Episode 3: Fierce Battle! Andromeda Island!!
                  [Gekisen!        Andoromeda Tou!!]

    Andromeda Island.

     "June!", shouts Shun who just arrived in Andromeda Island, carrying his Andromeda Cloth Box. He went back to his training area to find June.
    "Shun!", shouts June wearing her Chameleon Bronze Cloth.
                                                                      [Kamereon Za:Constellation]
    "Where have you been all this time?" asks Shun, "Ever since the 12 Temple Fight, you have been missing, what happened?"
                                                                                                                                     [Jyuu ni Kyuu no Tatakai]
    "I was carrying out the orders for Athena..."
    "Right after the Civil War Among Saints, I was gaven the order to go to Star Hill..."
                                   [Seinto Doushi no Arasoi:Dispute]                                                    [Suta- Hiru]
    Shun gets taken a back, and questions further, "With out the psychokinetic ability, called, Teleportation, it is very hard to climb up Star Hill even for a Saint, why did you go up there?"
    "I went there to get the Pope's Key."

    "The Pope's Key?! What is that used for...?"
    "It is for...", before June can finish, a bolt of lightning strikes few meters away from June and Shun. As the dust clears away, a man is seen standing.
    "Uh... You are...?", says Shun.
    "An Oracle of Zeus, one of the 9 Thunderas,  Throne,                            Gortys,              Creon."
                                                                          Suro-n                                        Goruteisu                 Kureon
                                                                                                [Za Tenshi:Throne Angel]       [Hi Gyuu:Fire Cow]
     "Oracle?", says Shun, "Then you are a servant of the Gods? Why are you here?"
    "To kill you, Andromeda Shun!"
     Before Shun can even answer Creon, June comes up and says, "I won't allow that to happen!"
     Using her whip, June twirls the whip around Shun and catches him in the legs and throws him meters away behind her.
Shun lands with a groan, "Uhh!"
    Seeing this, Creon laughs, "Ha ha ha ha, Okay, I'll play a little..."
    Creon quickly rushes toward June and releases a punch toward June's stomach but suddenly, the Oracle realizes he just past through June like she's a phantom! June is actually few yards to his left!
    "What!?", shouts Creon, he doesn't understand what just happened and he tries again. This time he rushes to June and tries to release a kick at June's head! But almost as if she knew what Creon was going to do, lowers her body and rolls around him right like a lizard!
    "How can this be!?", shouts Creon, "My speed is definitely faster than a Bronze Saint like you!"
    Watching this, Shun is puzzled, too. How can June dodge those attacks?
    "Yes! You are faster but no matter how fast, as long as I know what you are going to do, you can't catch me!"
    "Shun! Do you know why, even though I started my training earlier than you, I didn't become a Saint until after you were gone?"
    "What?", puzzled Shun.
    "...It is because I wanted to learn from Master Daidaros, his ultimate secret skill, the technique pass down from
                                                                                   [Daidarosu Sensei]         [saigo no ougi             ]
the First Holy War."
      [Dai Ichi Ji Seisen]
    "Can it be!? The Holy War with the  King of the Sea, Poseidon!?"
                                                                               [Kaioh:Sea King]
    "Yes!", says June, "Almost the land warriors were annihilated but one warrior stood his ground. One warrior had the ultimate evasive skill, Theos-Epidexiotita!!"
     "Theos-Epidexiotita!!", shouts Shun!
     "That is why the False   Pope Saga had to sent a Gold Saint to assassinate our Master. Daidaros' defensive technique was
                                      [Nise no Kyoukou]
beyond the level of a Silver Saint!"
    "Really!", shouts Shun, "Pisces, Aphrodite was sent because, traditional attacks wouldn't work!"
                                                     [Uo Za:Fish Constellation]
    "Creon!", shouts June, "No matter how fast you are, as long as I can guess what you're about to do. It wouldn't be enough!"
    "Yes!", mutters Shun, "It is just like the Japanese technique in Kendou, called, 'Migri'"
    "So, direct attacks can't work on you...", says Creon, realizing what just happened, "I underestimated you, Bronze Saint. Looks like the pupils of Cepheus Daidaros are formidable..."
    "Creon! It's already too late!", shouts June burning her Cosmo and the aura of the Chameleon Constellation appears, along with image of a nebula, but that nebula is black! She shouts,
"TAKE THIS! DARK  NEBULA    ROD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
[KURAE!       DA-KU NEBYURA RO----------------------------------DO!!]
                      Ankoku  Seiun           Muchi
    Using her rod, she whips Creon all over at the speed of Mach 5! Tens of thousands of whips licking at Creon! The Thundera is sent flying from the blow and crashes to the ground!
    But just when June thought she won, Creon suddenly stands up as if nothing happened! He laughs, "Ha ha ha ha! Chameleon! You may have one of the most powerful defensive techniques, but your offense is weak! Your skill can't scratch my Halo! It's been fun, but the games are over..."
    Creon opens his left hand and instantly, June gets knocked in the head, tumbles backward! This time it is June who is stunned! She stands back up, shouting, "What was that!?"
    "My past opponents have all been defeated immediately after I appear, for you to have survived this long, I praise you! So, I honor you with this new attack!"
    Again Creon opens his left hand, and June is like being pelted by a machine gun!
    "GYAHHHH!", screams June, her body quaking from the pelts! Taking this chance, Creon rushes over and punches June in the stomach, finally connecting this time.
    "JUNE!!!", shouts Shun. June falls down, kneeling and groans in pain, "Guh..."
    Creon is merciless and kicks June, sending her flying yards away!
    "GYAH!!", screams June.
    "JUNE!!", shouts Shun, he can't stand it no longer, he must fight. He gets ready to put on his Cloth but again, June prevents him from fighting, and says to him, "...No...o... Sh... un..."
    Again, Creon opens his left hand and again, mysteriously, June gets knocked down again. Creon rushes over where June has fallen and picks her up by the neck, strangling her with his right hand.
    Shun can sense June's Cosmo disappearing! He was about to put on his Cloth, when a Cosmo Energy hits Creon' right arm!
 Creon releases his hand and June falls down. She coughs, gasping for air, thankful she is able to breath again.
    "WHO!?", shouts Creon, his anger beyond measure. The Thundera who prides himself in finishing his enemies in record time, he can't stand it that again, someone else interrupts him.
    Shun looks over at the one who saved June and shouts,
     But, Shun can't finish, because he realizes someone he doesn't know appearing, "Not my Brother..."
                                                                                                                                                                        [Nii san janai...]

