Episode 9: Siva! The Angel Closest to God!!
                 [Shi-ba! Motto mo Kami ni Chikai Tenshi!!]


    9 bolts of lightning strikes the ground of Sanctuary and 9 Oracles appears.
    "So, this is the 12 Temples...", says Chac, the Donar Oracle.
                                  [Jyuuni Kyuu]                 Cha-ku         Do-na
                                                                                                [Raiu Shin:Thunderstorm God]
    "Why can't we just descend at Athena Temple and take her head?", questions a Oracle beside Chac's left.
                                                                  [Atena Shinden]
    "That is because this 12 Temples has Athena's Sacred Cosmo enveloping it since the time of the myths.", answers Chac, "We can only use our feet to run between temples, we can teleport inside the temples but we can't teleport in between the temples... Maybe someone who has a Cosmo as big as hers would be able... But, it doesn't matter, all the Gold Saints are dead... Athena doesn't have enough Saints to protect her anyway..."
    "Yes...", says another Oracle beside Chac's right, "Look! Aries  Temple is empty. No one is guarding it!"
                                                                                                                         [Haku You Kyuu:White Ram Temple]
    "Let's go!", shouts Chac.
    Chac leads the 8 Oracles running inside Aries Temple. As expected, no one is there. They exit the temple, looking ahead.
    "Look!", shouts an Oracle, "That's Taurus  Temple!"
                                                                          [Kin Gyuu Kyuu:Gold Bull Temple]
    Again, they see it is empty, they enter the temple and runs out of it with no trouble. They run toward
Gemini Temple.
[Souji   Kyuu:Twin Temple]
    Again, they see it is empty. They enter it running toward the exit, but they can't! Every time they think they have exited, they realized they are still inside the temple.
    "What's going on?", asks the Oracle to Chac's left, "It's like this Gemini Temple has become a maze that we can't get out!"
    "That Saint is gone...", says Chac, "But... Can it be even though he is dead, somehow his spirit is protecting this temple...?"
    "Look!", shouts a Oracle behind Chac, "An opening! Let's go."
    Chac can see an opening in front of him. "WAIT!" shouts Chac but the 3 Oracles behind him runs toward that opening before Chac can stop them!
    The 3 Oracles tries to stop but the opening sucks them in!!
    "GYAHHHHH!!!!", yells the 3 Oracles! The ceiling, floor, pillars of Gemini Temple has disappeared but a

spatial-dimensional gateway is revealed and the 3 Oracles get sucked into ANOTHER DIMENSION. The Oracles can do
                                                                                                               [ANAZA-    DIMENSHON]
nothing but float away, forever.

    "What's this!?", asks the Oracle to the right of Chac.
    "I don't know...", says Chac, "But I can sense a Cosmo not existing in this 12 Temple, or Sanctuary, creating this..."
    Chac's closes his eyes. He tries to locate the Cosmo..., "Muh... Mediterranean Sea, not far from Sanctuary... Yes! This is
Kanon Island... Here! Right here!! The one who is interfering with us is inside this crater... Su... Such powerful Cosmo!?"
[Kanon  Tou]
    Just when Chac is about to identify the source of the Cosmo, the Cosmo disappears and A.             Dimension
                                                                                                                                                                                       [ANAZA- ]
   "Look! We can exit Gemini Temple!", shouts a Oracle behind Chac.
    "Huh!", snares Chac, "Fine, maybe that Saint is alive... But I don't think those other Gold Saints could have survived... Let's Go!"
    Chac leads the 5 Oracles toward Cancer Temple. As expected, it is empty, they run in, no one is there. They exit. They run
                                                                         [Kyo Kai Kyuu:Big Crag Temple]
toward Leo   Temple. They exit with no trouble. They run toward Virgo Temple. They enter, but suddenly a Cosmo explodes!
               [Shishi Kyuu:Lion Temple]                                                                     [Shojo  Kyuu:Virgin Temple]
    With this explosion of Cosmo, the Virgo Saint appears! He is sitting with crossed legs inside the center of Virgo Temple,
                                                                         [Otome Za:Virgin Constellation]
with eyes closed almost as if he is meditating. The other Oracles can't believe their own eyes and one of them shouts, "Shaka is not dead!"
    "No! This is an illusion! Look at his Cloth!", shouts Chac, looking at Shaka wearing his Gold Cloth, "Look! His Cloth is a new one! That's not possible! It must be Shaka's Spirit messing with us! Come on!"
    All 6 Oracles burn their Cosmo to the extreme! Char shouts, "SHOCKING     SWASTIKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
                                                                                                 [SHOKKINGU SUWASUTIKKA------------!!]
    And from Char's right hand, he launches a clock-wise swastika filled with powerful Cosmo! At the same time, the other Oracles each launches a Cosmo energy toward the flying swastika, increasing the magnitude of the attack!
    As the group attack flies toward the Virgo Saint, he shouts, "KAN!"
    'Kan', the ancient Hindi word meaning, 'Not Moving', and instantly a defensive field is created around Shaka! The Cosmo
                                                                                     [ fudou          ]                                 [bougyo heki:defensive wall]
attacks get blocked by that field, and disintegrate there.
    "Maybe...", says the Oracle to the right of Chac, "Shaka is really alive!?"
    "NO!", says Chac, "I don't believe it! Some Secret Saint of Athena is creating these illusions!"
    Shaka still with eyes closed shouts, "EVIL SPIRITS DISPERSION! OM!!!!!!!"
                                                         [AKURYOU     TAISAN!          O-MU!!!!]
    'Om', the ancient Hindi word meaning, 'Explosion(Sounding) of Universal Will', and with this, Shaka's Cosmo explodes
                                                                                    [  Uchuu Ishiki no Hibiki                                   ]
even more!
      Shaka continues, "EVIL FELLOWS!                       DIE WITH CONFUSION!!
                                 [JAAKU NARU YAKARA YO! MAYOU NI SHINE!!]
    'Tenkuu' means 'Sky', 'Haja' means 'Supreme Evil', in Buddhist terms it can also mean 'Destroy Evil' and 'Chimimouryou' means 'Flinty Fairies.'
    With this Finish Blow, Shaka brings demons out from an alternate dimension flying toward the Oracles! Each of those
                                                                                                                       [Ijigen                            ]
demons flies through the 6 Oracles, punching through their bodies!!
    "GYAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!", screams Chac and the other five. As the fighters of Zeus dies, the demons flies back to where they came from and disappears.
    The fight with Char and the Oracles are over but right then Shaka shouts, "Stop hiding! I know you are there!
The Angel Closes to God, Seraphim,               Vairocana,                       Siva!"
                                                           Serafu                               Bairokana                                     Shi-ba
                                                         [Shi Tenshi:Burn Angel][Bukkyou Shin:Buddlism God]
    "Ha ha ha ha", laughs the one who is called, Siva, finally showing himself to Shaka, "So, you are not dead! What about the other Gold Saints?"
    "Do you really care?", questions Shaka.
    "No... It doesn't matter. Besides, someone like you wouldn't die so easily, but...! Why are you still betraying Zeus? This Vairocana Halo used to be yours!"
    Pointing at Shaka with his index finger, Siva shouts, "YOU WERE THE ORIGINAL SERAPHIM THUNDERA!! SHAKA... NO! BRAHMA!! ANSWER ME!!!"
    Hearing his previous name being called out, Shaka finally opens his eyes!!

