Episode 5: Clash!       Thunderbird vs.  Eagle!!
                 [Gekitotsu! Raichou       tai  Washi!!]

    Greece, Sanctuary.

    Marin is standing in front of her house, wearing her  Eagle Silver Cloth.
                                                                                                           [Washi Za:Constellation]
     "Such powerful Cosmo...", says Marin, "All around the world... But now that Athena's back in Sanctuary, she is safe... And it looks like it is time that I have to get..."
    Before Marin can't finish, a bolt of lighting strikes few meters in front of her, but she is not shocked instead she says out loud, "So, the ones with such powerful Cosmo are your cohorts?"
    "Ha ha ha ha", laughs the assassin, "Yes, we, the 140 Oracles all belong to the Battalion of Heaven.
I am Archangel,               Thunderbird, Romeo. One of the 9 Thunderas."
          Akuuanjeiru                     Sundaba-do     Romeo
         [Dai Tenshi:Big Angel]  [Raichou]

    "Thundera?", questions Marin.
    "In Greek Mythology, when anyone who has acted against Heaven, the Big God Zeus would strike them dead with a
                                                                                                                                                     [Dai Shin Zeusu]
thunderbolt… But Zeus's ultimate skills, the Thunderbolts are used only in extreme cases that involve the matters of the universe. Instead, he sends us! The Thunderas to act for him. And although in myth, it records that he has 9 Thunderbolts, in truth, he may only have 3..."
    Marin looks at Romeo’s Halo. Almost full body armor and wings on his back. It does make him look like a real angel who has decended on earth.
    "So," says Marin, "You're here to kill me?"
    "Yes. With the Gold Saints dead, you Silver Saints and the other Bronze Saints are the only ones in the way of the plans of Zeus..."
    "You have an interesting attitude when facing...", before Romeo can even say the word "death", he sees Marin suddenly disappear and materialize right behind him! He was just about to attack her when he realizes this is a deception! Marin has never really moved but now has jump up high toward the sky!
    Romeo is about to jump up when, from below there is,
    [RYUUSEI                 KEN!!]
    Marin has yet used another false move and has launch the attack made famous by Pegasus Seiya! Romeo doesn't see punches but Millions of shooting stars moving at Mach 10, hitting him hard! He is blown, flying away, crashing to a nearby rock!
    But, after a second or two, Romeo stands back up as if nothing has happened. Marin can't believe her eyes. She starts to perspire, breathing fast. Romeo has no need to say it, his Halo has protected him from her punches.
    “Fuh! Eagle, what happen to that attitude of yours?”, mocks Romeo.
    Marin again doesn't waste time. She jumps up, for real this time!  Arching down, she descends like an eagle. She concentrates all her Cosmo in her right foot, deciding to direct her attack at Romeo's chest. She shouts,
    But before she can say the word, "FLASH", Romeo is gone! He has in fact jump higher than she did!

    "Who do you think you are fighting!?", shouts Romeo, " I am Archangel! Let me show the real attack of the sky!
 THUNDERBIRD HEAVEN WING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
[SUNDABA-DO  HEBUN    UING-------------U!!]
    Romeo flaps his wings on his Thunderbird Halo and like a bird soaring through the sky, he travels through the air with the speed of light and directs all his Cosmo on his head and crashes into Marin!!!

    The Eagle, the hunter, has become the hunted, the prey, of someone better.
    Marin falls and crashes to the ground. Her whole Cloth is fractured, blood flowing out from her whole body.
    "Excellent...", says Romeo.
    "...Wh.. at...?", says Marin, weakly.
    "I'm not talking about you... If you Saints, were not wearing the Cloth that was constructed by the instructions of Athena, herself. My Sacred Wings of the Sky would have sent you to paradise already..."
                        [Sei naru Sora no Tsubasa   ]                                               [gokuraku]
    From the blood lost, Marin starts to lose consciousness and finally faints. Romeo kneels down, makes his right hand like a
 knife, and gets ready to give Marin the killing blow.
[Shutou:Hand Blade]
    "DIE!!!!", shouts Romeo, cutting down into Marin's neck clean through! Marin's head flies off like a cannon ball, landing few feet away! Blood starts to gush out from her neck, like a fountain!
    Romeo walks over to where her head is. He picks it up. For some reason, her mask stays on her face. He wonders what does she look like. He lifts the mask off. Expecting to see a young girls face, but instead Romeo sees...
     Romeo drops the head in terror and turns to look at the body. The body is gone! He looks at the head again! And the head slowly disappears!
    "Impossible!", shouts Romeo, "There's no way Marin can create another deception!"
    "That's right!", shouts a voice!
    "WHO!", shouts Romeo.
    A boy appearing alone shouts, "Kaiser Saint!"
    "Kaiser...?", says Romeo.
    "A Warrior of the Final Holy War! Malus, Kyou!"
       [Saishuu Seisen no Senshi no Hitori!]
    "Very well then!", says Romeo. He doesn't waste time and rushes over and punches into Kyou! Romeo's right punch passes through Kyou's body! His arm is clean through the stomach of the Kaiser Saint, blood flowing down from the wound.
    Romeo was about to laugh when he sees another Kyou on his left! And then another one on his right! And then another one behind him! Above him, too! No! There are an infinite amount of Kyous appearing everywhere!!!
    "What's this!?", shouts Romeo stepping back and pulling out his right arm from the Kyou in front of him.
 "PYXIS              DELUSION.", says the infinite Kyous, "My Constellation is Malus, the Mast of the Argo but in the now
modern times, it has changed to the Pyxis Constellation, the Compass! You are now like the seafarers of the past who are lost! Can you find me, Romeo?"

End of Episode 5.