End of Episode 3.

Episode 4: The Pope's Key.
                 [Kyoukou no Kagi]

    A boy appears wearing a Cloth, not Bronze, Silver or Gold. Shun asks, "Ah... You are...?" The boy answers, "Kaiser Saint. Vela, Ikaros!"
    "Kaiser Saint!?", says Shun, "But, the Kaiser Saints and Cloths are sealed in that cave in Star Valley..."
                                                                                                                                                                                      [Suta- Barei- ]
    "June!", Shun finally realizes and says, "That is why you went to get the Pope's Key!!! You used that key to unseal the Kaiser Saints!"
    "Yes. Andromeda", answers Ikaros, "After the Rebellion of Sanctuary, Athena knew her army was weakened greatly, to
                                                                                                   [Sankuchuari no Nairan:Civil War]
prepare for the coming fights, she knew one day she would need the Kaiser Saints to protect her..."
    "Athena has wasted her efforts", interrupts Creon.
    "What!?", shouts Ikaros.
    "Before long, Zeus will descend and bring Absolute Rule back to the land."
                        Zeusu                                            [Zettai Touchi   ]
                                [Zennou Shin]
    "We Saints won't allow Zeus to do that!", shouts Ikaros.
    "Really!", shouts Creon, "Let's see what you can do! WIELDING          POWER!!"
                                                                                   [UIRUDONINGU PAWA-!!]
    From both Creon' hands he launches his Finish Blow, and Cosmos that comes in Membranes travel toward Ikaros and the
membranes surround him!
    "What's this!?", shouts Ikaros, puzzled.
    "Your death is for certain now, Ikaros, my Membranes will slowly destroy your Cloth and your body!"
                                                                                           [Kosumo no Maku]
     Shun realizes it was this attack that troubled June, but Creon has increased its magnitude ten fold! Ikaros can see each of the membranes coming fast and sending shocks into his Cloth and blasting pieces away! Ikaros starts to feel the shocks all over his body, pain everywhere!
 "Ha ha ha ha...", laughs Creon, enjoying Ikaros's agony, but Ikaros won't be defeated just like that, he tries to move but finds he can't!
    "Ha ha ha... Finally, you realize...", says Creon calmly, "My membranes has already made you traped like a Puppet King
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            [Karai   Oh]
pinned to the throne! No freedom of movement at all!"
    Shun can't take it any longer, again he prepares to wear his Cloth but June stops him, "Wait! Shun!"
    "Why! June!", questions Shun, eagerly.
     "Shun!", shouts Ikaros, answering his question, "If I lose just like that, I'll shame Master Daidaros's name!"
    Shun can't believe his ears, "Ikaros! You are a pupil of Master Daidaros!?"
    "Right!", answers June, "Before you came to Andromeda Island, Ikaros and I were training to be Saints. Ikaros is actually an earlier pupil than I was, he trained not just in Andromeda Island but in Ethiopia with our Master..."
    "WHAT!?", shouts Shun who can't believe what he is hearing and starts to sweat. Ikaros continues, "One day, I told our Master I had to leave Andromeda Island because I believe I can't get a Cloth there. Instead of being angry with me, he just smiled and said he understood. I finally went to Star Valley, and it was there I met the Gold Saint known as,
 The Magician of Water and Ice."
 [Mizu to Koori no Majyutsushi      ]
    "The Master of Hyoga!", shouts Shun,"Aquarius Camus!!"
                                                                                           [Mizukame Za:Water Jug Constellation]
    "Yes. He lead me inside the cave, it was there that he used his Skill, FREEZING    COFFIN to put me into,
                                                                                                         [FURI-JINGU KOFUIN]
The Sleep of Absolute Zero."
[  Zettai Reido no Nemuri          ]

