solent, shocked, "Then you mean he is..."
                                                                                                         Jeneraru            Shi-doragon

     "My King...", says Achillies kneeling in front of Poseidon, "I beg your forgiveness that I did not serve you in the Poseidon
     [Poseidon sama]
    "It's alright, Sea Dragon.", says Poseidon, smiling kindly, "The last time we talked I sent you to watch the movement of Sanctuary, but you never came back. I thought maybe Athena's Saints imprisoned you... What happened?"
    "I killed Eurydice!", says Achillies, emotionally.
    "WHAT!?", shouts Solent, "The lover of Lyra Orphee. The Orphee who's a Silver Saint, but has a power said to be
                                                                                      [Koto Za:Lyre Constellation]
beyond a Gold Saint!"
    Poseidon remains silent. He knows this is very difficult for his General so, he patiently waits for him to pour out his story.
    "I... I... did as you ordered, My King... ", says Achillies, "I went to watch the troops of Athena. I was about to leave to report to you when Eurydice suddenly appeared. She found where I hid. She was very frightened of me. I chased after her. I intended only to catch her and then block out the memory of my existence and my hiding place. But, before I knew it, she suddenly fell to the ground, dead! It turned out she had trod on a snake and died from a bite on her heel..."
    With flowing tears, Achillies continues, "I... I was holding her dead body in my arms! I didn't know what to do! But, suddenly then, I could feel a very warm Cosmo. That Cosmo was full of peace and love. It was then that I realized it was Athena's Cosmo! Athena was giving me a chance to repent for my crime! Her Cosmo led me to a cave, and I was asleep in
that Cave until Chameleon June unsealed it..."
    "That was, The Calling...", says Poseidon, nodding.
                           [Atena no Yobu]
    "Yes!", says Achillies looking up at Poseidon.
    "I am not surprised...", says Poseidon, "For my Marina's, they too have this feeling of destiny... Don't you, Solent?"
    "Yes! Master Poseidon!", answers Solent eagerly, "When Kanon released you from your sleep. Your Great Will started to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                [Ooi naru Ishii]
spread from Your Temple toward the whole world. Those who feel it will gather in Undersea Temple and become Marinas..."
                                                                                                                                                                  [Kaitei           Shinden]
    "Sea Dragon. And then, you received your Cloth?"
      [Kai Ryuu]
    "Yes. My King. Each of our Kaiser Cloths unsealed the FREEZING COFFIN that preserved our bodies and kept us sleeping. It was then that I realized I became the Saint of the Keel                              Constellation.
                                                                                                                             [Ryuu Kotsu:Dragon Bone]
Only Athena knows the truth about my real idenity..."
    "It doesn't matter now, whether you are Marina or Saint... Rise! Sea Dragon!!"
                                                                                                                                     [Shi- Doragon]
    "Thank you for your forgiveness!", shouts Achillies with relief, standing up.
    "For Athena to unseal the Kaiser Saints so quickly...", says Poseidon, "Is it to prepare for this fight with Zeus...?"
    "Yes... I think so...", says Achillies.
    "That's weird...", says Poseidon, deep in thought, really speaking to himself, "Athena has fought many Holy Wars with many different Gods, but she has not used the Kaiser Cloths that many times..."
    Searching inside himself, Poseidon suddenly realizes and shouts, "Ha! Really!! I understand now!!! Athena is probably preparing to fight with him! From the time of myths, he has always wanted the land even more than Hades, or me!"
    "Wh... Who is him?", asks Achillies.
    "Oh well..." says Poseidon turning towards Solent, "Solent! You can't serve me like that!"
    "Eh!?", puzzled Solent. Suddenly from the shore, something rises from the bottom of the sea. "THAT! THAT IS!", shouts Solent, "MY SIREN SCALE!!"
    "NOW IS THE TIME YOU SERVE ME AGAIN, GENERAL SIREN!!!", shouts Poseidon. The awesome Scale of the
 Seven Generals flys over to Solent, seperates and, in an instant, he is wearing his powerful armor of the Marina, again!
[Nana    Shogun]
    Poseidon expecting Solent to answer him with, 'I, Solent, again wears the Siren Scale!', but instead Solent is distracted, again!
    "What is it, Siren!?", questions Poseidon.
    Solent says solemnly, "I can hear the Singing of Athena...!!"
                                         [Atena no Utagoe ga kikoeru!!]

End of Episode 8.


    Oracles have descended into 12 Temples!
    But instead of finding an empty castle, it is guarded!!
    Is it the dead spirits of the Gold Saints?!
    Or is it...?!

Saint Seiya The Zeus Chapter - Earth
[Zennoo   Shin Zeusu Chijyoo Kai Hen
 Almighty God  Zeus  Land World  Chapter]

Episode 9: Siva!  The Angel Closest to God!!
               [Shi-ba! Motto mo Kami ni Chikai Tenshi!!]

Episode 10: Shaka!   The Reincarnation of the Buddha!!
                  [Shakka! Budda no Umarekawari!!]


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