Episode 6: The Calling.
                [Atena no Yobu:Athena's Call]

    Athena Temple.
    [Atena     Shinden]

    "Achillies!!", shouts Athena standing in front of Athena Statue, "Are you here!?"
                                                                                                  [Atena Shinzou]
    "Yes! Achillies is here...", says the Saint kneeling on one knee in front of Athena, "As ordered, Ikaros and the other Saints are dispatched... Is there anything else?"

    "Yes... the reason I called you here is because I want you to go get something..."
    "That something only you would know the exact location..."
    "Only I!? You mean... You want me... to get that!!"


    "Huh!", snares Romeo in disgust, "I don't need to find you..."
    "What!?", shouts the Kyous.
    Romeo starts to burn his Cosmo and his wings start to come together. Before long, a sound can be heard. The sound starts to get louder and louder. It spreads from Romeo's wings toward the whole area, boucing off the ground and rocks near by.
    "What's this...", says the Kyous, who starts to cover their ears.
     "COLOSSAL  ECHO...", says Romeo, "It is useless to cover your ears, my echoes travel directly into your body, into
your Cosmo. Even if you lost all your senses, you would still hear it."
    The Kyous can't stand the attack any longer and one by one the illusions start to disappear until finally one Kyou is kneeling few meters to the front of Romeo.
    "So, there you are, Kaiser...", says Romeo with a grin on his face. He walks over and again raises his right arm like a knife. The echo is unbearable to Kyou.  Romeo cuts down to finish Kyou! He was about to spilt Kyou's head when the Kaiser Saint blocks the cut with his left arm!
    "What are you doing?", says the Thundera, "I don't want you to die with pain. Come, let me finish you..."
    The look of Kyou's eyes tells Romeo that's not going to happen. "Very well.", says Romeo. He jumps up and flaps his wings, gliding like a bird, "THUNDERBIRD HEAVEN WING!!"
    He concentrates all his Cosmo on his head and flies down to crash into Kyou, but Kyou suddenly jumps up higher in the sky, waiting exactly for this chance!
    "What!?", says Romeo.
    "This is your weakness!" shouts Kyou, "You can't launch both C.                     ECHO and
 T.                           H.            WING  at the same time!"
    "Ha!", laughs Romeo, "You think this little stunt can help you! You don't have wings, I will get you eventually! Even if you attack me, my Halo will protect me!"
    "Romeo! That's one more deception, you didn't detect yet! Marin didn't launch SHOOTING STARS PUNCH just then! It was COMET  PUNCH!!"
      [SUISEI   KEN  ]
     "What!?", shouts Romeo. Suddenly he hears a crack in the chest part of his Halo! In an instant, his whole Halo starts to fracture and degrade.
    "Im, Impossible!!", shouts the Thundera.
    "Romeo. Other than we Kaiser Saints, maybe only Marin would know the secret of your armor..."
    "What!", shouts Romeo who can't believe his ears, "You're saying she disabled that secret function in our Halo that enable us Oracles to..."
    "You yourself have said we Saints recieved instructions from Athena herself!", shouts Kyou, "None of us have time to waste with you, we all have our own important missions to get back to!
    "THIS IS YOUR END!!!!                    CARDINAL   CROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    [KORE WA OME NO SAIGO DA!   KA-DINARU KURO--------------------SU!!]
    Using his right arm, he cuts from top to bottom, from left to right, putting all his Cosmo into making a Cross Attack at Romeo!! The Cosmo Cross descends into the chest of the Warrior of Zeus!!!
    "GYAHHHHHHHHH!", screams the dying Romeo, as the cross cuts him into 4 pieces!
    With the defeat of Romeo, Kyou rushes back into Marin's house. He left Marin there in her bed a while ago.
    "MARIN MY SISTER!", shouts Kyou. Marin is still wearing her mask, but Kyou doesn't need to look at her face to
know it is her sister. Marin starts to regain consciousness. She looks up. "Kyou!", shouts Marin, "MY LITTLE BROTHER, KYOU!"

    "Yes! Sister!"
    "I have been looking for you so long! I came to Greece to find you! Why did you leave!?"
    "I'm sorry, my sister... Because of the Calling, I had to leave..."
                                                                               [Atena no Yobu]

    "The Calling..." says Marin, "When the Advent of Athena happens, her Great Will starts to spread from Sanctuary into the
                                                                                  [Atena no Kourin     ]                           [Ooi naru Ishii]
world. Those who feel it will have a passionate urge to become..."
    Marin pauses to look at what her Little Brother is wearing. Full of amazement in her eyes she finally says, "KYOU! YOU ARE A KAISER SAINT!!!???"
    "Yes.", says Kyou nodding, "I went to Sanctuary to become the Mast Saint. Because we are forbidden contact with anyone once we are recognized to be Kaiser Saints. I had to live in secret but I knew you did come after me and you had to train to be a Saint in order to stay in Sanctuary. Later after you became the Eagle Saint, my body was sealed in that Cave in Star Valley..."
    "So...", says Marin nodding, finally calm, and resigned, "Both of us siblings have to serve Athena..."
    "I'm sorry...", says Kyou again.
    "No, you don't have to...", says Marin. She gets up and walks out of the house. Kyou follows.
    "Kyou... I have to leave you now...", says Marin, looking at the sky.
    "What!?", shouts Kyou.

End of Episode 6.


    Now is the time to awake again!
    Now is the time to fight again!
    Now is the time to wear that again!

Saint Seiya The Zeus Chapter - Earth
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 Almighty God  Zeus  Land World  Chapter]

Episode 7: Poseidon! Again!!
                      [Poseidon!   Futatabi!!]

Episode 8: The Mystery of Sea Dragon's Disappearance!!
                      [Kairyuu no Shissou no Nazo!! ]


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