    "Ah!", shouts Shun finally realizing why Aphrodite was sent to assassinate his Master, "So, Saga didn't just order Aphrodite to kill our Master just for the reason of not coming to the Pope's Gathering, but also because he knew about the
                                                                                                                  [Kyoukou no Shoushuu]
existence of the Kaiser Saints and he knew about the Pope's Key that would be able to unseal them!!"
    "Yes...", says Ikaros, "The Antipope Saga knew that if 4 more Saints wearing the Ultimate Cloths went to back up Athena,
his defeat would be a big possibility..."
    "It's about time...", says Creon, "Come, my membranes!"
     Ikaros realizes, this is it!
    "WIELDING POWER!!!!!! DIE!!!!!", shouts Creon. Up until now, the membranes were attacking here and there and slowly, but now, with this shout, all of the membranes shock Ikaros with full force and consume him!
    "GYAHHHHHHH!!!!", shouts Ikaros lastly.
    "IKAROS!!!!", shouts June and Shun! They can't believe their eyes! Ikaros is defeated! His Cloth, his body are gone! Shun cries in agony, "Ikaros...!!"
    June, being a female Saint has to wear a mask, but her tears can be seen dripping from her chin. Just like the decoration of her mask, she is like crying, blood tears, muttering, "Damn...!"
    "Andromeda! Finally I can do what I was sent here to do..."
    Creon was about to advance to kill Shun when he notices, "Wait! A Cosmo!"
    He looks up and shouts, "IKAROS!!!"
    June and Shun are puzzled, they look up and they see Ikaros floating in the sky! Slowly, he lands on the ground. He says to Shun and June, "I told you I won't lose so easily!"
    Creon doesn't understand what happened but he doesn't waste time, "WIELDING POWER!!!!"
    Again, he sends his Cosmo Membranes to attack Ikaros, but Ikaros shouts, "It's useless!!"
    As the membranes approach Ikaros, they are held back by something!
    "Impossible!! What is that!?", shouts Creon.
    "My Winds!", shouts Ikaros.
               [ Fuma:Wind Demons ]
    "What!? Winds?"
    "Yes! My Cloth is the Sail Constellation, the control of the winds is my domain!!"
    "So...", says Creon realizing, "That is how you escaped my Finish Blow, you created a tornado to raise your body and used your Winds to block off my membranes..."
    "Creon, you are not the only one who's in a hurry, we all have to get back to Sanctuary and protect Athena!"
    Ikaros burns his Cosmo and an aura of the sails of the Argo appears,
"DIE!     CREON!    TEMPEST      KAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    A storm! A tornado! A whirlwind! All of that combined in one skill!!!!
    "GYAHHHHHHHH!!!!!", shouts, Creon, twisting, falling, rising, pelting!
    He gets blown toward the sky and crashes down to the ground dead! With this fight over Shun asks the Kaiser Saint "Ikaros, Zeus didn't just sent one Oracle to kill us..."
    "No, all around the world the Oracles have appeared..."
    "Then, Shiryu, Hyoga, Brother.... will be in danger..."
    "Yes but we have to get back to Sanctuary to protect Athena..."
    "I understand. I can only have faith they will survive..."

End of Episode 4.


    Thunderas has descended all around the world to kill the leftover Saints.
    Marin is one of the marks. Will she survive?
    And will she finally find her little brother...?

Saint Seiya The Zeus Chapter - Earth
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Episode 5: Clash!     Thunderbird vs. Eagle!!
                      [Gekitotsu! Raichou           tai  Washi!!]

Episode 6: The Calling.
                   [Atena no Yobu:Athena's Call]


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