End of Episode 9.

Tale 10: Shaka! The Reincarnation of the Buddha!!
              [Shakka! Budda no Umarekawari!!]

    "Siva!", shouts Shaka, "That name has no meaning for me any more. Furthermore, weren't you always jealous that Zeus bestowed me the Vairocana Halo? So now that you have it, why are you still complaining...?"
    "Brahma! When you were the Oracle for Zeus, he always sent you down to Earth to rid evil for him. So you should join back with the Battalion of Heaven and help us bring about a New Age of the Gods!"
    "Siva! I have been doing that work Zeus intended for me. I have traveled around the world to rid evil and, it was one of those occasions that I met someone that changed my perspective. It was that time when I went to Death Queen Island to destroy Jango, the Don of the Black Saints..."
    "You mean Phoenix Saint, Ikki...?"
    "Yes... The reason I did not kill Ikki is the same reason I didn't destroy Saga either... This world is Relative. There is no
absolute evil or absolute good. If I saw within an opponent the potential for good, I'd let them live. I waited and see. But, for Saga and Ikki, that was another reason I didn't destroy them..."
    "...I saw within them, the potential to awaken the Eighth Sense after me in this generation! But, unexpectedly, it was Kanon who actually awaken the Araya Shiki to help us fight Hades... I should have known that something else was at work in Saga... I should have known some being influenced Saga to betray Athena... I should have seen through all that, but I didn't... All these events lead me to just one conclusion!"
    "And what is that...?"
    "Pride! It was pride that blinded me!"
    "I was so sure of myself and my power that even if Saga would become totally evil, I would able to destroy him. I was so sure of myself of that I let his evil actions continue. I was so sure of myself I did nothing! By doing nothing, I contribute to his evil! But now, my eyes are open! I know now, that there are some things that are Absolute! NO MATTER WHAT, FOR
    "Then...", says Siva, "There is nothing else to talk about..." The Thundera starts to burn his Cosmo, getting ready to attack Shaka when suddenly, Shaka shouts, "TOO LATE!"
    "What!?", shouts Siva but as he looks around the temple, he doesn't see any pillars or the ceiling or the floor of Virgo Temple! He actually is surrounded by mandalas that has 'Dainichi Nyorai' sitting in the center! The mandalas are above him, below him, in front of him, behind him and beside him!
    "Can it be!", shouts Siva.
    "TEN BU HOURIN!!!!!!!!", shouts Shaka.

    'Ten' means 'Sky', 'Bu' means 'Dance', 'Hourin' means 'Treasure Vehicle' but in Buddhist terms it can also mean, 'Buddhist Laws(Principles).' However, the 'Rin' can also mean 'The Weapon of an Ancient Hindu Battle Carriage.'
    Shaka continues, "Like you already know, this Ten Bu Hourin is a front that combines offense and defense!! Once you are
                                                                                                                                         [koubou ittai no senjin                                       ]
caught in it,  it is impossible for you to attack or escape!! FIRST SENSE TAKEN!!"
                                                                                    [DAI IKKAN     HAKUDATSU!!]
    "Damn!", shouts Siva, with his sense of touch deprived from him, "I was careless... when Shaka opened his eyes... he..."
Before Siva can finish, Shaka shouts, "SECOND SENSE TAKEN!!" and Siva's sense of smell is deprived from him.
                                                        [DAI NI KAN          HAKUDATSU!!]
    "Brahma...", says Siva breathing hard, "After having contact with these foolish mortals, you, too, have become foolish... Just
                                                                                                                                                 [oroka na bonjin ]
like Athena!!!"
    "THIRD SENSE TAKEN!!" Siva sense of taste is gone. He can no longer speak out loud. He looks right at Shaka but
it is not a glare of anger but a look of pity for Shaka.
    "FOURTH SENSE TAKEN!!", and the sense of sight is taken from Siva.
    "Siva! This is the final blow! FIFTH SENSE TAKEN...!!" and just when this skill was about to take Siva's sense of
                                             [DAI GO KAN  HAKUDATSU..!!]
hearing, suddenly Siva shouts, "THE EYE OF RA!!!!!!!!!!"
                                              [ZA AI- OBU RA-!!!!!!!!!]
    "What!?", shouts Shaka, he can see in the forehead of Siva, a third eye is opening! From that third eye lights starts to shine! As the light spreads, Shaka's mandalas starts to disappear and transform to the images of the Egyptian God of the Sun!
    "Brahma!", shouts Siva, "When you were in Heaven, you were my biggest rival, every time we fought, you always won, but now after all these years, do you think I wouldn't find a way to defeat you!?
    "In Egyptian Myth, when Ra couldn't stand the evil of humans, he tore out his only eye and used it to destroy creation! BRAHMA! DIE WITH THESE FOOLISH MORTALS!!!! PHRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    With this final shout, all the light of Siva's third eye hits Shaka, sending him flying away, crashing toward a pillar! Shaka is caught in that pillar for second and finally crashes to the floor of Virgo Temple!
    But Shaka is not dead, Siva walks over to him and looks down with pity at Shaka, "Brahma, I purposely, did not kill you to give you one more chance..." Extending his left hand, Siva shouts, "Brahma! Come back to Zeus!!"
    "No!", shouts Shaka!
    "Stubborn!", mutters Siva, shaking his head, "Very well! I will give you the killing blow! THE EYE OF...", but Siva stops. He can suddenly sense Shaka's Cosmo rising!
    "This Cosmo!?", says Siva, full of recognition, "This Cosmo coming from Brahma is just like when he was still in Heaven. That all powerful Cosmo that is said to defeat whole armies!"
    "Siva!", shouts Shaka, standing up slowly, "You have grown quite strong! No wonder Zeus would bestow my once ultimate Halo to you, but now you force me to use this hidden power I never used before!!!"
    Siva can see Shaka holding his hands comes close and in between those hands a universe is forming! Inside that universe, all the light of the stars starts to out shine Siva's previous light!
    "Siva! The light from your third eye is quite awesome but, that is just light from one sun, one star! Inside this universe I've created, there is an infinite number of stars, just like the heavens! BE GONE! TENSHOU TENGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    'Tenshou' means 'Shining of the Sky', 'Tenga' means 'World'. This skill can mean 'The Sky Shines the World' but it can also mean 'The Sky Rules the World!'
    With this massive light that seems to reveal everything in any darkness, Siva can only accept defeat. As Shaka senses his rival's Cosmo Flame burning out, he smiles ironically, because he knows there is one thing that even the heavens can't rule... the human heart!!
    As Siva dies, he can sense Shaka leaving Virgo Temple, he mutters these last words, "Bra... No! Shaka!! I know now why you chose to be reborn on this Earth... I know now why you took this name! Shaka! You are the Reincarnation of the Buddha! You... are... a... Bodhisattva...!!"
                                        [Bo Tai Satta]
    With the ultimate warrior of Zeus dead, Shaka's Cosmo disappears from Sanctuary...

End of Episode 10.

Evolution of Cloth

-The Virgo Cloth in storage form was a virgin kneeling and it had the shoulder portions as wings but now in its New Version the virgin is not kneeling but standing. She has real wings and her left hand is holding a flame, her right hand is holding a thunderbolt. When Shaka wears it, the wings will not hide but hanging behind his back like when Seiya wears the Sagittarius Gold Cloth.


    A Thundera has descended into Sibera.
    Instead of killing Hyoga, the Thundera invites Hyoga to join him! Why!?
    Right then, that Gold Saint appears!!

Saint Seiya The Zeus Chapter - Earth
[Zennoo   Shin Zeusu Chijyoo Kai Hen
 Almighty God  Zeus  Land World  Chapter]

Episode 11: The Qualifications of an Angel!!
                  [Tenshi no Shikaku!!]

Episode 12: Do Cvidanija,  Siberia.
                          Da- Subidania
                  [Sayonara        Shiberia.]


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